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[sandy Shore Motel 4:49 AM]

Cue woke up to gun shots as a girl was yelling for the guy to leave her alone.The walls were thin as paper and he was sleeping on a twin size bed, in a small room, and a non-working air conditioner with the heat thermometer reading at 90 or 92, but the dingy motel, had running water, electricity and Wi-Fi. His lap top was blinking complete, from downloading the intel, from the flash drive, he retrieved from Rev. He felt tired, but it was early morning, and he needed to get the flash drive to Erin and let her give it to the Inner Council, as Rev asked. He went to the small bathroom, and noticed the light was flickering, as the sink was full of some foul smelling ooze, and when he reached into the tub and turned the nozzle, he saw roaches falling out the shower head. He noticed the lights, and looked closer and saw that the lights weren't flickering, the bugs filled the glass dome and some were moving. He grabbed his laptop and bags and shook, flicked and feathered everything, making sure he didn't bring any bugs to his car.

He started the crew blue Vacca and drove a few miles to the Medical Center, and noticed how the police station is connected to it, and a red limo was parked near the police station parking lot. Cue saw two blue cars pull up to the medical center and parked. It looked like muscle, and he needed to get to Erin.Then he saw her climbing out a window.

[sandy Shore County Building, Hospital side 4:51 AM]

Zomeboy and the unvetted muscle, were to report to the medical center at 5AM, and they would remain there until the next shift arrives. On the way to the hospital, he noticed 4 goons in red jackets climb out of a red van as it pulled away taking a sharp left disappearing behind the buildings. The crew passed the fire station and pulled up to the Sandy Shore Medical Center parking lot.He saw another red truck, parked in the distance by a red, hotdog stand, and 3 or 4 red vans circling the backroads. He climbed out the car and pulled out his silenced Ap and stuffed it into the back waistline, of his pants. He followed John88 and the others into the medical center, and he saw the cops, leaving and entering the station, and talking to more guys in red jackets.

Bridgebear was sitting at a nurses desk, reading a truck magazine, and looked up and saw John88 and E55 as they enter the entrance with Zomboy and Essex. John88 walked up to Bridgebear shaking is hand with the DB grip "You've been here all night, thought you might need time to sleep."

"It's been quiet, Morbyd is good now, he might take a vacation, after this." Bridgebear muttered as the crew chuckled, except Zomboy.

"Did you notice any other people visiting?" Zomboy asked, as Bridgebear shook his head "No, it's like 4 AM right? Matu went to get some food at the vending machine, he may have, why?"

" I saw a red van and a red limo, the tags were small..." Zomboy explained as Matu appeared around the corner with his smiling mask, and dark beady eyes, looking around and studying the new muscle "I saw two guys in red jackets talking to the front desk." Matu explained as time slowed down and Zomboy saw the same goons in the red jackets and pulled out his AP and took aim. The hammering sound of gunfire thundered through the hospital halls as Zomboy open fired, killing 3, but more were running at them from the parking lot.

Essex saw them through a patient's room "They'er getting dropped off out of a red van I see 4 more." he announced as John88 glanced out the window and saw the van "these are the guys that shot Erin, Morbyd and Hannibis, the ATG, I hate these guys! They almost killed me too!"

The police station alarm went off, and Zomboy saw cops getting killed by the ATG goon.

One of the goons grabbed a nurse and placed a gun to her head "We want Erin that's all." John88 heard the goon speak and saw the terrified nurse, as he pulled out his pistol, took aim and shot him in the head, dead. He ran to Erin's room and the bed was empty, and the bathroom was cleared, but the window was open. He looked around and saw Morbyd getting into a wheelchair, and Hannibis was helping him. "Where's Erin?" John88 asked them as Hannibis brushed past him and rushed to her room and saw nothing "We saw the red limo, Erin wasn't feeling good, so I went to help Morbyd and she may have taken the side door, this hospital is small, but the police station is big."

"We'll find her, you two need to get to the truck." Zomboy said as he saw Morbyd lift the silenced pistol and he pointed at him "I'm in charge, and I'm not leaving till she's found!" he muttered as Essex plugged 2 more goons and glanced at Morbyd as he was pointing his gun at Zomboy.

"She may have ran when she heard the gun shots." Bridgebear said as he pointed his rifle at him, and John88 pointed his pistol at him, as he slowly walked to him.

"Morbyd, we'll find her, you can come along too..." Zomboy said as Morbyd fired 2 shots killing an ATG goon, behind Zomboy and John88 quickly grabbed the gun. "You out rank us, I know, but we came here to protect you, Zomboy saw some red vans, they got like 20 guys."

Essex pulled out his phone and called Ninemillerkiller or Nine, "We're stuck at the hospital Nine, we're trapped, get all the muscle and get here!"

[unvetted Clubhouse- 4:54 AM]

Nine wiped the sleep from his eye and flicked on the lamp next to his bunk, he stood up and shook the bunk bed, waking up Dbling "we need to go, a Rep is in trouble!"

Sid Fox and Gazza wake up from the commotion and saw the other muscle getting guns and preparing to leave "What's going on?"

Nine stomped his foot and got everyone's attention "we need to get to the hospital, the Reps are trapped, let's go!" Justokin and Firewater were just walking into the Unvetted Clubhouse, as Nine told them they need to come with them. Three cars and four trucks rolled out, headed to the hospital, and it didn't take long before they saw the red limo, and two red truck. Nine slowed down and stopped as everyone did too. Nine jumped out the truck " these guys are ready for a war, so lets give them one, and get our members out!"

Erin had saw the red limo out the window, so she grabbed her pistol and climbed out the bathroom window, and ran to a small trailer park, and hid behind some dumpsters. She was in pain from the gun shots and felt out of breath, but she felt a small cut in back of her neck, and the stitches were bleeding. She heard a car horn, and wiped the blood off with a ripped pocket she used as a temporary bandage. She searched around and saw Cue in his blue Vacca, he was waving for her to get in, as gunshots rang out and the police were shooting at the ATG goons, and the blaring police alarm went off. Erin made her way to his car and Cue slammed on the gas and zipped away.

"This is the flash drive Rev was gonna give you." Cue explained shifting the gear and tapping the clutch, and giving her the flash drive "He said the witness was killed, just give this to Dani, and the Inner Council, I don't think Mr Gamer works for the ATG, there may be other players at work here." He stated as he saw more crew members in trucks and taking power positions, and shooting the cops, and the goons, as Zomboy came out the medical center shooting too. "You need to go to the crew and call Dani."

Erin climbed out the car and darted to the truck, shooting 3 cops and 2 goons as Firewater saw her and took aim as he popped 3 goons and helped her get into the truck. There were two red vans headed to them as one exploded and the other swerved and slammed into a moving cop car exploding both vehicles into balls of fire. Erin saw Morbyd and Hannis as the Muscle sprayed the cops and helicopters. She saw one chopper explode into pieces and Justokin was holding the smoking RPG. Sid was Driving " take us south to Thomas Scrapyard." Erin said as John88 jumped into the front seat and Nine and Zomboy climbed into the back.

"Everyone is following Morbyd-" Sid muttered as John88 glanced at Sid "-She out ranks us do as she says." John88 stated as Sid shifted the gear and headed south.

Erin tapped John88 "I need your phone." she said as he checked his pockets but realized he didn't have it. Firewater pulled out his phone and handed it to her. She looked at it, and then dialed out. "This line isn't safe will call later." She ended the call and tossed the phone out the window.

Cue saw Sid and the crew with Erin, head south to the safe house, near the scrapyard, while Morbyd and the others were headed west. Cue called Dead Goon, and Phaves, he sent the request for back up. All DB members get a smart phone with a locator, so that if the crew needs to find you they can. Erin's phone isn't working, and she's the only one with the intel. Cue saw two white vans following Sid and Cue followed them. The tags were PB, and Cue had heard of the Powder Boys,back when he was running the Grove Street Gang, but why follow Sid? Cue got closer to the van and saw Mr.Gamer, taking aim and shooting at his car. Cue had the armor upgraded, but the impact was still brutal so Cue let up off the gas pedal and pulled out his AP, returning fire blowing out the back tires. Cue saw the one van slow down but the other one was at full speed.

Cue saw two Entities leap over the hill and chase the other van. Cue slammed on the gas and released the brake, zipping past the loaded van tossing a sticky bomb and waiting 2 seconds and then detonated the bomb. All 6 goons in van explode into pieces of meat and twisted metal, Cue saw a chopper slip overhead and open fire on the white van, as the goons started screaming in pain from the bullet wounds and some returned fire as the chopper blew out the tired, before the chopper started smoking and had to find a place to land. The van smashed into a dirt hill and the 3 surviving goons jumped out.

Cue pulled over and waved off the muscle driver's as they take off, and then glanced at the 3 goons and pulled out his AP, as he gazed at Mr Gamer "You don't work for ATG, or DB, you're a pathetic Powder Boy, so why set us up?" Cue questioned him as one of the goons reached for a gun, and Cue popped him in the arm, and shot the other one in the leg and arm, then pointed his gun back at Mr Gamer " I want answers before you die."

Mr Gamer started laughing "you don't even know who I work for..." He pulled out his SNS pistol and shot his self in the head. Cue was stunned and glanced at the other two, slowly bending down to one knee, touching the ground and saying a short silent prayer "You two don't know who he was do you?"

One goon studied Cue, rolling his eyes, and jerking his upper lip as if to say something, but forgot how to say it, "He's an OG we gotta follow orders just like you do chump." Cue pointed his AP at him, standing up, and walked cautiously to him "Who do you work for?" He questioned, "Gary Powder, we're a 1000 strong DB chump, you can't beat us, you won't find us, so go fu-" Cue shot him in the face 3 times and glanced at the last goon "Did Gary send you guys after us?" The goon had a bullet in his arm and one in his leg, he studied Cue "Lord Powder has contacts all over LS, but the INK boys supply us coke and weapons, that's all I know, now let me go!" Cue smirked as the police sirens were growing closer, he shot him in head,

"There, I let you go." he said and spat on the corps, and he hurried to his car, as Dead Goon and Phaves landed the chopper. "They didn't make it, but I found out that he didn't work for ATG." Dead goon looked at Mr Gamer "Looks like he took the easy way out." He glanced at the others bodies and then studied Cue "We need to go."

"Look those guys went after Erin for the intel, we need to follow her and make sure she-" Phaves shook his head "You saw a suicide, and killed 2 witnesses, your off the board, out the game, your benched Cue, those are the rules." Cue pulled out his AP and handed to Dead goon, as LN showed up "I called him after you paged me." Dead Goon explained "Someone needed to know if we lost members."

LN was tall and slim, with crew blue suit and tie,and the blue avatars, he walked to the crew members and looked at the dead bodies, and glanced at Dead Goon and the pistol in his hand, then he glanced at Cue, "Are you losing your mind over the situation at hand?"

