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JustHatched's Ramblings - Inspirational Rock and Roll #2- Genre Mixing and breaking boundries


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I've always found the blending of different music genres entertaining, this time round I will be putting out 2 examples that not only blend 2 types of music, but by doing so breaks some racial barriers.

Black people aren't known for being hard rockers and white people aren't known rappers (if you follow stereo types and with the exception of a few). Aerosmith, Run DMC, Anthrax, and Public Enemy put together a couple songs that I feel only did good for the music world and the world.

Aerosmith and Run DMC done a remix of Walk This Way while Anthrax and Public Enemy done a song not to popular in the mainstream called Bring The Noise. Check them out and get a feel for what this type of music does for everyone.

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