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RO9M's Blog - Beer Of The Week (Week 29)


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Brewed By: Lervig

Name: Hoppy Joe

Style: American Red Ale

ABV: 4,7%

Score 0-6: 3

Sorry but in a hectic week I haven't got the time to get out and buy a new exciting beer, so I had to get one of the beer types I already had in my refrigerator.

We're still in Norway and in Lervig Brewery and the Beer is Hoppy Joe.

When I pored this in to my glass I got a bit exited, lovely red'ish color and just the right amount of foam on the top and you can definitely smell the malt .

To be honest I'm not to found of bitter beer's, and this one is quite bitter, the positive thing is that there is allot of tastes,

You can taste the hops, caramel, citrus and there is like a hint of smoked/roasted or something, and there is of course the bitterness throughout the whole tasting proses.

This is probably a quite good beer for those who like Red ale and bitter beer, it's not heavy to drink but there's no watery taste.

Hoppy Joe: By RO9M

This is the story about a Beer caled Joe

It's also called Hoppy and has red'ish glow.

You can taste both the bitterns and the fruit

But for my sake this Beer doesn't deserve a salute.

I was just hoping it would taste as good as it look

But you should never judge it by a cover of a book.

But this is just my personnel view

I'll let the judgment be up the the rest of the Crew.

Cheers and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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