"No sir, I've seen death before." Cue replied, as LN glanced at Dead Goon, and he handed Cue his weapon back "Find Erin, get the intel, and bring it to me they will help you." LN ordered as his cell phone vibrated to life, and Casey, said "Morbyd was acting rude, and the back of his neck is bleeding, we need help" LN smiled and walked away.

Erin started giggling and then crying, as Sid slowed the truck down and stopped, as he looked at Erin and Firewater got out the truck. Zomboy and Nine leaped out the back trailer "Is the safe house around here?" Nine asked as Erin kicked open the door and fell to the ground "Don't you hear that ringing, are you guys deaf?!! Don't you hear it!!!" Erin screamed as Zomboy saw blood running down the back of her neck, as she stood up and started screening at the top of her lungs, and then fainted, and collapsed to the ground. "What the fuck just happened?!!" Nine stated as they started to look around and saw they were surrounded by hillbillies, about 9 of them, and they were looking at Erin who was laying on the ground, and 5 guys were surrounding her.

"This ain't what is look like, we were helping her." Sid stated as the Hillbilies started laughing, and then they all stopped and started reaching for weapons, as the crew was ready, and they open fired and realized they just landed in the middle of hillbilly picnic, because they started attacking the crew and calling in their friends to try and kill them too.

The first wave was done, and the crew tried to help Erin into the van before they came back, but it was too late the second wave came and they came with better weapons.

Cue and the crew heard the gunshots and saw the vehicles headed to the Boneyard "I think those guys found our crew, the safe house isn't far from here, maybe they got lost." DG said as Cue shook his head "somethings not right, everyone knows the boneyard is trouble, these Meth dealers don't play." They hear choppers and look at each other " Lets spit up, and meet on the north side near the big airplane." Cue suggested as he climbed out the Buffalo and unstrapped his Bullpup Rifle from around his shoulder and with stealth he headed to the boneyard, and saw the crew surrounding the truck but he didn't see Erin. The Meth boys came with some heat, and Cue open fired and took cover as he saw Nine take out the chopper, and Zomboy get hit twice and fell. Cue took aim and started to make his way to Zomboy as he saw him roll to his feet, reloading his rifle and open fired again.

The fourth wave ended and Cue got to the crew and saw Erin with blood on the back of her neck. He shut the door and took cover as the fifth wave started and the crew blasted anyone who got close.

The ninth wave ended and the crew was exhausted and running low on bullets, but there was an escape plan in effect, and Sid was ready to drive and GD and Phaves were climbing on to the roof. Once the battle started Sid will started driving and they'll have to goto Free Roam County where the laws of the wild west are in effect. Cue told Nine and Zomboy to stay with him while everyone else is getting away.

" We may not make it guys, but I'm glad I joined this crew." Nine said as the Meth boys returned with three choppers, and a bunch of tweekers with mini guns and MG's. Phaves and DG took out the choppers and made their way to the Buffalo as Sid took off with Erin and Firewater.

Cue saw the crew leave and had to concentrate on surviving the 10th wave of Meth heads.

Sid saw the hoards of tweekers stumbling from the hills to kill anything, as he ran over 4 of them and heard them get smashed under the wheels of the off road truck. He saw the Free Roam Sign and the bullet holes in it. He didn't see the Boneyard anymore but the gunshots were still echoing through the air. He saw Phaves and followed him as three cars zipped past them and 9 cop cars were following them. Phaves pulled over and got out with DG and hurried to the truck "We need to chill for the night, the FR is dangerous and she needs a doctor but she needs our doctor." DG said as he pulled out his cell phone but he couldn't get a signal. "we're on our own, we goto get though FR without attracting too much attention.

Cue and Nine saw the last of the Meth heads as Zomboy was checking the trucks. "We got one, but it won't last long the bullet holes messed up the radiator."

Nine drove the crew to the FR sign and headed down the road as Cue was checking his phone and pin pointing where DG was, an it appeared they had stopped "We should catch up to them soon, they stopped for a minute, it should be light soon."

Gary Powder arrived at the wreck and saw the dead bodies, motioned for his team of 6 to retrieve the bodies, and burn everything. He was a big tall giant of a man, with a matching white outfit. His trimmed beard was white, with slick back white hair, and sky blue eyes. He pulled out his phone "They went to FR county, send in the Bounty Hunters, just don't tell them it's for us, and by the way, he followed the program, and his blood didn't change colors, so they don't know." He slipped the phone back into his pocket and started laughing, as Mr Gamer walked up to him.

"If them Meth boys don't get them we will, don't worry, Mr Gamer, " Gary said as he motioned for 13 white trucks and vans to start moving.

"I'm not worried, Mr Powder, once I have the memories of my old self-" he glanced at the dead body of Mr Gamer getting carried to the truck, "... I'll kill Hatch and destroy DB!"

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'Free Roam County is a strange and mysterious place because there are no rules, no age restriction, no laws, and everyone who enters this place is warned.' the plaque read right under the 'Free Roam' sign, and the writer was unknown. " Ya see that?" Nine said, "...this is the only place on earth that has that sign, that's why, when I have a bad day, I ride though here, it won't take long, till some Randoms start pippin at me an I give it to them, killing as many as I can!"

"Nine, slow down, your anger is a lil much bro..." Cue stated as Nine glanced at him, and smiled, as he slipped on his mask. Cue searched through the tented window as he saw the Randoms gathering at the corners, and selling dope, running hookers and making street moves to make money. Cue understands Nine a little bit better

"That's why we exist Nine, because there are many crews that go out looking for a reason to kill, but we don't over kill, and we don't pray on the weak." Cue explained as Nine just listened, shaking his head, and driving a little under the speed limit, and looking at everything moving in the street.

"I agree with Nine some what, I don't pray on anyone, but I wanna kill the enemy and all their friends, that's my goal everyday, if that's against the rules then I have to go." He laughed.

"The point isn't your own goal, but what the reflection of your actions may have on the crew, that's the point, you guys are muscle right know, but to become one of us, you have to adhere to a higher moral code, that we share as a crew, an unwritten rule, to finish a fight not start it, protect the innocent and those weaker than you, defend your crew and if at all possible let them live." Cue said as three purple cars turned the corner and started shooting at them. Cue pulled out his AP, twisting on the suppressor as Zomboy was loading his Carbon Rifle and pulling on his mask.

"Aim for the drivers let's end this chase quickly." Cue said as Nine started laughing uncontrollably, as he open fires on the enemy.

The Vapid wasn't that fast and it had no armor, so the crew returned fire in precision force, killing the drivers and then all the goons inside, but the car explosions attracted the attention of the cops and other Randoms, so Nine began to drive erratically avoiding the on coming traffic and pedestrians as three cops were giving them a chase, and four Randoms were following them from a distance. Cue pulled up the map on his DB I Fruit phone "Hit the hills, this is a truck, we'll find the others when we lose the cops."

[safehouse, Sandy Shore]

LN walked into the small room and saw Morbyd strapped down and unconsciously lying on the bed. He noticed the back of his neck was bleeding, so he glanced at Casey "He needs a body scan, the best hospital is in the city, and we would have to go through FR-" he said as Casey shook her head "-If we got a portable scanner from any hospital, we could use it." LN pulled out his phone, and called DG.

DG was checking the street to see if it was clear as the smart phone vibrated to life. "Yes sir, we have the package." He reported.

"Did you get the intel?" LN asked as Firewater and Sid carried Erin into the abandon building. "What am I looking for, sir?" DG said as he saw two Randoms park their yellow car and get out. The crew was in the building and DG was on the phone with no cover. Phaves open fired and hit one Random, but the other one got away.

"Look in her pockets and call me back." LN said as DG slipped the phone back into his pocket and a bullet whizzed by his ear. He glanced at the direction of the bullet and saw a shadow move. He motioned to Phaves that the target was in the east direction. They stealthily search the grounds and find 3 more Randoms circling around. DG saw a ladder and climbed to the roof and saw the other two Randoms headed to the building. He pulled out his sniper rifle and took aim shooting the goons, as Phaves plugged the three Randoms. Dg climbed down the ladder and walked over to Phaves "Erin has something on her, and we gotta find it."

DG saw Erin was still out and went to her and patted her down, and emptied her pockets and found the flash drive. DG looked at Phaves "Found it, we need to get this back to LN, and get her to a hospital." He pulled out his phone and called LN, "We have the flash drive..." he stated as LN interrupted.

Look at the back of her neck, is there a cut or anything?"

"Yea, its bleeding, I thought she was shot in the chest?" DG said as LN was silent, for a minute "I need you to pick up a portable Body Scanner, most hospitals have them, something is very strange, Morbyd and Erin have cuts in the back of their neck, we have to find Hannibis to confirm this, so since your almost there, just get one."

DG put away his phone and glanced at Phave "We need a body scanner and the hospitals have them."

Firewater was listening and walked over to DG, " Those machines are heavy, but I know where one is, that we can steal."

"We haven't heard from Cue and the others." Sid stated as DG pulled out his phone and called Cue.

Cue spotted two white vans and pointed it out to Nine as he pulled over. "those are scouts, the Powder Boys, they may be looking for us." Cue explained as he saw the cops zip by them and shut off their lights. The chase was over but now they have a bigger problem. Cue felt his cell phone vibrate to life and he answered it." "Hello?"

"Yea, where you guys at, we have a small mission and we need the help." DG stated.

"We just saw some PB boys, I think they're looking for us, they found Mr Gamers body by now." Cue explained, as he saw six goons in white jackets climb out a van "Where should we meet?"

"Rockford Hills, the hospital is big, and we'll have a plan." DG replied and hung up. Cue told the guys " We need to get though FR to Rockford Hills Hospital."

"Lets get some information from these guys first." Zomboy said as Cue nodded and all three warriors climbed out the truck and started hunting.

They kill all the goons and leave one alive to interrogate. They found out Gary Powder is in a car looking for them, and Mr Gamer is a functioning Clone. They also found out Gary Powder had a doctor that placed a Bio-chip into their crew members. It was made to control people, and they've been doing this for many years.

Cue called DG "She has a Bio-chip in her neck, they're tracking her and it won't be long before they find you, cut it out."

"What are you talking about?" Dg said confused.

"Her neck is bleeding from the implant, take it out!"

DG looked at the crew "Erin has a Bio-Chip in her neck, its a tracker and we have to cut it out."

"I'll do it, I have a lil medical experience." Firewater explained as he pulled out his knife, and hurried to Erin. He slowly turned her over as DG called LN.

"Cue found out they have a Bio-chip inserted into their neck."

"We know, Casey is doing the surgery on Morbyd now, and Hannibis was just spotted, we're going to get him now, forget the scanner, meet us in East Los Santos at the safe house, Casey will do the surgery."

"Its a tracker, we gotta take it out, before we leave or they will find us."

"Who will find you?"

"Some crew called the Powder Boys..."

"Are you sure its them?"

"Yea why, you know them?"

"We did, Hatch was friends with Gary and his brother, George, but they wanted to sell coke and Hatch was not on that, and when George got busted Gary swore he'd kill Hatch, but we never found out who snitched, just get to the safe house after your done, I gotta call a meeting.

