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Matusware`s Los Santos Diary 8#: Returning Home...(includes contest)


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Matusware`s Los Santos Diary



yesterday i returned Los Santos cause i finally had some free time on my hands, it felt good to had some freeroaming with crew members,

felt like meeting up old family members, theres always fun to be had and theres always pics from those fun moments so lets have few here,

Also i wanna tell a small story so here we go:




watching photos in de santa`s home reminded me of our crew, "i do miss em, heck, ill get a plane and head back!"

so my journey started..





i bumped on to some the lost fellows one of em said to me: "dick" so i replied: "moron",

he turned around and said: "do you know *who* i am, do you know who *we* are?" i looked those 5 bikers and answered:

"if i have to take a guess, ill say bunch of school bullied weaklings who havents yet come out of the closet, and you look like a leather vest wearing roadkill who tryes to be the man that he`s mother is"..

...he didnt take it well..



..Neither did he`s friends..




neither did *i*..fun fact: you can fit 5 bikers in same coffin..




so my buffalo was detroyed and insurance guy was pissed but hey, i got lift from old hippie who had this

smoking hot pink..van..




finally after bikers and ride on hippie van i was in the meeting with the crew even got my buffalo back from

insurance...dont know how mors mutual insurance dose it but they are fast




like all meetings we had games and contest like Whack A Futo..




and my personal favorite 999 bottles of pisswasher on my trunk..







Matusware`s Note: Story was bigger but i posted more images that im allowed so i was forced to cut my story down alot

                             so it sounds bit short and numb now :(






Do You Have a Pic And A Story?

Share Your Pic and add Small Story into it and make me lol

Pic and story that gives me best laughs will win 20 DBucks (i will donate 20dbucks to the winner)

time to do this is from 1.5.2014 to 5.5.2014

6.5.2014 i will post the winner on the forums ^^


 and like always your comments are welcome

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