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there seems to be all kinds of problems right now, for that happened to me: i got in *BUT* my facepaint were gone and in next second it was back..after mission it was gone and it was back again, i got minor heart attack when i saw crew emblem missing from EVERYTHING i have

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yes my trademark Panda Facepaint, it was gone! its madness! without my facepaint and my sunglasses im...im...NAKED!

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Perwert! :)

Yes i am..i mean No no no no, seriously have ya seen me without my panda face and without sunglasses?, i look like a guy who have been drinking battery acid for last 40 years and been smoking old gym socks, like i said in one topic that we all look like masons bastard children but my face takes it into all new levels.



This is like los santos without sabres!

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I'm actually quite handsome beneath my white mask of mystery

*seems totally forgotten his hyberventilation* Really? *looking closely* what is behind that thing?

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The secrets of the universe and life itself. And a few freckles...

...oh..*seems to be disappointed*..i have book about that

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