Firewater pulled out the Bio-chip and Erin started to have convulsions and slowly woke up.

"Give me the Chip, you guys need to get to the Safe house, me and Phaves will take care of this." DG explained as Cue called him, he was outside. "Lets move." He smashed the chip and helped Erin to her feet.

Cue and Zomeboy was guarding the street and Nine was by the car, and they saw DG peeking out the window. Cue waved and DG waved back as Firewater and John88 helped Erin and Sid was the last one out as they got in the car. DG and Phaves came out as four white vans turned the corner, and Nine open fired and Zomboy did too."Go! Take Erin and get to the safe house." DG ordered as Phaves saved his life and killed two Randoms, who were waiting for a shot at them. They run for cover as Nine started up the truck and went to pick them up as Cue and Zomboy laid down cover fire keeping the vans back, but they had 20 goons prepared for war.

Sid saw 3 white trucks fly past them, headed to the other crew members "We need to go back, those trucks can hold 6 guys."

"She won't make it if we go back!" Firewater said, as John88 glanced at Erin.

"No, I'm fine..."Erin muttered as she glanced at John88, "...Go back that's an order!!" She said, as she started crying and blacked out. Sid spun the truck around and saw three white vans on fire and 7 goons in white uniforms were running after someone. Sid shifted the gear as he saw DG, Phaves and Nine in a truck.

"Get out of here, get to the safe house, now!!" DG said as they went after the white trucks.

Cue and Zomeboy ran as they saw more white vans "I hope they destroyed the Chip, these guys are good." Cue said as Zomeboy started sniping off the enemy. He saw DG shooting the goons from behind and there was an opening, for them to get away.

​They make their way to DG and get in the car, as Cue saw Gary Powder, and Mr Gamer, he didn't understand how, but he open fired at them away.

Gary saw Cue and the Carbon Rifle he was holding "Get back and get down, Cue hasn't changed at all." He glanced at Mr Gamer4 "I thought Cue was dead." he explained as he motioned for 6 goons to go get him "Shoot to kill, make sure he's dead this time!"

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The crew color Dinka Marquis was at full sail and drifting eastward from the calm breeze, back towards Paleto Bay, and Hatch was on the deck gazing at the land and the cars in the distance, as Rose climbed the steps and had 2 glasses and a bottle of Bubbly. Hatch glanced at her "Somethings wrong, I can feel it..." He said as she poured the Bubbly and handed him a glass.

"You needed a vacation 2 years ago, the crew is fine, they are all warriors and capable to handle anything." she explained as he took a sip and smiled at her "I guess you're right, but lately I've had these dreams, they seem, I don't know...too real..."

"Maybe your dad is talking to you." she replied as he glanced at her and smiled "How long has it been any way...4 or 5 years..." she muttered.

"Why bring him up?" Hatch snickered as there was a blue spark and a flash of light, and his father was floating in front of them, surrounded by a blue haze.

"You must fulfill the prophecy my son, they are coming for you, and it's all my fault." he confessed as he faded away in to a blue spark and left a ring with XDBX tags engraved on it, and sunglasses. Hatch approached the items as six goons in mask leap to his ship wielding weapons. Hatch stepped back and reached for his weapons as he saw Rose open fire and then get shot.

Hatch woke up in a cold sweat, he looked around and saw Rose was fast asleep, as he slipped out of the bed, kissed her on the forehead, and quietly made his way to the upper deck, and saw the ring and the sunglasses. He was surprised and studied the ring for a moment and then picked it up and slipped it on his finger, as a blue bolt of lighting punched him into the air and held him there as the shook waves burst into a snapping light blue shield surrounding him. The sunglasses floated to his face and slipped on snug to eyes, as he saw a pale dragon with six heads, crawling from the sea. Snap shots of pictures flashed before his eyes and saw goons in white fighting with goons in red and yellow. He saw the thugs in blue, and the DB tags, but they were running into a trap, and Hatch snatched off the sunglasses as the haze faded and he landed on his feet.

He calls DC "Is everything alright?"

"Yes boss we're fine, only the Inner Circle know your on Vacation, the unvetted group has grown, and the announcement of the promoted is coming out this week, in the newsletter, but you already put it together, I know, everything is ok boss, and we did get the intel, LN called me."

"Ok, DC, That's fine, I had a weird dream dude, the crew was in trouble, old enemies came back, I had to get some fresh air, and call you...hello, hello?"

"Yea, boss I dropped the phone, I'm still in bed boss, it's like 6:20am, boss..."

Hatch just laughed "My bad dude, get some sleep, I want to see that intel as soon as I get back."

DC hung up with Hatch and pressed the button for the caller waiting, "Ok, LN, a Bio-chip, are you sure?"

"Yes, an Casey seems to know a lot about the subject, but either way, the Inner Circle needs to meet so I can make an oral report, this is very important."

"Listen I believe you, why don't you get some research together and let me see it, then we can move forward."

"Yes, sir, but there's more." LN paused and cleared his throat "It seems that the Powder Boys have resurfaced, somehow Mr Gamer was helping them, the whole time."

"Them boys were some racing snakes, this all makes sense now, ok thanks for the info, if you can, save one of those bio-chips, we need to study it."

"Yes sir." LN hung up and DC sat up in the bed and switched on the light.

DC glanced at his wife who was asleep, and he so he climbed out of the bed and went down stairs to the kitchen and grabbed an iced tea and went to the den. He unlocked the door, opened it and closed it quietly. He pulled out his phone and flicked the screen a few times and then pressed the button and started up the computers, and turned on the small 30 inch TV, as the weather lady was showing another sunny day in Blaine County. He dialed out a number, and it rang three times and then Nytmare appeared on the computer screen.

"We have the flash drive, LN stepped in and got it done."

"Ok, good, the investigation on Mr Gamer is over, he's banned from the crew, and a green light is up, and Batgo is banned as well." Nytmare stated.

"Good to hear, I think Dani and Locust will be happy, I'll let DS tell them, oh, by the way, the Powder Boys are back, the AGT crew are a distraction, the Powder Boys want to kill Hatch, you remember them." DC said as Nytmare studied him though the screen.

"I introduced them to the crew, but I didn't know they had a hidden agenda, I'll take care of it, Gary was always sloppy, we'll talk later." Nytmare hung up, and sat at his desk gazing out the window, at the morning sun as it began to rise. He calls Cue.

Phaves was driving as Cue open fired at the white truck an noticed Mr Gamer4 and he glanced at DG who saw the same thing. "He was dead, we saw him, let's go!!"

"Hello?" Cue said as Phaves took a sharp right, and went off road "yes sir, I'll be there." Cue looked around and DG glanced at him. "I have crew business, I need to get dropped off." DG nodded and motioned to Phaves to pulled over. Cue climbed out, and Phaves took off, as Cue found cover and saw two vans whiz by him.

Cue called his mechanic and told him he needed his Vacca, as John88 called him. "Erin is out and I don't know where the safe house is." He explained as Cue climbed into his car and switched on the computer, he could see Erin, John88 and Sid were in the car, but not Firewater. "Goto Mirror Park, we'll talk there." Cue said as John88 hung up.

Cue drove to the barber shop near the park and parked his car, as he noticed three blue cars parked with a driver inside. Cue enter the shop and saw Nytmare getting a shave. "Come sit down, we have much to talk about,"

"What's goin on?"

"The Powder Boys have street credit and they know you from another crew, I need to know what happened."

"George was running the crew, and Gray was spending his dope money on race cars, and got his dope in the parts, but Gary wanted to switch suppliers, who had dope cheaper, but George wasn't gonna switch, and Gary was shamed in front of all the crew leaders. After that the streets got hot, and then George got arrested, he blamed some other crew, but the truth is Gary set up his brother, so he could switch suppliers, which he did and they were called the Chips Crew."

Nytmare studied Cue"George wants Hatch dead, he needs to learn the truth or get taken out, we have knowledge of them so we need to take care of this for the crew."

"I need to go meet Erin and John88, they were suppose to go to the safe house, but Firewater isn't showing up on the computer, I want to check him out." Cue said as Nymare pulled out his phone and swiped the screen a few times and studied it, then glanced at Cue "He's not showing up, he's not one of us, let's go." Nytmare said as he studied the screen and glanced at Cue "They'er in the Industrial Plant district, those properties have armed guards.

Sid pushed Firewater,as he was shaking Erin trying to wake her up "Don't touch her again, what's wrong with you!!" Sid said, as John88 grabbed Firewater and slammed him against the wall. "Go check outside make sure we're secure." John88 ordered as Firewater laughed, and darted outside, as Sid heard truck engines. John88 ran to the window and saw Firewater talking to Mr Gamer4, and pointing at the abandon building they were in. "Let's move." John88 said as he glanced out the back window and saw the armed guards surrounding the abandon plant building. The guards started killing everyone, but the PB goons were ready and started firing back. The first wave was hard, but they didn't see the DB crew.

Cue heard the gun fire and saw the PB goons get killed, but they had 4 vans and a truck. Nytmare pulled out his sniper rifle "Let's even the odds." He saw the third wave of guards storm the plant and Nytmare killed a few of the PB goons, and then he saw Mr Gamer4 and lost focus. " I thought Gamer was dead."

"We all did, we got a confession that Gamer is a functioning Clone." Cue explained as Nytmare studied him and then took aim killing Gamer again. Cue saw Firewater running away from the fight and then he turned and saw Nytmare and stopped dead in tracks, as Nytmare studied him. Firewater alerted the guards, as Nytmare took aim and popped him in the head. He saw a green ooze splatter from the bullet wound, as the 6th wave started. Cue called John88.

John88 answered the phone and he told Sid the crew was outside, they need to get to them.Sid glanced at Erin as she started to wake up. "The ringing is so loud, I need it to stop!"

John88 studied her, as she was crying, and nauseated again, "stay close we gotta get her to a hospital."

Cue saw the end of the ninth wave as a helicopter crashed into the ground, and he saw John88. Nytmare nodded to Cue to go help him. Cue hurried across the desert sand and saw the guards open fire at him. He popped a few as Nytmare sniped them. Cue reach John88 and saw Erin, and Sid as two guard climbed up behind them. Cue open fired as John88 did too, and they made there way to Nytmare, as two helicopters were shot down. Cue saw it was Casey and LN they were flying choppers and killed all rest of guards, as 2 two vans got away.

LN told Cue to take his chopper " Take a day to rest, I'll call you." Casey took Erin and Sid, as John88 climbed into the other one. "This never happened." LN whispered as Nytmare walked over to them.

"Good job LN, if Casey can give us some intel, this could be a promotion for her."

" She's gonna take the chip out of Erin and we'll know more."

"You report to me LN, DC and DS already told me the details, let me know when your done."

"Yes, sir." LN said as he hurried to the chopper, and Nytmare saw his phone light up, it was Hatch calling.

"Yes sir."

"Two car lots were destroyed and one garage was bombed, we're at war, the Inner Circle is meeting in 20 minutes."

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"Get your ass up Sparkplug!" the big man ordered as he kick the young boy off the bed into the wall, and slammed into the floor.

