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Matusware`s Los Santos Diary 11#: Misunderstood Gamer and other thoughts


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Matusware`s Los Santos Diary



i have a feeling that no matter what game companies do, people will still love them like people who have stockholm syndrome

(i dont mean to insult those who have stockholm syndrome i bet your parents love you very much)

years of gaming have teached me one important thing, a thing that other gamers havent learned yet:

Dont Step On The Hype Train, Its A Trap,

E3 promises more cookies from their suspicious looking van than anyother, showing us flashing cinematics that sells more games than bordel sales P[Cencored]y

and usually the final product will look totally differend


BUT back to actual topic (if i have one here somewhere..)

so i was thinking to getting myself Watch Dogs and i remember seeing few very good looking videos from it,

while i was playing GTA 5 i heard the jungle drums of internet people telling me that Watch Dogs Graphics are actually bad

well this is not problem to me cause i enjoy games like minecraft so you might say that my stantards aint that high,

basicly my mantra goes: "if game is good and content is good fuck the pretty lights and flashing cinematics"


so i took a bit of time to check this news out and was suprised that watch dogs looked "as bad" as GTA 5..

Developers promised us next gen graphics and *this* was the result, ok there was few better things that GTA 5 dosent have but still it had nothing that could make me

puke rainbows out of my ears


i was bit disapointed, but im still thinking buying the game so i can see what kind of game it really is, cause i really cant make a honest opinion about watch dogs before i have played the damn thing


meanwhile im stuck with good ol GTA


GTA 5 delivered what i was waiting when it finally came out, there was no suprises it was just GTA, ok there was empty promises but no suprises on that topic,

I Love Gta 5, as i am fan of the Series and i have played em all but my honest opinion on the GTA 5 is that:

it has forgotten a bit of what GTA was..

It tryes too hard to be MMO and to be silly as Saints Row

It is The Sims For Naughty People In RAGE Engine

but no matter what flaws it has i love it like badger loves its cubs


and speaking of opinions, people always mistaken me for total hater, if i tell something bad about their favorite game im hater and i should be burned on the cross as evil entity as i am,

but they forgot that i point out the bad things BUT i point out the good things too, if i really dont like the game im not going to play it or join any forums to cry about it, and what if somebody says your favorite game is totally poop, that shouldnt never effect on your gameplay if somebody hates the game you love, if somebody really hates the game you love, Fine, it is his/hers/its opinion and point of view, i know i play games that people hate, but thats their opinion and point of view, i even wanna know why they hate the game and sometimes i agree with them but im not gonna inflict total war against them if they hate the games i love,


this same thing came out when i pointed out few minor "bad things" on new Im Not A Hipster Update, some people asumed that i hate it xD but i was just pointing out few *bad things* that were *just my opinion about the update* :) and they werent so bad i just pointed out that R* star said that there will be "cheap" cars and one wasnt exactly cheap xD and that we had yet ANOTHER pistol with was actually only disapointment to me and my reason was that we allready have too much those damn pistols xD or im a wrong? ofc i do understand that there might be some player that loves only pistols but still...


im usually asking a questions in the end and im waiting for comments that will light up my day so im gonna make a question here:


What Games You Hate/Dont like and Why?

What Games You Love/Like And Why?


answer those or just leave comment about my text below and ill try to answer as fastest as i can (and like those that i actually like)


Thank You For Reading...

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All GTA games have been awesome

I love F1 games, although the quality varies a lot, you need to pick a good one.

The V8 Supercars series, 1, 2 and 3. They had a huge variety of cars and tracks to race in that game, including Truck racing :D was awesome fun. & Bathurst is THE best race track in the world! Spa's got nuttin on it :D

I used to like Tomb Raider and bought a few of them, but have lost interest ages ago in that.

Need for Speed was always fun.

Also games like cricket and golf have spent a fair amount of time coming out of my TV screen

Gran Tourismo, although hugely disappointed in GT6. I still much prefer GTA online racing than what they offer, randoms ramming me and all!

When I buy a game I like to 'play' it. So a huge amount of time is invested in each one before I move on. Therefore although what I've mentioned may not seem like many games for a gamer, I can assure you that there were thousands of hours invested in these games!

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I don't usually end up hating the game I've bought.I go through the reviews and then buy them or borrow it from a friend before buying it.There might be a few things I don't like but I do realise that the game wasn't designed to please me,lol.

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