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Turbo Club. Anyone install a turbo themselves?


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So how many of you have had the opportunity to convert an NA car into a turbo car? Turbo to bigger turbo?


What was the result? Catastropic failure or is it still going?


Got any idle clips or videos?


Heres a few of the Camaro. Its much faster than it appears in the video, thats the ebrake handle rattling.





A couple quick pulls



Next proposed upgrade is a 60trim compressor wheel to replace the 45trim, and getting the housing machined. Somewhere around 20% increase in efficiency, cooler and denser charge, with the same 2500rpm spool.


This thing is a hoot to drive with a 2500 stall. Like a slingshot.


So what have you worked on/built with a turbo?

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Cool. :)


In answer to your question, Yes SAAB 9-3.


And yes, went well, then went off like a grenade after I went too far.  :lol:


No pictures, sent it to the crusher.

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