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Matusware`s Los Santos Diary 14#: tanks, real life, oh my


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Matusware`s Los Santos Diary



everything seems to hit the fan like a pigeon that has slight case of Cerebral palsy, as i have said it many times like broken propaganda horn: storms are making my life difficult and real life things (for now atleast), good thing is that storms are gone between sunday and monday so i can FINALLY continue my uploading and movie making, im allready missed one of our vetting session and what comes to my activity status on crew i have been active as coma patient on rave party, basicly what i have done is been enough on gta online to record lets play episodes and be part of vetting session.. yup.. im losing the last feather from my blue hat, oh well..never gonna be member of the month but i heard JustHatched is looking new janitor for XDBX (no he isnt)


and what comes to my real life? well i dont have time to cry about it and pity is as useless as 360 controller on nintendo

only thing i need is to see the direction or path again and drive as fast as i can to that way, cause reality is that when you start crying about how bad things are you will waste yourself on that dark void of self pity and what i just said about pity? thats right, but i think i said something about TANKS on topic title..

oh yes..


i was reading topic on Rockstar Support and on comments i found few players (im using word "few" very loosely here)

saying that they hate tanks cause those are making theyre lives hard on GTA online and they hate tanks cause they are making em fail missions, i dont understand this cause.. i love tanks.. i love buzzards.. and its not the tanks or buzzards that are making my experiance or other peoples lifes extra hard.. its the twats inside them, i mean Mr Core (Davidcore) shot my brain to the neptunes orbit last time i was in vetting session but did i blame his pistol? No i blame the wielder (and my poor skills of DM)

did i blame the P90`s on Modern Warfare 2 when i was dying every 2min? no i was blaming the nerd behind the damn submachine guns..(and my lag..seriously huge lag..like lagtastic lag..yup yup true story bro)

see..this  kind of gnu poop gets stuff black listed from the game, tow trucks and so on..dont blame the weapon / vehicle..blame the operator

i saw lots of people crying a new atlantic ocean on forums how tank is spawn of satan cause it kills them..and last time i played the game it was the players who killed me for fun (or cause they where just bloodthirsty homicidal maniacs)

so if you have ever done this kind of thing stop it and blame the player who does the harm..


thank you for reading ^^


(just had to use the new smilies)




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