"How'd... I get.... down..... here?" Spark questioned as he looked up, and across the room "Blokk, oh... I guess.... my..... ribs are....... hurting thanks to..... you?"

"We had a meeting and your here sleep, where have you been the last two days?"

"Nowhere boss, I had family issues ok-"

"-Stop lying! I said no more side jobs, what the fuck did you do?" Blokk stated as a female peeked into the room, holding a gold phone, as he grabbed it and stuck it to his ear "Who dis?" he answered, listening to the dark gurgling voice, " -are you sure, this the second call today....ok, yep, out." Blokk handed the phone back to the girl and glared at Sparkplug "Hatch has called 2 of my enemies, it appears someone destroyed his cars, you wouldn't know anything about that would you?"

Sparkplug smirked and licked his top lips, and then glanced at Blokk who was thoroughly pissed "What does it matter boss, they took like two million dollars from us..."

"They won that money by beating weak racers" he paused and shook his head, closing his eyes for a moment, and then gazed at him, knowing the answer "What the fuck did you do-"

"-I didn't do shit boss, but we gotta race in two days, and them DB's won't back out, they can't, no matter what...we own them."

Blokk studied Sparkplug as the girl returned with the phone. "If it's Hatch, transfer the call to the big screen in the office, up stairs." He grabs Sparkplug and drug him to the elevator as the girl dialed from the phone and hurried back to her office. The doors popped open and bloke kicked him inside. "Hatch was friend asshole!" he said kicking him again "If this comes back on the crew, you know the consequences."

Blokk entered the second floor office and saw Hatch on the wall screen as he was looking at him enter the room.

"We race in two days and now you're calling me?" Blokk snarled at him.

"Yea, I may have to switch a few drivers dude, I wanted to keep everything fair." Hatch replied grinding his back teeth.

"OK, that's fair, I'm glad you're not trying to weasel your way out of this race, your crew took 3 mill from me, I deserve a chance to get it back."

"Of course you do, I'll see you in two days." Hatch stated as he gazed at Sparkplug a moment, before he hung up, and the screen went black.

Hatch glance at DS sitting at his desk in front of a laptop, pulling off his headphones and then at Nytmare as he was pulling out the ear buds and standing up. They we're listening to the call and looking at the phone call from their own desk. Alskies was running a facial recognition program while the call was active. They were silent a moment absorbing the lies and the deceit that Blokk was giving off.

"We gotta hit, after 3 calls, his name is Sparkplug, he's been working for Blokk, for 5 years, word is he's been taking side jobs from Craig Trinity, no intel on him." Alskies announced interrupting the heavy silence.

"We've raced Blokk, but I don't know if he ordered the hit, we need intel on that Spark dude, and we need more cars." Hatch stated as DS pulled out a list of the cars lost, and the cars needed for the race.

"We need these 5 cars, and I got some Reps who can be trusted, the other list-" He said as he pulled out a piece of paper "-are the cars we need to steal for the orders already put in, we got 16 in back order."

"OK, for now on, nothing matters, all plans stop and start here, DS, get the race cars, DC get the back orders, Nytmare get the intel on Spark and who he really works for. I want to punish the right crew, dismissed."

Hatch saw them leave as Alskies paused at the doorway, and glanced at him. "We need to talk about the traitors, let me deal with them?"

"We gotta deal with one crisis at a time, let's get this intel, for now." Hatch explained as Alskies nodded and hurried away.

Rose was making her way down the hallway as she glanced at Alskies as he seemed upset. She stood at the doorway a moment unseen, studying the mood that Hatch was in. She mumbled a few words and flicked her fingers at Hatch as a glitter dust mystified the air and Hatch inhaled it, coughing and looking up at her.

Rose quickly entered the office as Hatch gave her a wink, trying to get his coughing spasm under control. She closed the door, and twisted the blinds shut.

"I didn't see you there" he said opening the bottom drawer and pulling out a bottled water, twitting the cap off and dumping water down his throat "I got something in my throat, what did you find?" he muttered as he sipped the water catching his breath.

"I looked at the flash drive, there were blue prints of bio-chips, and plans for implantation. There's a corporation that wants to make this happen.-"

"-Ok bio-chips? That's all, that was of any use, on that flash drive?"

"There were many files on the drive, most of it is still being decoded, the prophecy, and the Book of 52, related to the Battery Corporation, your great grand father help found the Haddon Guild, we need to find the Mangil Outfit."

"Ok what does that mean?" Hatch said with a smirk.

"Let me take care of it, your family has a history." Rose enchanted as Hatch just smiled.

"Ok, honey, let me know what you find." Hatch said as Rose smiled and left the office. Hatch jumped when the door slammed shut and he couldn't recall why the door was shut. He slowly stood up and felt a little whoozy, so he sat back down. He slid on the DB Glasses and saw a blue tinted cloud in his office. He stood up and hurried to the hall, and saw the mist was only in his office. He pulled off the glasses and studied them and cleaned them and then slid them back on and the mist was gone. He glanced down the hall and noticed foot prints with a red tint. Hatch hasn't had time to research the glasses but this was so odd he followed the footprints.

The door that it lead to was the Research and Development offices. Hatch walked in and he saw the data on the big monitor and he could read it, as the scientist were trying to crack the code.

"This is the data from the flash drive?"

"Yes, sir, Queen Rose gave the order." the scientist replied, as Hatch glanced at him, bowing and holding his head down. He glanced at all the workers and saw that everyone stopped working and kept their heads down. Hatch never saw a reason to visit the DB R/D department, but now that the crew is running well he wanted to tend to other work at the DB office building.

"Listen people, I'm giving you the day off, with double pay, go have fun." Hatch saw that they were hesitant to leave so he opened the door and started waving

"Please leave now!" He ordered as they filed out the office quickly.

Hatch started typing on the keyboard and pulled up the intel directory and he could read it, the entire staff was thinking the words were codes. Hatch started reading about the Haddon Guild and the Battery Guild. His father made him learn the Platin Code, of the old Platin people. The Platin Cove is where life began for the Battery people, and the old PC Land is where Hatch learned of life.

Rose hurried down the hallway, jumping on the elevate and dropping down 11 stories. She hurried out the elevator to the lobby, pulling out her phone, calling Dani and Xyon, as she saw her Diva Crew of 3 girls. She motioned for them to follower her, as she signaled for one to get the car.

Dani and Xyon were in a Green Zentorno, waiting on Rose as she hurried out the DB building and a pink Buffalo S pulled up to the curb. Rose nodded to Dani and she slammed the gas screeching away. Rose climbed into the car as 3 more pink trucks followed her. The traveled to countryside, and set up camp as they were watching a crew oversee some scientist and diggers.

"Gather round, this dig site has information we need, the goal is to get in the tunnel and find the Battery entrance. The map was downloaded to Dani and Xyon, those guys are AGT, let lock an load."

DS went to the only working DB garage and Rev was waiting for him, with a friend. "I heard the crew had issues, I brought 7 cars from my warehouse, this Napon a friend to the crew."

"Rev-" DS said with a touch of excitement as he embraced him with a bear hug "-I don't know what to say, thank you." DS muttered as Rev smiled, and Napon gave him the suitcase of keys.

"I'm working on something to help the crew, I need some trust crew to carry out mission, the ATG have a few dig sites and their looking for the Battery pages, but it's only a hunch, I don't want to bring this Hatch until I'm sure."

"We got two car lots gone, the other garage gone, plus the back order of cars, and the traitors, we gotta get our house in order first, but I know a few missionaries and they could use the money, I'll make three calls that's it, Hatch is on us right now."

"Ok mate, I'm going to the countryside if you can get me help, send them here-"

Rev sent him an e-mail, shook his hand and left.

DC called up Camper, Hern and Ships he told them they have a secret mission, he will be in touch. DC hurried to his computer at his safe house and set up his network to hack the BMV and find the cars he needed.

Cue was parked across the street of a small diner as Nytmare called him.

"Spark is eating right now, but he just got a call, his crew is moving, so far, I think Spark wants the leader position, I sent the pics of some of the goons he met with, I hope one of them is the guy you're looking for."

"I'm checking the e mail and yes I got the pics, I let you know what i find, out."

Alskies received an e-mail from Nytemare, and ran the FRP to find out who Craig Trinity is, and found out very little, he knew this would be hard to do, because he didn't exist 6 years ago.

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Craig Trinity was at the dig site as the diggers mined the major cave. He called Spark and he was on the way to the site, as Craig got alerted that a sensor was tripped. Craig motioned for the guards to check it out as gun shots were heard outside. "Hurry, I just heard gun shots!" he yelled at the phone and smashed it against the wall, as 3 goons started to hurry to him.

"We need to contain this, Chaz find out who's out there, Matt and Jason take the guards and stop the intruders." Craig ordered as he powered up his laptop and looked at the 12 windows that open and the cameras were activated. He saw the intruders and they looked like women.

Dani and 5 DB-Divas were following her as she glanced at the map and saw there was a wall, but when she looked at the door, and she know something was off. She tapped her phone and saw Rose look at her through the phone.

"Rose I found the door, it's no where near the major cave, I'm sending you my location, now."

Xyon yelled at the phone, as she saw Rose and Dani in split screen. "We're taking heavy gun fire, two girls are hurt, we need back up!!"

Rose heard the gun fire, and saw the AGT goons loading up trucks, as she open fired and the 5 DB-Divas with her did the same.

Rev slammed on the brakes as a gun fight began to get loud. "Who are they fighting, mate?" Rev questioned as Napon climbed out the car and pulled out the binoculars.

"Looks like...they have DB tags..." he announced as he handed the binoculars to him, and he gazed through them. He was surprised and then he saw a truck loaded with goons headed to the dig site.

"That looks bad, lets help the crew out, an stop those goons."

Cue was following Spark, and his 6 truck convoy, as his phone started to beep because crew was close. Cue pulled out the smart phone, and saw that there was 13 DB crew members, and 3 were already injured. Cue tried to widen the view and saw there was another crew member to the westside. Cue slammed on the brakes and climbed out the car as he pulled out his RPG and opened fired on the convoy, destroying 4 trucks. Rose popped on his phone.

"Xyon needs help, back her up, we found the door, just keep them back." she ordered as Cue nodded and climbed back into the Vacca.

Rev saw the two trucks get away and a group of ATG chasing the crew. He drove to the crowd as Napon open fired. Rev saw Xyon helping a crew as 4 others were holding them back. Rev popped 3 of them goons and Napon on took out 5.

"Take the wheel mate, I'm getting out and we need to protect the LT." Rev shouted as he stopped the car and leaped out as Napon tossed him the bag of weapons from the back seat. Rev open fired killing 4 more as he made his way to Xyon. She glanced at him and smiled.

"When did you get back in town?" she asked as the girl she was holding started to move again.

"Lets get to the door, the AGT will have more soldiers on the way." he responded picking up the girl. "I got weapons in the bag, lead the way."

Xyon pulled out two clips and motioned for the girls to follow her.

