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RO9M's Blog - Heavy Metal Beer of the Week (Week 32)


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Brewed By: Robinsons Brewery

Name: Iron Maiden Trooper

Style: British Golden Ale

ABV: 4,7%

Score 0-6: 4.5

I've got something special for you Heavy Metal lovers out there.

Today i'll bring you Robinsons, Iron Maiden Trooper beer, Rock On lml

I actually love Maidens music and my mind was like I really don't care if the beer taste shit, it's just so cool! I saw this as an advertisement for the band and not as an possible good beer, but what did I know :D

First impression:

The bottle was just too cool to leave behind, this was something I just had to have.

When i poured it, it wouldn't disappoint me, it's a beautiful golden color , with an rich foam on top, my mind went yummy for my tummy :)


It smells like an mixture of beer and citrus, actually a quite good smell


When I taste it the first that comes to my mind is lemonade, but don't get me wrong, it's just a very light taste of lemons that just makes the beer more enjoyable.

You can also feel a tiny hint of sweets,and the aftertaste of hops and light bitterness makes it all worth it, this with a perfect combo of just enough carbonation makes this a very good beer for my taste.

Absolutely a beer I will buy again :D

And since we're already inside the world of maiden I must use the opportunity to bring you one of my creations:

Run To The Hills

And of course you need to get the song this beer takes its name from:

The Trooper: By RO9M

The Trooper is a beautiful golden ale

I didn't even know it was for sale.

It got the smell of citrus and hop

And taste of lemon makes it Rock.

Yeah it is a Rock and Roll beer

So you poppers have everything to fear.

And the label shows Eddy's face

This is something Heavy Metal's will embrace.

Cheers guys and have a wonderful weekend!

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