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La Mierda de Rawdawg


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Just my shit here, nothing special 






Land Races


rorriM s'gidmuR short mirrored lap race


Rum-Run My first and most favorite race containing on and off-road sections


Short-N-Sweet My final update removed the first "S" curve for better flow


Rum Diggity Dog I might have been smoking oregeno this night. Long lap race through the city


Rum's Valley Rally Rally race through the great outdoors


Rumpash LiBeRaToR race through Vinewood & North LS


Car Skipping Toxic levels of narcotics only produce one thing...Fu*%$# up races. Lol. Enjoy


The Carbonizarre Effect A quick paced city track locked to Carbonizarre's only


Get er Dun A random ass LiBeRaToR track with on and off-road sections


The Rum Walk Run over dem damn pedestrians in this boardwalk run around the beach


It's a Man Thing No description needed...it's not a fanny


The Rum River A Sandking and LiBeRaToR only off-road track. Watch your step


Dem Curves 62 A 0.62 mile race, tricky tricky tricky


WTF My bastardized race around the city


Rum's Backyard AdventureA tricky race up through mountainous terrain


Rolling Fat Primo's - A Primo only track around Sandy Shores


The Rum Lean - A very short oval track *will make you dizzy*


Jo Blo JB - On and off-road race locked to the JB 700


Hot Laps - A condensed version of Saturday Night Thunder that I used when training for my loss against SS-Racing



Air Races


Stunt Double Tricky air race over the greater Los Santos area. Warning: Don't crash, the re-spawn is a bitch






Trench Warfare - Run and gun style combat with AP pistols, Grenades, and trenches Mo Fo


Rumdig's Revenge - A close battle centered around the silo's. Get Some! 


Feeling Lucky? - Another close combat situation, this time with shotguns in the hood


The Meat Locker - Kill everyone and trust no one. Battle through the dumps of LS


Railyard Shuffle - Well, it's a shuffle through the rail yard, not much more to say


Railyard Shuffle Too - Well, it's another fu*&$%# shuffle damnit  :D



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