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RO9M's Blog - Beer Of The Week (Week 27)


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Ronny's Beer Of The Week

Brewed By: Brewdog

Name: Trashy Blonde

Style: English Pale Ale

Score 0-6: 4,5

The colour is bright and summery, and it's got a light easy drinking foam on the top of the glass.

It's sweet and fruity with a hint of bitter after-taste.

Definitely a beer I would buy again.

This was the first Brewdog beer I've tasted and has loved Brewdog since.

I want use much time talking about Brewdog, If you want to know more about them google them, I promise you that you would find many cool Beer names ;)

And for the record I've just invited myself to tommyk1895, they have there own Brewdog Bar in Notts :o , shhhh he doesn't know I'm coming ;)

Posted Image

(Stole the picture from the www)

A little Poem for the Beer:

A Trashy Blond: By RO9M

I just did a Trashy Blond

yeah the one's from over the pond

She's so sweet an tasty to

That one wasn't enough, I had to do two..

So now I'm her all alone.

With two empty bottles and a bit of foam..

Cheers Guys and enjoy your Trashy Blond

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