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Matusware`s Los Santos Diary 2#: Teamwork,fun and bullets


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Matusware`s Los Santos Diary



i usually roam the streets of los santos alone, but offer me a promise of pi$$washer and extreme train heists and im your man (or anything else that involves something else than just driving around), one day i went with some domestic battery members to have ourselfs a little train mayhem, mood was good all around one of the mates even singed "we are going to paledo bay" as it has becoming his trademark, so there we was on the train making los santos police work for their salary while joking around, even though there were other crews we were left alone, well why not?, Domestic Battery had more members on the train and on that area that anyother crew, that was our turf now..


as everybody was having fun my paranoia a.k.a common sense was tingling, serving on clans guilds gangs army and as library errand boy has teached me that when you do something that *will* draw much attention to you few things may happen, 1# Nobody cares....2# Somebody comes to have a peek...3# attention you draw is a bad one,


as i was shooting with others i saw a something on Minimap, Two Blips, No Crew Colors, Closing in Fast..

dosent take a math teacher to tell you that when you are in public server and somebody is coming at you at high speed

they arent there for sharing bisquits with you, my reaction was to warn others but thanks to faulty communications

my message of warning got lost in background static, i pulled my Combat MG just to be safe..

on that moment chrome Entity XF came aside of the train and opened fire..

small chaos broke as people were dying or like i did fell off from the train, we were regrouping back to the train and it seemed that we were left alone after this attack, as i was coming back to the train with my buffalo that Entity appeared again and opened a fire at us again..


at this point i must explain few things

in my brain there is few rules hotwired inside. one of em is

-any hostile act against domestic battery crew members will give me a right to "flip the switch"


i was ready to open a can of whoop ass but i wanted authorization to my actions, no need to set my madness free and risk of breaking crew laws. so i asked,

"Want me to open fire?"

crew leader answered swiftly

"of course"

with little grin i answered back as i turned my buffalo around

"hostile mode active"

i was in fully armored car with everything that money could buy and i had enough ammo and guns to start world war 3 and continue it to 4 and 5 (no more cause i need to reload),

i stop aside of the tracks waiting that entity to come on that bottleneck but for my suprise that super car went away..

as this was over we tryed to regroup again but didnt take long to get attacked again, we were attacked by buzzard this time, third time crew regouped but this time everybody had their fill on getting shot, we started to hunt that buzzard pilot who i think noticed that crew wasnt interested on train anymore so he left, we took one car and one helicopter full of crew members to that chrome entity XF just when we were about to have ourselfs a little shootout, crew on that entity XF left, i was disapointed but still felt that we had a small victory


it is fun to shoot guys on moving train..untill they come at you with numbers..



“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
― Helen Keller

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