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Ps3 Controller Matusware Edition


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"Ps3 Controller Matusware Edition"


Originally this was the first generation Sixaxis Controller. but behind its "Sixaxis" logo is much more than old lousy controller


Main Features

-Bigger Battery

-DUALSHOCK 3 Circuits and Motors

-PS4 Controller Parts

-custom made PS button

-R2,L2 are from Generation 3 controller and mechanics are from Generation 1 ps3 controller that has been customised

-Top Buttons Are from cheap controller except contant surfaces that are from Original Sony controller

-Inner Chassis is custom made for Dualshock Motors

-LED lights are custom made for this controller (they are still red)

-color is Metallic Copper with bit of gold in it

-R1 , R2 are lowered for better contact


and much more



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This Is The Frankenstein of controllers!!

Good Job buddy, would be fun to try it out :)

im building a Frankestein Console too ;D

also i have 360 controller project,

...and i have few parts from old ps3 console and controller parts..hmm

*puts his white jacket on*




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Woo thats the bling bline edition ^^ You have my respect ! My controller could need a bigger battery too, but i am to stupid for doing this i think. I dosnt even know if my controller had a vibration mode. If so, its damaged already.

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