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RO9M's Blog - Beer of the week, Zmurko Special (Week 30)


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Hey Guys and welcome to a new Beer of the Week.

Since this is the last week of the month I'll give you something special as well.

This Beer of the week is the old good mighty Guinness, this beer was chosen as my guest favorite beer and that's one of the reasons it's up for this weeks review.

Ok enough of the introduction now and lets get this party started.

Brewed By: Guinness Ltd

Name: Guinness Draught

Style: Irish Dry stout

ABV: 4,2%

Score 0-6: 5

This is one of my favorite beers and it was a joy to once more open the can and poor it into my glass.

When you pore it into the glass you can see the fantastic color of the dark-dark brown almost blackish stout, and you get that creamy colored foam on the top , it's just looks perfect.

The smell of it is just sweet and nice, and it's just makes you wanna taste it.

So for me the first impression is just perfect according to the looks of it and the smell, I must admit I have tasted this beer a "few" times before and that could maybe do something with my judgment, but I promise you, you would like to taste it when you hit this combo with smell and color ;)

The most important thing is of course the taste, and you wont get disappointed.

You can taste the sweetness and the roasted malt, theres probably caramel or chocolate in it as well to get that sweetness, I'm not sure what though.

There is also minimal bitterness in the aftertaste, wit just a hint of coffee it seems.

I'm sorry.. I almost forgot the foam here, it's just brilliant like the rest of the beer, lovely creamy color and very light, it tastes like it's looks, a bit creamy sweetness with a hint of coffee.

This Beer is Definitely RO9M APPROVED

Now you probably are looking for the poem :P

I'm sorry to say there will be no poem today, but you'll instead get to meat our Crew's Beer Drinker of The Month :)

Beer Drinker Of The Month

This Months Beer Drinker is our One and only Zmurko.

Congratulation Zmurko, your the Blog's first Beer Drinker Of The Month,

I have taken a virtual trip to Ljubljana and the capitol of Slovenia to meet up with our good friend Zmurko.

While we sit there and drink our virtual Guinness he tells me a little bit about his city.

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and is located in the central part of the country at the mouth of the river Ljubljanica, between the Alps and the Mediterranean. It has 265,881 inhabitants.


With one of the two "old-school" commercial breweries in Slovenia being here too: Union. The other being Lasko (Laško). Used to be a big rivalry with half of the country drinking Union and the other half Laško (not so much with all the imported beers now and after one of the breweries bought the other).

There's also 2 versions of a sports supporters chant (depending where you're from), that are sang by two of the biggest rivals. They roughly translate into:

I piss Lasko, I drink Union, I drink Union, I drink Union ...


I drink Lasko, I piss Union, I piss Union, I piss Union ...

See, beer is everywhere!

After Zmurko has told me about his city and it's ways of beer it is time for his interview and the main reason for me being there :)

So Zmurko, I've got a few questions I would like you to answer?


Absolutely! I'd gladly answer your questions, so go on!

1: When I say Beer what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Company of friends in the evening reminiscing and making new plans, not worrying about anything else but when to order our next round.

2: What's you all time favourite beer?

If I had to pick one, it would have to be Guinness just for all the memories that come with every pint drunk. There's other beers now that I enjoy a lot more, but beer is not just a glass of delicious beverage to me.

3: What makes this beer so special and how did you come past it?

Like I said, all the memories that come with every pint, 2 trips to Dublin, all the sports talk in the evenings, etc There were not many places that served Guinness when I first tried it and it was an expensive beer, especially for a student, maybe that made it special too. And my first week long trip to Dublin in 2000 with my best friend and all the pubs there, great times.

4: If you could change one thing about your favourite beer what would it be?

Make it better, it tastes like water after all the craft porters and stouts I've tried now lol

5: People always ask what do you like to drink with your favourite food, that's why I ask what do you like to eat with your favourite beer?

Hmm, probably just potatoe chips (french fries) or some spicy chicken wings. Or some nice grilled meat. Though after a night of drinking everything tastes delicious, even a hot-dog, as long as its greasy enough ;)

6: What's the coolest or funniest bottle of beer you ever seen?

Don't really remember any special bottles, very few brewers put anything special on their bottle lables. Local craft brewery (Bevog) has a series of pretty cool bottles though, one for each variety of beer:

7: Did it taste as good as it looks?

Yes, their smoked porter (Bevog Ond) is actually one of my favourite beers.

8: Lets say you just got your own world known Brewery, what would be it's Name?

I'm really bad with coming up with names and such and I've just woken up (still need my morning cup of tea), but it would have to be something unusual. Dunno, let's say something like Dreamfactory.

9: With a world known Brewery there will also come a world known beer, what would be the Beer's name, what type of beer would it be and what would be the special ingredient?

It would have to be a porter or a stout, probably smoked and I've recently tried one with coffee flavour and it was damn good, so that could be my special-special beer. I'd call it Sleepless Smokey :D

10: And last but not least, In Norway we say SKÅL, I would dare to say the international word for it is CHEERS, What do you say in your country?

Na zdravje!

And if there's anything else you would like to ad, this is the time to do it

I would just like to urge everyone who has a chance, go for the craft beers. You'll never look back and you'll be wondering why have you been drinking all that piss water major breweries call beer until now. Drink responsibly and whatever you do, don't drink and drive!

And with does fames last words I just saw Zmurco's back disappear into the sunset of the city of Ljubljana.....

Now it's time for this tired virtual traveler, to take his virtual plain and land in the city of sleep ;)

Hope you enjoy, if so there's coming more Beer drinkers of the month, and if you are interested being one of them just give me a shout.

Cheers guys and enjoy your weekend.

Special thanks to Zmurko whom participated in this weeks blog, thanks Mate :)

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