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RO9M's Blog - Beer of the Week (Week 31)


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Brewed By: Bernard Vlastni Cestou

Name: Bernard unpasteurized

Style: Czech Lager

ABV: 4,5%

Score 0-6: 3,5

Nope haven't forgotten the Beer of the week this week neither, just been to damn much other things to do also...

And for those with eyes for details, jupp the Kitchen wall is redone with tiles :D

But anyway here it is and we are travailing to the Czech republic and the Brewery of Bernard.

The Czech beer has an very good reputation in Norway, I've seen this beer standing in the shop for a while now but there's been so many others to taste as well :)

And now it's here and it actually tasted quite good as well.

First Impression:

Nice old-fashion green bottle, when pored it's bright and nice in it's color, there's also a nice bright white foam.

At first impression you wanna drink it ;)


To be honest it didn't smell to much, you can smell light hops and not much more.


I actually read about this beer before tasting it and it probably made my hopes to big.

I was reading that this was a "hoppy" beer with rich foam, that actually means it should be quite bitter with a creamy foam if I'm been told right, and I couldn't disagree more, don't know if it's me that have misunderstood the phrase Hoppy, or it's the other reviewer that have written the wrong label.

Don't misunderstand me, I actually like the beer, It's light and easy to drink, it's a light bitterness and you can just taste the hops.

The Foam is as well light and easy, and this would actually be a beer that I could sit down and enjoy a couple of in a warm summer day, the need to be ice cold though ;)

A Bernard: By RO9M

This is The poem about the Beer Bernard

And I actually believed that getting it to rime would be hard.

The Bottle is quite big and green

But not the finest I've ever seen.

When you pore it it's just so bright and fine

Almost like a beautiful summer shine.

The taste was not what I hoped it to be

It's not as hoppy but more watery.

But all in all this beer was good

You may not wanna taste it but I think you should.

Cheers Guys!

Hope you guys enjoy my blog, hopefully some of you find it interesting and maybe want to try out some of the labels, maybe you think it's bullshit and a waste of time, either way, I would like to hear from you.

I was hoping to get some discussions about different labels and taste's.

I've found to other Beer lovers in Zmurko whom was July's Beer drinker of the month, and in LN who's gonna be this months "guest"

Hopefully there is more of you out there whom will be interested to answer these questions in the months to follow.

Thanks to all of you whom read this blog and find it interesting / amusing :)

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