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RO9M's Blog - Beer Of The Week (Week 28)


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Ronny's Beer Of The Week

Brewed By: Lervig

Name: White Dog

Style: Wheat Ale

ABV: 4,7%

Score 0-6: 3,5

Yeah I know this is the second beer this week, but to be fair the Trashy Blonde was from last Friday, and since it was Friday yesterday, I of course had me a pint or two ;)

I'll take you guys to Norway today and Lervig brewery.

White Dog is an Norwegian wheat beer based on a medival Belgian ale.

When I first pored it into the glass I was a bit sceptical, it looks like an good old home made lemonade and had a bit spiced smell that probably comes from the coriander.

When you drink it you can feel the hint of taste like lemonade and sweetness, and it's much more easy drinkable then my eyes made me belive.

There's a hint of carbonation, just enough to make it quite ok, and the foam is easy and nice, and just a hint of bitterness.

I think the beer was pretty good and I would probably buy it again, but it's the kind that you just drink a bottle or two.

The White Dog: By RO9M

The White dog is so white and sweet

It's made of the best Norwegian wheat.

The taste was a bit like lemonade

Yeah I must admit I was afraid.

It's brewed here in my local town

And they have another, called Betty Brown.

Now when this poem suddenly ends

Me and this beer still be friends.

Cheers guys, enjoy your beer and have a good weekend

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