Cue was on the hillside with his sniper rifle, popping the enemy, and he saw Xyon talking with Rev. Cue received a call from Casey.

"Rose must be busy, but let her know I'm on the way with an ambulance and a chopper."

" She told me to stay outside, I can't leave my post."

"As your LT, I order you to tell her!"

"Yes ma'am, it shall be done." Cue replied as he hung up with her and saw Rev escorting Xyon and the DB-Divas to the door. He switched his scope to thermo and saw ATG goons climbing the building and searching the grounds. He put away the sniper and pulled out his silenced AP and moved into position to take out the goons without anyone seeing him. He silently made his way to the goons as Dani steps from the shadows and sniped them goons, leaving Cue one. Cue saw that she had a Diva group of 7 girls, and they were following her.

Rose saw the stone pillars and the mechanics that helped it lock the door. she pulled out her phone and tapped the screen and pulled up a code to unlock the door. She moved the stones into place and nothing happened. Xyon and Rev enter the cave as Dani and Cue followed her.

"Maybe you need the words too." Napon said as Rore mumbled the words on the screen. The door began to open as a bright light was shining at her. The light came from a card and Rose grabbed it, as the light went out.

Phoebs96 and FIFa22 were sent to help Rev and arrive at the dig site as 9 White vans and trucks were parking. They saw 6 goons leap out one van and take position, protecting the leader. Phoebs96 knew the leader, it was Mr. Gamer and he was upset. She pulls out her phone.

"Rev, we came to help you, but outside the cave is like 30 goons waiting on you to come out."

"Ok listen LT Casey is coming too, meet with her and tell her to call Rose."

Fifa22 saw an ambulance and he pointed to it, 3 vans started the engine and headed to the ambulance. Phoebs96 pulled out the sniper rifle, and opened fired, Fifa22 did too, and one van exploded from the gas tank sparking a fire.

Casey saw the van explode and slammed on the brakes, leaping out and pulling out the Carbon rifle, firing at the drives of the other two vans. One van crashed into the other one, and they both exploded, as Casey climbed back into the ambulance and drove to the DB door, as she saw more white vans.

Rose saw Casey, and glanced at Xyon, who had the two injured girls helped to the ambulance. "There's a lot of them ATG we need to go." Casey muttered as Rose nodded.

"Let's go crew, we have what we needed."

Hatch was at he office as his nephew called him and the security knocked the door. Hatch let the phone ring as he answered the door.

"Sir 3 limos pulled up out front."

Hatch nodded and answered the phone, closing the door.

"Why are you calling me, Junior?"

"I'm outside, the Battery Corporation has an office in LS, and we heard you lost some products, are you gonna let us in?"

Hatcher Battery4th entered the office and studied his uncle Hatch. "I guess my father never got around to telling you that we have assets now, and insurance."

"What's this have to do with me, I moved here to start my own kingdom."

"The Book of Battery is real, and we need it." Hatcher4 said as he pulled out his phone and tapped the screen and then showed him a picture, of the 52 pages. "They are here, and we need to find them."

"I'll find them, I know the prophecy, now leave my building, and tell your father I have my own."

Hatch saw him leave with his guards and called Rose.

"You won't believe who I just saw?!"


"Hatcher4 he's running the Battery Corp in LS, since when did we have a corporation?"

"I'll be there soon dear, and I have good news."

"I do too, I'm promoting LN, and Casey, LN will be a fine Commissioner, and Casey has proven herself, she'll be a good LT, I'm setting up the ceremony now."

"OK honey, I'll call you later."

Craig and his men saw the DB crew get away, and they killed just about everyone. He lost everything, and Mr Gamer is pressing him. "Look around Gamer, we're done, that page was all we had, and they have it!"

"They have a page not all 52, we need to beat them to the next one, and set a trap, we'll kill them and steal the Page."

"You don't get it, they found a master page, we needed that to find the rest of them."

"I know Craig, but every book as two masters, while they find the 52 we'll find the other master page."

"I like that Gamer, oh, by the way, we had to split from the Stow Crew we're the Four Horsemen of LS, we have 150 strong, don't worry we have back up to take on the Stow Crew and the DB."

"You people are so interesting, this dig sight has other buried treasures as well, my master says parts of his ship is here too. I have workers on the way, so gather your men and keep them digging in the major cave."

Hatch slipped on the DB sunglasses as Askies knocked on the door and he could see the blue light imitating from his soul. "Come on in, I need you to make copies of this. I can see things and I don't know why?"

Alskies looked at the glasses and then slipped them on but he saw nothing, he couldn't see though the glasses. "I'll see what I can do."

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"I pledge allegiance to the Order of DB and the tags for which it stands, one crew under the warrior-king Hatch, invisible, and indivisible with TDM's and Racing for all." LN recited the oath as Pb76 held the DB book, as a witness to the ceremony. Nytmare and Alskies stood up, as PB left the room.

"I accept your oath, and welcome you to the Inner Circle." Hatch announced as Nytmare and Alskies embraced him. DC and DS waited their turn to welcome him to the management aspect of the crew. They take a seat at the DB Round Table.

"LN will publicly handle the Events, he will see to it that no playlist or any other events, don't clash in time or location, privately, he will also help in the research and development, with Alskies, it seems that this bio-chip, was the tip of the iceberg, and the ATG work for the Illuminytes, who work for a corporation." Hatch paused and glanced at Alskies, as he pulled out a briefcase and placed it on the table.

"Hatch was given a gift, and he shared it with us, these glasses will only work for you, they are DNA secure, you will try them out for a while and we will decide if the LT's should get them too." Alskies passed out the glasses and the men slipped them on.

"We have a race in 7 hours and they will pay for destroying our cars, but today is about the race, we have real enemies now, that want to do us harm, so we need to be innovative, with new ideas and more efficient thinking, we may change the logo and tint the color but we're DB and that doesn't change." Hatch explained and the men nodded in agreement, as Rose knocked 3 times, and entered the room, with the DB master card, she found at the dig sight. She gave it to Hatch and left the room.

"This is a map and a communicator, I now know where the other cards are located, and we will get them back, LN will be heading the special operations to get them. These cards give us power to meet other powerful people. Let's get an update, lets start with you DC."

"Well we have most of the cars ready, the back orders are almost filled. The Stow Crew seems to be looking for a war. Many crew have reported seeing them selling drugs and pushing prostitution around our place of business." DC said as Hatch glanced at Nytmare.

"Ok, I think it's time we have a small group of secret thugs, efficient at being unseen, DB Agents. Hatch an I talked about it, some time back, but for the last few months our crew has gotten bigger, so we've been concentrating on the development of the associates and prospects." he glanced at LN and then at Hatch, "We had traitors, spies and those that have sabotaged our business, an destroyed the integrity of the crew, so I want to bring this DBA to the table."

"I like it, we need to be proactive, we need eyes and ears behind enemy lines." DS stated as Hatch nodded.

"We might as well get your update Nytmare," Hatch suggested.

"Yea, Sparkplug is working with the Powder Boys and ATG, we also found out about this new crew called the 4Horsemen of LS, they hate everyone and it seems that they were the ones that set the charges, under Sparkplug's order. The cloning program and the bio-chip program seem to go hand in hand, but as it concerns us, these people are controlled by someone. We need a device to scan our members, because we don't need any 'marked' crew."

"Nice report, Nytmare, Alskies you should go next." Hatch said.

"We now have our own network, we can hack most satellite systems, and government servers, so the DB phones will be updated, but everyone will get a new one, so that it's biometric security system can be activated." He pulled out his phone and hacked the light to dim them, and projected pictures of the destroyed garages and the bombed car lot, to the wall. "We lost over 3 million dollars in products, this race will help but it's time we make money, until the garages are back up an running." Alskies suggested.

"Good report, and money will be made, Nytmare has been transporting 5 pounds of weed from the Red Dead County, where my family owns land, to us here in LS for about month now and we plan to double this in the next few weeks, and the DBA will handle this operation." Hatch glanced at Nytmare, and then at his phone. "DS and DC will handle the cars,and getting the chop shops up and running again, we need crew working on the shops, so lets get the muscle to work. Alskies is setting up fake ID for members, Rep and up, and this may come in handy when we start looking for the other cards. The sunglasses can change sight from thremo, to electric, and magnify as well, theres a small button on the inside arm, you can tap it, and activate the glasses, once you do, no one will be able to use them, but you."

Dani and Xyon were waiting in the lobby, for Rose to leave the 12th floor, as Erin was entering the DB building.

"Erin, how are you feeling?" Xyon asked as Erin smiled.

"I was shot but I'm ready to get back to work, I need to be cleared for duty, so I was looking for an LT." Dani smiled as Xyon started clapping "You can come with us, we have to check out this place and its in gang territory."

Rose stepped off the elevator, and saw Dani and Xyon talking with Erin, as 7 DB Diva girls were waiting for her. Rose walked over to them and embraced Erin.

"Are feeling better now?"

"Yes, a lot better, and I'm ready to get back to work."

"Good, we have a few things that must be done, before the race begins."

Hatch paused for a minute and looked at the table of men.

"I've been thinking and I feel it's time we accept a female into our Inner Circle, our crew has grown and we need to expand out thoughts. Any nominations?"

"Dani has been here a long time, an does her job the best." Nytmare said as DC and DS nodded in agreement.

"Good, I hope to promote her after the race, so let's get ready, this meeting is dismissd."

Rose and the DB Divas hurried out the building and climbed into 7 cars, an drove away. Rose was riding with Dani and Xyon. "These bitches think they can set up our crew to go to war, that Sparkplug dude was working with an old enemy I had, and she hates us because Hatch choose me over her, I shoulda saw this coming, but now we have to fix this."

"So where are we goin?" Xyon asked as Dani took a hard right and shifted the gear.

"To the west side, where I know she hangs out at, and I plan to end this lil game she's playin. "

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Rose and the DB Divas begin their travel to the city, as the DB Racers were beginning to start their engines, to travel to the first of 7 race courses. She knew Hatch wasn’t racing and the task she had to do, won’t take long but then Rose got a phone call, as they were leaving and she was surprised.

“Slow down, slow down…who is this?” Rose questioned and then listened intensely as she glanced at Dani who was driving “ok, ok, we’ll stop by, I have a situation to take care of but we’ll be there-” She explained as the caller was crying and yelling, “-Ok, we’re on the way.”

“Blondie has to wait, we’re goin to the southside.” Rose announced with a touch of regret, as she set the GPS for a new destination.

“ So what’s goin on Rose?” Dani questioned her as Rose glanced at her and smiled.

“There’s a sick dude raping girls and an old friend asked for my help, I can’t ask Hatch to help, he has the races, the businesses, the crew and the spies, and the war that’s brewing, we can take care of a dude doing wrong, and I want C-Lan to know we’re allies, there are only a few female Crews that have over 300 members.”

“Who is she?” Xyon asked as she sat in backseat and glanced at the GPS reflecting from the windshield.

“They are the City Girl Crew, C-lan and I met at a race, she was good but I was better, we’ve raced many times and I don’t win all of them, but I win most of the time.”

