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I've tried so many help resources and videos with not much help, so I figured maybe I could try here. I'll just copy and paste what I put on the Apple forums:





I am having an issue with an Insignia Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter. The picture is working just fine, however, I am not getting any audio as it continually comes through the Macbook Pro. I have scoured the web and watched endless help videos and read many help sites and forums.


The problem is I am not getting my TV on the audio output drop down list to select for audio. I only have Internal Speakers and a bluetooth speaker I set up a while back.


Things of note:

- The HDMI adapter does support sound.

- After seeing it mentioned a few times, I checked my TV audio settings. I am not sure what to change, if anything, as we had a regular PC hooked up to the TV last night and it worked perfectly and was the epitome of a plug and play.....no settings adjustments needed. The only audio settings listed are Digital Audio Out (PCM or Bitstream) and Analog Audio Out (Fixed or Variable)

- I have a soundbar set up as a surround sound system.

- My TV is  brand new, if that matters.

- To my knowledge, my Macbook is up to date and a newer model that shouldn't be affected like the older models were with regards to this issue.


I'm at a real loss as the solutions I have come across don't seem to apply.

MacBook Pro


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