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Hey Guys!

Ok, where to start? I've never done this before and didn't even know the definition of Blog before I just googled it.

Earlier today I made a new topic about beer but it crashed and burned since Zmurko moved it... Good choice Zmurko, now I could try to make it as an blog instead ;)

Anyway, as many else one of my big passions is good food and beverage, especially BEER.

I was just thinking it would be great to share some of my experience in this blog, I must commence that this is not an profesional oppinion, just an oppinion of an half crazy Norwegian Gamer.

And I won't be using any difficult words in my beer reviews, and that's because I don't know the word's to use.

The crew has people spread around the world and so is good beer, this would maybe help us to learn about beer types we never heard of, and maybe also be so lucky to get to try some new wonderful tastes.

So I would love if you guys could leave an comment with some of your beer types that I could try out, and use in my blog.

*giggles* would never in my lifetime see myself writing a blog...

I would try to do this with a bit of humor ( thats my odd, dry humor tho), would like it to be a bit informative and if it's helpful for one or two, it would make my day ;)

I will try to give you guys, Ronny's Beer Of The Week, once a week of course

This would be my own opinion so people may disagree, but that's Ok, we all have difrent taste.

I would also like to try to make an "interview" of the Crews Beer Drinker of the Month if there is any interest :)

This is not my native language so bear with me, there could be some funny sentence's and some misspelled words.


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