Hatch and the inner Circle took the elevator down to the basement, where the DB Racers were getting ready for the race. They entered the garage and saw the crew colors painted on the walls and the tags on every car. The crew was playing the DB song ‘X-D-B-X … we’re better than all the rest…’the rhythmic lyrics and the drum beat got the crew hype and they were dancing as Hatch was smiling and laughing with them.

“Let’s win this boys, the Hogs are weak, but they love to race, play our song again, Juve.” Hatch announced as the song started over.

Rev and Napon entered the lobby of the garage and waited for permission to enter, as Hatch saw him and nodded and smiled, waving him in. The Muscle standing at the doorway saluted Hatch, as he danced his way to him, with a jerking movement, off beat, and awkward, but cool and the same time.

“Long time no see boss.” Rev said as Hatch embraced him.

“Are you here to wish them good luck, dude?” Hatch charmed as he winked at him, still dancing his jig “Or to Race?” he stated as Rev smiled and chuckled.

“I wanted your permission to drive boss, so they can get some.” He stated as Hatch nodded, an then glanced at his friend. “This is my friend, Napon, he’s an ally to the crew.”

“Nice to meet you dude-” Hatch greeted him, shaking his hand, “-You can come to the race, the bus has room, but for now this is for crew only.” Hatch stated as Napon smiled, bowed to him, and left the garage.

Hatch glanced at Rev, “It’s good to see you again dude, how is everything goin now?”

“I’m good to go boss, I had to take care of a few things, my girl had the baby, but she wanted to leave LS, so I had to get her settled.” Rev explained, as Desuno and Zmurko saw Rev and hurried to him. They embraced him and gave him a helmit with DB tags. “Welcome to the squad Rev, we were hoping you would race with us.” Zmurko said as the other racers came to speak with Rev.

Rose saw a signal from C-lan, with her pink flag hanging out a second floor window, and that means everything is safe. Rose stuck her hand out the window and pointed so the muscle Divas would park, “We need to park over there.” She directed as C-lan and 3 of her girls were with her waiting by the entrance.

“Thank you Rose, thank you so much, I lost two more girls last night, that’s 6 girls in a week, one of my girls was following them, and gave a location in the warehouse district, I sent scouts but they haven’t seen any movement.” She reported as Rose embraced her, and glanced at Dani, who nodded and walked to Erin, and nodded to her as they left, with 3 DB Divas. Erin hopped in the drivers seat of the truck, as the Divas leaped into the back.

“My girls are gonna go check everything out, then we’ll figure out the rest.” Rose said as she winked at Xyon who pulled out her cell phone and studied the screen watching Dani’s progress, as they drove away. She glanced at Rose an nodded as C-lan offered drinks for the wait. “Yea, why not, nothing strong though.” Rose said as she followed C-lan to the second floor.

Rev lead the convoy to the first race, and the Hogs Crew was waiting. Blokk and Sparkplug climbed out the red truck with a red suitcase as Hatch and Alskies climbed out the car with a silver suitcase and approached them.

“So here we are Hatch, I have $500,000 in here, I’m ready to race.”

“We have our money right here, let’s get to it dude.” Hatch responded, as the racers drove to the starting line, and Hatch was watching. Blokk studied Hatch and then glanced at Sparkplug, as they climbed on to top the truck to watch the race.

Dani gazed through the scope of the sniper rifle, and saw the friendlies being hunted, by 6 goons, as she took them out, and saw a dark brown ooze, splatter from the head shots.

“Brown blood?” Erin whispered, “we need a sample, I’ll get it.”

Erin saw Dani nod to her as a DB Diva followed her. “Check for tats, and tags.” Dani whispered, “turn on the blue tooth, so we can talk.”

Erin saw more goons in the distance, but she headed to the corps and noticed them start to move as she got closer. Erin pulled out her AP as the 6 dead ones leaped to their feet and their eyes were turning dark red, and their yellow teeth grew into large jagged edges and they were angry.

“They’re not dead!!” Erin muttered as she open fired and saw more brown blood, as Dani switched from the sniper to the Carbon rifle and opened fired blasting 20 bullet holes into the head of the 4 goons. Erin saw they had tag, and tattoos “The Unforgiven that's what it says.” Erin muttered as she sprayed two more with a shower of bullets. She moved to the dead and pulled out a small vile to collect some brown blood.

“Get those girls and get back to me, the Unforgiven are unstable-“ Dani explained as 20 of them filed out the warehouse running for Erin. “-Take cover they’re commin for you, aim for the eye and throat, and move to me.” Dani ordered as she directed the other Divas to get ready to survive, a war. She dialed out and Xyon answered, looking at her, through the phone. “Their dealing with a crew of sick-o’s named the Unforgiven Crew, they make money from human trafficking, and selling human parts too, they are monsters, we need back up.”

Hatch saw the DB racers take the lead as Blokk walked over to him, sitting with the Crew.

“Can I get a word, Hatch?” Blokk muttered as he waved. Hatch stood up and leaped off the hood of the truck, and glanced at Blokk.

“What is it dude, I’m enjoying winning the race?”

“I heard about your cars and the lot, I had nothing to do with it, but I got word that the Queens Wolf Pakk (QWP) set it up, they got information from Sparkplug, he’s an idiot, but a good Commish, I wanted to pass that on to you.”

“I’m glad you did, I guess you are the friend I thought you were, who runs that crew?”

“Her name is Blondie, let’s keep this between us.”

“Are you sure?” Hatch questioned as Blokk studied him.

“Yea, I’m sure, why you know her?”

“Enjoy the race.” Hatch said as he walked away, pulling out his phone and looking at Alskies, “Look up Blondie in the crew leader directory, QWP is her crew.” Alskies reached into the truck and pulled out the laptop, looking up the QWP crew. “They have a Fraternity crew, where males and females, are separated. The WP obey the QWP and this Blondie controls 600 members.” Hatch climbed back up on the truck and sat down next to Alskies as he showed him the information. Hatch pulled out his phone to call Rose, but her signal was out of range.

“Find my wife!” Hatch ordered as Alskies started typing on the laptop, and pulled up a map of the city, and zoomed in on the DB members with her down in the warehouse district.

“That’s the Unforgiven turf.” Alskies said as Hatch looked at him, with a questioning face.

“The who’s turf?”

“The Unforgiven, are 500 strong, and word on the streets is that they hate women, so the sell them and eat them, I’ve read reports that they have green blood, like the clones, we met, but the truth is no one knows anything for sure.”

“Who’s with Rose, right now?”

“She has Dani, Xyon and Erin with her, Casey and Bowgirl are in a chopper headed to them, plus7 muscle are there too."

Hatch glanced at Alskies, “I need you to scan the LSPD radio, I need to know how hot she is."

Rose and Xyon saw Erin and Dani but the other two girls were running, so Rose called Casey, “How long till you get here?”

“We’re almost there now, we’re switching to thermo…Oh my, you have 50 or so…” Casey said as she glanced at Bowgirl, who took control of the missiles an started firing them, at the 50 targets, on the ground.

Rose saw the bombs hit the ground and body parts explode apart, she saw Dani on the hill top pull out her sniper rifle, and took aim, snipping more goons as Erin and the Divas were pinned down. Rose heard the chopper and saw more bombs dropped and C-lan and her girls moved in entering the warehouse, with 40 of her girls well armed, blasting everyone in their way. Then her phone rang, it was Hatch.

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  • 7 months later...

Hatch saw the DB racers take the lead and never look back, as they made the 8 laps in record time, to win the fourth race. Alsikes was on the laptop trying to get in touch with Rose, when he found the issue. He was frustrated an Hatch was looking at him, waiting. Alsikes started typing int the codes to unlock her phone, "Ok, boss, you can call her now."

"Hello?" Hatch muttered as he heard explosions and the gunfire in the background, "Do you need back up, honey?" he questioned her, with a touch of concern and humor.

"Yes dear, I had no idea-" she responded as the call went dead. "Hello? Hello! " Hatch whispered as he glanced at Alskies, " I need to leave, without being seen, when we roll out to the next track." he ordered as Alskies saw him texting his mechanic.

"Hatch." DS growled as Hatch glanced at him, "Blokk will back out if you leave, and after the attacks, we need that money, Dani, Erin and Wraign are with her, we can send her back up, but you can't leave." he whispered as Hatch studied him and took a deep breath, and leaped off the truck. He studied him as Alsikes leaped off the truck, and walked over to Hatch. "He's right boss, if they see you leave, we lost." Hatch nodded to him, and motioned for Z to come to him. " Get a small unit of DB Agents to find my wife, contain and protect her, and stop the threat." Hatch ordered as Z nodded and walked away, pulling out his phone.

"Dani, what's going on?" he asked her.

"We need back up, the Voris is translated the 'Unforgiven' they have golden blood," she explained as he heard the gun fire in the back ground. "Ok, help is on the way." Z promised, and hung up. He called Torid, "Yeah, it's me, I sent a text, to a location, where the queen is, and the King needs her safe, and the problem neutralized. You'll need heavy fire power, this covert so keep the circle small , no muscle. Just kill the Voris ."

"Who?" Tori questioned "The Voris, I never heard of them, but the Queen is other there." Z replied.

Rose dropped the phone as Xyon pushed her out the way of the shrapnel from the grenade. "I hear the chopper!" Erin yelled as Xyon looked up and saw the chopper get rattled with bullets, as Wraign leaped from the chopper. Rose was dizzy and her ears were ringing, as she realized Xyon had pieces of metal in her arm and back. Erin saw Xyon fall, as Rose ran to her. "Dani, Xyon was hit, we need you over here." Rose said as she open fired on the Voris, shooting them in the face. Erin open fired as well as she saw Wraign pull the chute and land. Wrapping pulls out her phone and calls Rose, "The chopper crashed, I didn't see-" Wraign leaped for cover as 6 more Voris goons were running at her and firing their weapons. Wraign, returned fire and saw Rose and Erin protecting Xyon who was hurt, as gun shots came from behind her. Wraign looked back an saw Jag opened fired on them Voris, and she had 7 DB Divas with her. "We saw the chopper go down, so we followed you." Jag said as Wraign nodded and killed more Voris goons. "We need to get to Rose, she's over there." she pointed as Jag saw Dani snipping the goons and leading a group of Divas to Rose too.

Torid called Banks and Beez, on the camera phone, and looked at them, "Hey guys we got an issue, and the Queen needs to be protected, and threat taken out, we need to do this now, I sent you the address, do you guys know anything about the Voris?"

"I heard of them, but they from the south, Red Dead county, they are heavy into human trafficking, sexual assault and cannibalism too, are they here?" Banks asked as Torrid nodded, "I'll make a few calls and head there, right away." Banks said and hung up. "I'll get a few agents, and be on the way." Beez said as Torid hung up, and called Jesse, "Yea, I need you get ready for war, I need 5 more agents to be ready too, I'll be there in 5 minutes to pick you up." he ordered. "We'll be ready." Jesse responded.

