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Matusware`s Los Santos Diary 9#: Hey, Lets Play


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Matusware`s Los Santos Diary



i started making two new lets plays on youtube just for fun, Lets Play GTA Online Series, that im doing when i can atleast 1 part per week..

its fun, its more of an guide and lets play than pure lets play,

then i have Lets Play Xcom: Enemy Within, two episodes per week, this is actually fun, few people have given their names and wishes that they want to be part of that lets play so i have few Custom soldiers on XCom fighting against alien scum,


making lets play videos are fun but sometimes things arent going as planned, usually i make 3 to 4 episodes/parts at once so i can have a little breathing space, but sometimes something goes wrong and that "glitch" like typo on end titles will be copied to all episodes and usually that means that days work is gone and i have start over again, in Xcom lets play i noticed that review pictures were wrong aspect, this wasnt a problem i just made new ones but bigger problem was when i was making Lets Play GTA Online i used wrong format and all the 4 episodes were just pixeled and they had screen tearing, so i started over and found the right format (my capturing device aint very good), and i checked the 4 episode and it had some many errors in it that i started over thanks to gta freezing and having little bugs, but when i started over i had few bloopers xD, in my "script" i was about to say: "Welcome To Lets Play GTA Online", i didnt get that far cause npc runned me over, so i started over and said: "welcome to lets play GTA Five" and i started over again, then i finally got it right and was in mission with wrong vehicle, cut it out got right vehicle and started over again, then everything went well but as i was doing the first episode on lets play gta online i crashed my bike on something, i quickly thinked: "fuck it" and continued i didnt even edit that part out ;D


GTA Online is interesting game to do lets play videos or something cause there is tons of things you can do..


now i just need to start uploading all of these things to the youtube on monday..


work work work ;D


do you have anykind of hobby that gives you a attidute? or have your hobbys ever made your day bit worse?

share your thouhts ^^



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