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Merryweather Insecurity


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After playing a lot of the crew's more technical selection of races I wanted to try one myself. This is hardly on the same plane but it's still a bit challenging. It was designed with Muscles and Sedans in mind (wanted a slower pace) but is also open to Coupes and Sports. It is a smaller race with a maximum of 8 players. It's a bit more of an endurance run as it should be set to 2 laps by default. It's not as ugly as the map would have you believe.


Merryweather's Nest


Contact: None (default)

Class: Muscle (default) + Sedans + Coupes + Sports

Laps: 2

Time: Morning

Weather: Clear




Job Link:


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Ran this several times last night, overall it went really well I think. If you've played tracks from Dodge, you should know things come on fast and suddenly. This only has a couple elements like that. There was one issue I was debating on addressing, and I did.


There is a particular section of this area where the security gates open slowly when you're near. Can't have that in a race (although maybe?). So I decided to solve what you can't really go through by going over instead. Problem was the second set of gates have a destructible poll right in the middle. Considering the turn comes on quickly it was possible to miss the ramps entirely (as I broke them into 2 sets). Now it's 1 continuous ramp even though the poll still remains. You can go through it but there's a chance you won't end up over the gate. It's an inherent challenge I guess to not hit it. If you do, the gates will open and you can pass freely if you mess up.


This is what I'm talking about:




There's a preview of one of the ramps, the other is no issue whatsoever. This is set to Muscle by default so you should have ample time to react and adjust your car slightly when following through the corner.


There. I've gone and done it. I made something hopefully Dodge would be proud of. Only less gray hair inducing.  :lol:

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: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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The ramp bank is the best way to tackle it. People can see the pole on approach and direct themselves around it. In this case if they still hit it and fail the jump, at least the gates open and let them go thru without having to respawn and you dont have to worry about a ramp trap resulting from the respawn point being too close to allow clearing-speed.


Dukes of Blaine County has asimilar issue except it is a telephone pole that doesnt budge. I tried splitting the ramp slightly when it was suggested since the idea never occurred to me, but it really doesnt help, as you said all you are doing is introducing a new obstacle to thwart the jump (a gap in the ramps) and even the gap doesnt mess people up, they can still hit the ramps crooked and go into the pole. I'm going to change Dukes back to the single ramp bank like it originally was once I get around to it. The gap makes it look sloppy too.

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