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Document Mishap


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Some bozo from accounting took a hissyfit and threw a handful of very important documents out the 50th story window and now both the FIB and IAA want them badly.


OBJECTIVE: Grab a parachute and get those documents back for your respective organisation James Bond style. Once you've collected a document either jack a ride and look for more papers or stop the other building's team. 



-it is not advised to steal from the other building

-you work for the government, just flash your badge and i'm sure the citizens will gladly hand over their vehicles for your purposes

-you are supposed to respawn on top of your building for another ride down once dead but the capture's respawn bubble sucks

-all document holding buildings have a safe way off and up them, if you miss your landing you are not out of luck




let me know if any tweaks would be advised or something isn't working as intended.

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