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Trigger Happy (Modifying the L2 and R2...)

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^^ Trigger Happy ^^


Read Me

im am not responsible if you screwup your controller, if you havent got any idea what you are doing then *waving his hand like a jedi* this aint the topic you are looking for, but if you are still here and you are willing to do some "science" then feel free to continue and like always i hope this helps you in some way (who ever you might be)



there aint much for this kinds of things so ill have a go..may there be more of these ^^

i did this to my controller cause my trigger was broken in 3 pieces and my replacements havent arrived yet

and idea all of this is that when you use triggers on controllers own triggers they will come loose in time and starts to be bit "clunky" cause its not solid anymore, and finally when trigger wears bit more it falls off.. usually when you least dont want it to happen, everyone knows how annoying it is when you race and your finger slips from trigger and when you have small hands like mine (21cm between middle finger tip and end of palm) it seems like the L/R2 is too small and bends too much under the controller,


so here what you want to do (this is based on my "prototype controller")


What i need if i do science?


-first thing, you need is Qiotek trickers ("http://www.gioteck.com/products/playstation-3/other-accessories-ps3/realtriggers/") (or something similar)

they are hard material and snaps right on it and fits like fist on rival crews members eye


-second thing, hot glue and gun for it... (on my prototype i just melt these together as one piece..but hey this is the easy way)


-third thing, foam with tape on otherside, this is usually inside of airsoft masks that keeps it not rubbing skin off your face or you can use something similar that dosent slip, try the material with your fingers to feel it,( dont use hard materials it needs to bend a little and you need to be able to cut it), and a cutting tools


-fourth thing, Small Knife or something similar


Stand Back!, Im Going To Try Science


1# put hotglue gun on so it gets hot enough, take the qiotek triggers and a knife, you see that gray anti-slip (anti-slip...thats cute) patch in them?..remove them from both triggers carefully


2# cut the foam (or whatever you have) to two pieces and to same size as those anti-slip patches you just removed,

if it was the foam that i said it should have tape on otherside it so stick the foam to that place where the anti-slip patch was on the trigger, if you dont have that foam then you can hotglue the material you are using on the trigger but dont over do it and when you do it, but pressure with your finger so the glue gets a little shape


3# this may be hard (or easy depending on person who dose this) when the hot glue is almost transparent (hot as it gets) quickly but some hot glue on the trigger fill carefully the caps and snap the trigger on, WARNING if you over do this the trigger will "float" and will not snap on, if you did this right the trigger will not snap-on it will just go to its place, do this to both triggers and lets move on


4# now the triggers needs to be cooldown, you can do this by leaving the controller on table for 20min, but whatever you do hotglue needs to cooldown, dont underestimate this phase, glue needs to cooldown so it hardens a little, dont put the hotglue gun away just yet


5# now that your triggers are ready turn your controller upside down, you see the little gap between aftermarket trigger and controller trigger (if you used qiotek triggers its below "qiotek" text), now but some hotglue on that gab and do a zig zag with that hotglue gun dont but much just a little and again let it cooldown till it feels hard


after you have done this (and if you did this right) the triggers on the controllers own triggers should feel very solid cause they dont move an inch, test that triggers move, no worries if there is bit hotglue on sides there is 5mm empty space before trigger really reacts on pressing

and thanks to those patches your fingers aint slippin`





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Sounds like a recipe for me to break my controllers, or at the very least, glue my fingers to the triggers. Nice guide though, for those who are good with their hands (oo-er!)

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Sounds like a recipe for me to break my controllers, or at the very least, glue my fingers to the triggers. Nice guide though, for those who are good with their hands (oo-er!)

i have been doing science so long that the casualty account is actually decreassing..



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