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Capture creator questions, bugs, etc....


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So post them here since this is a new feature that several folks, including myself, are using and are trying to figure out as we go along.


Any bugs that you come across, perhaps you discovered an explanation for what someone else thought was a bug....or just a testable theory?


Ask any questions and maybe someone can offer up an answer.




I'll start by asking a question or maybe I am listing a bug......


It doesnt appear that the "ZONES" feature within the capture creator is working where it says you can create a zone where no pedestrians spawn, no traffic spawns, or both.


I have figured out how to create the zone I want and the size/dimensions I want it, in the location I want (one click to place one corner of a box, move placement icon to desired location of opposite corner of box, then click a 2nd time to create box)......but when the game goes live I still get cars in that zone even though that zone is physically barricaded off.

Also it appears there is no way to rotate the zone, or I cant figure out how.

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