Hatch saw Z on the phone making calls as Rev won the race again, and gave DB a 2 race lead. Hatch was pacing and watching Z as DS walked over to him, "I know boss, you wanna be out there, but you're the boss now, we have delegate orders, they will bring her back-"

"-Enough, I'm gonna slip outta here, and you're going to cover me, DS, I don't care who these Voris is, now let's roll, I'll tell you where to drop me off, cuz I'm getting my wife back!!" he said as DS and Alskies nodded, and climbed into the truck.

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Napon saw Hatch pacing and looking at Z as he was talking on the phone. He felt his phone vibrate to life as he got a text, and read the message, as he hurried to his car, an climbed in. "Code in!" he ordered activating the car phone as he dialed out a number, "Sir, we followed C-lan as you said, an she met with some other women, and they found the Voris Compound, they are engaging the enemy." the voice responded, "Orders?" "Stay out of sight, do not engage the friendlies, they are with the DB Order, just observe for now, I'm on the way, where are you?" "Near Cat Claw Avenue, it's underground, but this would be the first-" "Wait till I get there." Napon said as he saw the DB racers celebrate the win.

Cue was at the clubhouse, in Blain county, cleaning his weapons as his crew phone vibrated to life, with a text and an address. He packed up his gear and hurried to the garage, as he heard a truck pull up to the clubhouse. It was Beez and 2 other DB agents. Cue hurried to the truck and climbed in the back. Beez looked grim, and concerned. " Heard of the Voris?" Beez asked as he yanked the gear into reverse and glanced at him. "Yea, they some nasty monsters, I had a contract on one, and found out they move in groups." Cue explained as he studied Beez. "They'er here, and the Queen is in trouble fighting them, we don't know the whole story, but we gotta stop the Voris, Banks has to protect the Queen, what ever happens we stick together and end them, we gotta plane to catch."

Hatch saw Blokk punch one of the drivers and then fix his clothes looking at him. He started walking to him, as he was texting the mechanic, so he smiled and slipped his phone into his pocket. "You won another one, Hatch, I respect that, we gotta long ride to the next one, let's say we make a stop and get some food, before we start the next one." Hatch smiles, and nodded, "That's a good Idea, I don't want to be bothered to the race starts, I'm taking a nap, let's go."

Rose grabbed Xyon, and covered the wounds, as Erin took cover and reloaded, "We'er getting low on ammo..." she said as Rose saw Dani headed to them. She tapped her ear, "my phone is down, regroup with me, Xyon is hit." she announced as a plane roared past the area, and then bombs hit the ground, as Torrid, Jesse and 5 DB agents parachute to the ground. The Voris goons had fire power an shot down the plane, as the pilot and four others escaped but the plane slammed into the warehouse and exploded into pieces.

Cue was stuck in a tree, 10 feet off the ground, as the parachute lines saved him, so he pulled out his knife and cut the lines and dropped down. He rolled to his feet and pulled out his crew phone, but he had no signal. The earpiece was static and he saw the smoke from the exploding plane. He heard gun shots and saw two people on the ground. Cue examined them as the DB agents that was him in the plane. "Hello-" Beez muttered over the earpiece, "Yea, two dead, we have a lot of ground to cover.." Cue responded as he saw Beez on the hill side. "Proto and Tiger are close to our position, so they coming with us...let's move out" Cue glanced at the dead bodied and saluted them, as he grabbed the ammo and hurried to Beez. Tiger and Proto were waiting for them as they found a tunnel and heard echoing voices.

Torrid saw Rose, and directed Jesse to go to her, as he took the other agents with him. Torrid saw Dani getting surrounded as Jesse did too, and he open fired saving her life, dropping 3 goons. Dani looked around and saw Jesse and waved, as Wraign and Onmi came to her aid. He saw Jag and the DB divas reach Rose and tend to Xyon, as Banks had his group secure the area. He looked around for Beez as he saw the friendlies enter the warehouse. "Beez, where are you, we saw the plane go down." "We lost two, and we found a tunnel, we're moving in and found cages, of dead people, it's like an underground prison." Beez explained as he went quiet, and then gunfire started. He hung up. Torrid heard a truck and saw Hatch in his Liberator, and he was mad. He ran over the enemy and open fired on them as he made his way to Rose. He parked the truck, and looked around, as Rose ran to his arms. "Torrid, get our people outta here, and find out what you can, LN is running this, so give the report to him, this a covert operation, good work, dude." Hatch said over the earpiece.

Beez looked the dead bodies and noted the golden blood, as Tiger did too. Cue pulled out a plastic baggy and a vile and took samples. "I've done this a few times-" He said as he heard people talking. "Friendlies spotted, do not engage." Beez whispered as he saw them free 20 slave girls, locked in cages. Cue saw them hurry down the dark hallway, as Voris goons leaped out the ground and crawled from the ceiling, Proto open fired killing 2 of them and wounding another one. They moved from cover to cover killing the Voris goons as they crawled out from the ground and came to a dead end, where the ground had caved in. Tiger saw that there was another basement, under the floor that leads to a cellar door and he heard more voices. Cue and Tiger kicked the rocks out and the wall caved in collapsing into dust and producing a hole in the ground. He leaped down and found more cages, and enslaved girls. Cue could see the cellar was gigantic, but many cages were empty. Tiger leaped down and then Proto. Cue could sense they were being watched, but they were human. "We're here to help you, not harm you!" Cue announced as Beez leaped down with DB glasses on. "Get back!! Put the weapons down!!" Beez yelled as Tiger and Proto flicked on the flashlights and saw 15 girls with pick axes and shovels surrounding them.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hatch embraced Rose an held her for a moment, thinking of how this could have ended real wrong. He cupped her face in his big bear hands, and kissed her with passion and emotions as a husband and king would. He pulled away from her as he heard footsteps and saw the friendlies running from the burning warehouse with a plane sticking out the ground, followed by 20 hungry looking girls.

Rose opened her eyes and looked over and saw the girls. She saw C-lan running to her as she pointed the others to follow her captain. "Hatch this is C-lan, she's an ally." Rose introduced her as she smiled and nodded to him and embraced Rose. "We found some of our girls, and many others, we can't stay here, but from what I understand there are over 40 girls down there, and they have other cells." she explained as Hatch looked around and tapped his ear piece.

"Torrid, tell the guys there may be others down there, we need to help them, and get a map of the underground." Hatch glanced at his phone and saw the time. "Rose we need to go, the race is moving, we need to catch up to them." The sirens of the police echoed in air.

"Hold on! Listen we came here to help you..." Cue said as the 15 half dressed girls stood ready to fight, "...listen..." Cue said as the Voris leaped out the ground and attacked two of the girls. Tiger open fired as Beez heard three more leap out the ground behind them. He spun around as two girls were swinging the axes and shovels ripping blood and raw meat from the nasty goons. Beez took aim and shot them as Proto helped. "Clear!" Beez said, as the ear piece vibrated, "-Beez-...... there may be.....others...." Torrid crackled in his ear as Beez ignored him and studied the environment. the DB glasses could switch from theorem to x-ray with a simple blink of the eye. He saw the tunnel was long, and split into other tunnels.

"We came here to help you, but the way out is blocked....do any of you know if there's another way out?' Cue asked as the girls huddled up and a small blond rose her hand to speak. Cue pointed at her, " We have other girls, locked up, we're getting them, and then we leave, we'll show you, but my friends first." she muttered, as Cue glanced at Beez, who nodded. Cue holstered his AP and stuck out his hand, "We agree to the terms." he muttered as She giggled and took his hand with a weak grip, and shook . She pointed down the cave to the right as Eight Voris leap from the ground as the girls run behind the crew, and they open fire, slowly advancing and watching for others. They hurried down tunnel and the came to steel door. Cue studies the door and listens as he hears groans and moans on the other side. He glanced at Beez and pointed at the door. "Cue, Proto, clear the room, and find the girls we're right behind you." Beez ordered as Cue stepped up and grabbed the handle the yanked the door open and saw 12 more Voris feeding on dead girls. Photo opened fired watching the heads explode as he saw more girls running. The hallway had 5 tunnels and the girls were running and screaming. Cue open fired as he heard gun shots from another tunnel.

Torrid made his way down the hill to the crew, and saw Jag, Dani, and Jesse and then he looked around and glanced at his phone. Hatch was rushing to the truck, with Rose as he realized Wraign was missing. "Jesse, Jag we need to find Wraign, she's missing and her phone is off."

Wraign fell through a hole in the ground, and smashed her phone. She looked around and saw the tunnel was long and she heard footsteps. She rolled to her feet and saw 6 Voris headed her way as they stopped walking and studied her. "Your not human, your a guardian..." the Voris goon was thinking, and she understood him. "What are you talking about?" she responded as she saw her AP lying on the ground. She saw them spread out into attack formation as she leaped for the AP and grabbed it shooting two goons and she flipped to her feet and heard more footsteps and more gunshots.

She spun around as Cue and Proto open fired on the others and then studied her. " We have girls that we found and they have more down there." Cue explained as he noticed her eyes were glowing silver, as she slipped on her sunglasses. Proto was looking for traps as he heard girls screaming down the tunnel. "Are you ok Wraign?" Cue asked as she smiled and followed Proto. Cue saw another large cave with cages, many girls were fighting the goons as Wraign open fired on them. Cue picked off 4 goons as Proto did the same. Cue saw 12 more girls and more goons running at them. Cue saw Wraign wave her hand as the goons flew into the air, an slammed against the wall. Cue shoot the goons as they were dizzy and standing to their feet. Cue reloaded his weapon and saw Wraign help the girls, as Beez lead the group to them. "Wraign, they looking for you, how did you get down here?" he asked her as she looked him. "I fell through a trap." she responded, as Beez nodded to here, "The police are headed this way, we must get outta here now"

Cue walked over to Wraign, as they were traveling down the tunnel "I didn't know any guardians were still active..." he said to her as she glanced at him "What do you know of them?" she questioned him as he saw the girls hurrying down the tunnel. "Your eyes turned silver, we have helped your kind many times..." he said, as she studied him. "No one can see that, unless...-" "-No, I'm Truid, but we know of your kind, we have battled the Fallen and the Hive, but we found out the Voris helped create the Vex but they escaped from the Moon City." he explained as she studied him as they found another cave tunnel with dead bodies on the ground.

Tiger pointed down the tunnel, and he saw 14 Voris feeding on more girls. Tiger held up his fist to signal they stop walking. Beez and Proto made their way to him and studied the goons, as Beez got a text from LN and a map of the underground. "We gotta go this way, so get ready for battle." Beez ordered as he glanced at Wraign, an signaled for her to come to him. "Keep the girls behind us, we don't know what's up ahead." he said as Proto and Tiger pulled on their masks. Cue loaded his weapon and pulled on his mask as well. "Let's Move!" Beez ordered pulling on his mask.

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Dani and Jag heard the sirens of the police, growing louder, as they were looking for Wraign, and Jesse found a large hole in the ground. He studied the man made hole and then saw a DB phone flashing a blue light, sitting at the bottom. "Over here, she went down here." he yelled as Torrid heard his voice, and saw Dani and Jag running.

