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What Do You Listen While Playing GTA?


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we all have our favorite tunes but what we listen while we play?

i like to listen Metal or Rock while i play so i get into right mood ;D

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I like most of the stations, a few I'll never touch but in comparison to all of the previous titles I find that in this one I like more of the various stations than I ever did in the past. Especially enjoy the talk radio. There's of course 1-2 song(s) on each station that bug(s) the hell out of me. So until that particular song is reached my greater than and less than goes as follows:


FlyLo FM > Worldwide FM > Radio Mirror Park > LS Rock Radio > LowDown FM.

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West Coast Classics, Non-Stop Pop or some country station in freeroam when I remember to switch the radio but mostly whatever is randomly on. While racing I turn the radio off.


Yeah, my music taste is terrible.

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that guy

that and i like a few songs.personally i think they dropped the ball with the music in this game. still don't know why we can't just play music off are hard drives

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Now that it's baseball season, I find myself half-watching and listening to the game in the background.  If there is no game, I'll still listen to Non Stop Pop or LS Rock Radio usually.  Although now that I have a headset, I'm able to hear you guys much better, so I often to turn the radio off or down.

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Every now and then I'll listen to something on Spotify and mute all aspects of my headset.


As for radio stations, I feel like in past games I like the music better overall, but this game has stations that I can listen to all the songs more frequently without changing the station.


I kind of roll with what G37 put but I like WCC and RLS....I liked them the most originally, but all the other stations grew on me.


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