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JustHatched's Ramblings - Inspirational Rock and Roll #2.1- Genre Mixing


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Ah Metallica, my favorite band ever. I remember going to see them in Indianapolis in 1993 when the black album was released. Without a doubt the very best concert I have been to, these guys are amazing. Now I know many do not like them, even if they are fans of this tye of music, alot of that stems from the Napster thing way back. I think Metallica was right in leading the effort with that to make sure artists get paid for their work and not have it stolen. I also heard the other day that they also obtained all the rights to their music, they were under a 30 year contract which finally expired and now they will produce their own stuff under the name Blackened Records.

Anyway, Metallica has done several off shoots in their work, some songs are really good, others not so much but one album truely shows that 2 types of music can be put together to make some awesome songs. I lucked out, I got both of my fav genres mixed, hard rock and classical which Metallica did with the San Francisco Symphony live and put is out as the S&M album.

Are they the first to do this? No. Did they do it best? Yes. Other singers and groups have done one offs and while good songs (November Rain - Guns and Roses for example) I do not know of any who produced a whole album.

Whenever my day is off this is the one album I can listen to and get my fix of just melloing out.

Another way I find this inspiring to me, it is the thought that whatever you do you may just get a chance to show the world what you can do. Do you think the symphony ever thought they would get this type of coverage?

I've posted 3 videos of the S&M album which I think are the best examples of the mixing of music.

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