"We have to go, Jag you take Dani and Jesse down there, find Wraign and Beez." he ordered as Ern ran up to Torrid. " Let me go with them, I can help." he requested as Torrid studied him and looked him in the eye. "What's wrong Ern, you look concerned." he asked as Ern walked over to him, " I lover her ok, I have to find her, I asked her to come out here with me, and now she's missing." he explained in a low voice. Torrid smiled and nodded "Go find your love, and bring her back."

Napon was watching the chaos though his high-powered binoculars as he saw Hatch leave with his wife, an the disputer was yelling for the cops to get moving, to the war zone. He heard footsteps and glanced at the tall thin man making his way to him. "The girls were saved, I just need to leave, the DB crew will help with the rest, and end this shadow war." he said as he heard helicopters in the distance. "Are you listening Driver?" he humored as he glanced at him. "If C-lan finds out she was used, she'll hunts us down, you know that don't you?" he responded as Napon handed him the binoculars and he looked through. "DB isn't conservative or liberal, Gang or mob, religious or political, they are good they help people, and bring strangers together, so they can take down ATG, and the Red Kings, but if I stay any longer they will wonder why." Napon said as Driver chuckled . "We've been fighting the PB crew and they work with the Altruist cult, who help the Voris, but we never found your niece..." he said as Napon glanced at him, "I know, that's why you gotta stay here, and observe C-lan and the DB crew, they have some of the girls, I have to do my job, the Bio-tech Enforcement Agency is landing in 10 minutes, and I have to meet them, but I'll be late, just follow Cue, lets see what he can find."

Proto and Tiger open fire on the Voris as Cue and Beez advance moving into position to trap them. They mowed down more Voris and then it was quiet. They hear gun shots echo down the tunnel as Cue saw more girls running, an then felt bullets whizzed past him from down the tunnel. Cue took cover and realized there were two shooters, one had a silencer. Cue signaled to the crew there were 2 shooters, up ahead. More Voris leaped into the tunnel as gun shots rang out, but Proto was not engaging them, as he was taking aim. The Voris went down, and Cue saw the two figures looking around. "Who's over there! Show yourself" they said as Cue glanced at Beez and he nodded, "GUN!!" someone yelled as the figures opened fired and Cue took cover as Proto did too. Wraign held her hand out stopping the bullets from striking the girls, and tossed them to the side, "Two shooters-" Proto said taking aim, "They're human!" Cue said as Proto shot one and Tiger shot the other.

Cue hurried to the bodies as the other girls knew each other and were embracing them, "Nice shot, your wounded,what are you doing down here?" Cue asked as the guy was tense, and the girl was holding her leg, "Don't tell them Piston, they might work for them..." she muttered as Cue studied the wounded guy and pulled off his mask, "Piston, I was racing a guy with that name a few days ago.." Tiger said as he looked at Piston, "Your Tiger from DB, and you beat me fair an square...we're freeing these girls, and looking for a missing girls, Dana Day, Sandra Waters, Pam Brown and many more, but a bomb hit top side, caved in the way out." he explained as Cue noticed his tags, and 18 more girls. "He's a friendly, he's with the Pro Racers Crew..." Tiger stated as Beez saw the tags on the girl, and nodded to him, as Proto helped the girl up.

"I'm Piston and this is Jade, we were sent to rescue these girls, 13 members were with us when we started, but we lost everyone..." he explained as Beez listened to the guy and saw the girls greet each other as his earpiece was ringing, "Yea!" he whispered, "This is Jag, where are you, the cops are on the way and we need to find Wraign an get out of here now!" she stated as Beez was counting the girls, "Wraign is with us but we need a bus, we got almost 45 girls, we're headed to the highway, can you set that up?" he said as Tiger walked to him with Wraign, they found a secret room. Beez follows Tiger and Wraign down a short hall, to a room of light, shaped in a dome, with glass mirrors all around, like hologram projected and interactive. "We need the core panels, there's 5 of them, we can rebuild this anywhere..." she explained as Beez was speechless and nodded to her, "I'll get Proto and Cue, and let's move in 5 minutes..." he leaves the room and hurries to the cavern tunnels, "Jag, we need a bus, we're resting now, so follow the beacon, we're waiting on you." He said as he saw Cue looking around, and found a short girl with long curly hair. He glanced at Beez, "this is my cousin, she was missing for 2 years..." he explained, as Beez smiled, "Wraign needs a hand, when you can, ok?" he said as Cue nodded an embraced his cousin.

Hatch was driving the truck with aggression and leaping over hills and kicking up dust, as he glanced at Rose but said nothing, and he saw cops racing to the war zone behind them, "For God sake Hatch take it off road, these cops are watching everything!!" she told him as Hatch took a sharp left, "If you had told me where you were going, you know I woulda sent back up...that's why you left so fast, I guess Blondie wasn't your target !!!" Hatch muttered, as she studied him, and smirked "Now my crew is in danger, an I have to act like I don't know who these Voris are, but Wraign is going to find out the truth, and she may leave..." Hatch said as Rose studied him, " I found out about the spaceship parts that are scattered all over LS, there are many who also know of this...but we raised her as our own, she will find out her parents died in that spaceship, but she survived...she's a guardian, we need to activate the DB Space Station..." she explained as he got a call from Alskies "I have you on GPS, I have a Bike waiting for you, just follow the GPS to me." Hatch hung up the phone, and Rose studied him, "We saved a lot of lives today, those girls were starving, and scared, they were for sell for someone, or food for others, you have to see the good we did..." she said as he saw the bike, "I do see the good, but I also see a threat...first we win this money, and then we deal with the Voris..."

Volis Sand4th was a tall thin man, with white hair and a white suit. He motioned for his guards to enter the house as his hacker hacked the security cameras. He heard the screaming and a few gun shots, as the front gate opened and the white limo drove to the mansion in the back. Volis climbed out the limo and saw the 2 trucks park, as his pions pulled out boxes of equipment. Volis enter the mansion and saw 14 people on their knees with their hands behind their head. He signaled for them to be moved, as a slim man was walking down the kitchen steps with his hands up. "Terry Petty, you fucked up my friend, you had a simple job...keep the product and store it...now I have an empty warehouse, that's worth over $100,000,000 and now its gone...!!" Volis yelled as Terry looked at the floor, "your gonna take this equipment, and use it, because many products were tagged, so you will find them, and recapture them..." he explained as his pions hurried up the kitchen steps, to his den. "We need 12 girls, for an up coming celebration, get them back, and you'll live to receive more assignments...if you fuck up, we won't kill you, we'll kill your son going to high school, or your wife at her mom's house, who knows maybe your brother will die in prison...but we won't kill you...understood, we own you, now get to work, you got 3 weeks...." Volis explained as his pions hurried out the house, and he left closing the door.

Terry walked to the basement door and opened it as his staff was on the floor looking around. He told them it was a misunderstanding, take the day off, don't tell anyone about this." Terry said as he untied them, and then called Ben Mason.

Ben Mason was at a warehouse looking at dead bodies, as his guards carried them in and laid them on the tables. His cell phone jingled to life, and it was an old friend, Terry Petty. "Yea, you need help I hear..." he humored as Terry chuckled, "I need the cave issue to go away, I know you have an enemy in your way..." he said as Ben laughed, "I do, and you need to take them down, they called the DB." he said as Terry was running up the steps and went to his computer typing in DB, but he saw nothing come up. "Yea, ok, I have a few contacts on them, i'll take them down..." he lied as Ben hung up.

Jag saw Beez, and the girls, "I spoke to Torrid, two busses are headed to the meeting spot...what's going on, where is Wraign? she asked as Beez saw Dani and Jesse as Ern was looking around. "We found a transporter, these Voris have some hi-tech equipment to be monsters...." Beez explained as he lead them to the little room. Wraign was packing up the 3 piece, as Tiger and Proto were working on the others. "Jag!" Wraign said as Ern came to the room an looked at Wraign. He was so happy, he felt like he lost her, and she could read his emotions. Jag got a call from Torrid, "The media choppers went down, they're gonna silence anyone who was there, get moving, please..." he explained as she looked at Beez, "The media choppers were shot down, we need to move now!"

Napon saw the LS cops roll out the tape to keep the growing crowd from getting too close, as the Blaine Cops did the same, around the permitter, as the media choppers were shot down and blew up. The black choppers landed and the agents met with the Blaine cops and had a short laugh, Driver calls him, from the hillside, "Randolph Whyte just met with an agency guy and he told him he's in charge, just kill the tunnel rats, and blow up the tunnels... he said and they laughed, I gotta call my team down there, I haven't heard from them..." Jason said as Napon saw an old friend Russ Law, he was in a suit, and he was waving for him. The other choppers were landing and soldiers were getting into position. Napon walked over to Russ, and shook his hand. "The illuminytes have infiltrated the IIA, FIB, MI6, CIA, and the FBI, we must find this transporter and destroy it before they get it..." he whispered handing him a cell phone, and a card. "The Blu Rose Order accepts you, you're a 4 star of club, the Guardians are allies, they fight the Vex, we fight the Voris...once you find the girl, you'll find the map of Lyte..." Russ said as two more choppers landed, and the late explosion of the media choppers distracted him and Napon lost track of Russ, as Mark Gates, Steve Marks and Garret Storm approached him. "Agent Napon, we heard your the best, what do you have so far?" "The Voris had a nest here, the Vex are gone, they had a battle and then something happened, the Vex lost...the public must not find this out." he explained as Mark nodded. "We need to find something, so our agents are going in now." "You should wait, till my men clear the underground cave, if we find the Transporter, we'll tell you." Garret looked at him, "That's top secret..." "I work for the BEA, we supersede your badge, now pull your men back, until we're done." Napon said. The agents suddenly got a call, Napon pulled out his phone and got a message, 'The DB building was bombed, 8 dead so far....'

Hatch and Rose took the bike to the meeting spot, and saw Alskies waiting in his truck. "The convoy stopped the police are checking every vehicle." DS texted Hatch, 'Turn on the TV.' Hatch touched the screen above the radio an the news caster was explaining how a bomb went off, at the DB building. Hatch couldn't believe his new building with 10 business would be bombed. DC calls Hatch, he tells him a bounty of 2.2 million is your head, boss, we need to get you to safety." Hatch glanced at Rose, and then Alskies, "Call the Divas, Rose will go to a safe house, I'm gonna find the contractor..." he ordered as he saw racers sent by Blokk carrying 2 silver brief cases and walking his way. DB muscle met the guys and checked the cases, as DC checked everything and walked to Hatch with the cases. "Block said we won, he has to get back to town." Hatch took the cases and looked at DC "Tell the agents to find the contractor, tell the reps to be on alert, but keep getting money, get the muscle together, we need guards and look out..." Rose grabbed his arm and studied his face, "We help people Hatch, those girls need help." Hatch kissed her and climbed out truck, as Torrid and the chopper were landing.

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