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RO9M's Blog - Beer Of The Week Still Rocking (Week 33)


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Brewed By: Brands For Fans Sweden AB

Name: motorhead bastards

Style: Pale Lager

ABV: 4,7%

Score 0-6: 2.5

Ok after last week I thought why stop Rocking? I've got one more Metal beer in my fridge!

But the rocking got stopped, low expectation last week and got blown of my chair, middle expectations this week and got really disappointed.

First impression:

The bottle is an old fashion brown with an quite cool Label.

When pored its very light yellow/gold colour, the picture lies allot, and there's a nice amount of lovely white foam on the top.

Actually a very good start for those whom like the beer light on taste and easy drinkable.


The smell isn't to bad, it's a bit sweet hops probable.

Still thinking this is OK


Ok I'll start nice, because I think actually this beer is perfect for people whom like their beer very light, like Miller, Bud, Corona and beers like that.

It's probable the easiest drinkable beer so far in the blog, this is in my mind absolutely a commercial beer made for everybody's taste.

I like my beers a little more exciting, I want more to happen in my mouth, this was actually just the taste of water that was added sugar and a tiny little tiny bit of hops and malt.

I would drink this as water to be honest ;)

Would I buy it again? only to make it to a capped collection bottle.

But even if the beer isn't that good it's still a great Band, So to you young kids and new born out there I proudly present one of my favourite songs

motörhead with Ace Of Spades

The Bastard: By RO9M

The bastards isn't a suitable name

This is more like a Golden Dame.

When saw the bottle I thought it would Rock

When tasted it, it actually "sucked"

But this is what you get for buying the name

That they used motörhead is actually a shame.

But the glass is empty and the bottle is to

So now I'm wondering what to do.

So now I'm just calling it a night.

Thinking this beer was much to light.

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