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Anyone ever get this message before?


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nope. But I rarely do free roam.

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Take this for what it's worth:




That funmw2 guy seems to be notorious for peeking into data files and posting tidbits of info though.


funmw2, on 08 Jun 2014 - 3:45 PM, said:snapback.png

"0xB207E169 = The session you were spectating is being assessed by Rockstar with a view to broadcasting this as an Online TV Channel."
"TICK_SCTV_JOIN = Your session is now on GTA Online TV!"
"TICK_SCTV_LEFT = Your session is no longer on GTA Online TV."
Porbably R* now can view sessions via their online tv .
SCTV = Social club TV .


Source: http://gtaforums.com...entry1065547044


funmw2, on 08 Jun 2014 - 4:29 PM, said:snapback.png

There script named sctv.csc and it's used for spectating other players .

When a player spectating his friend or any player then it will say they're on GTA online TV .

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Casey and I got this message yesterday whilst in free roam. I asked on the shoutbox if anyone else got the message but was something new for everyone!


People on the GTA forums somehow got to it being about 'heists' although how they got there from 'Online TV Channel' baffles me.


Either way, an interesting message.

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