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One year later...


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So it's been roughly a year since I started drawing during my free time. Thought I'd post some of my favourites.






Haven't been drawing ever since Spring Break at this point, but this one is my latest, only and favorite drawing done. Just finished it yesterday.



There are more that I've done, I have I think 40 sheets in total and had to use a duo tang to store all of them. Oh and my 1 year anniversary on XDBX is 8 away.

Edit: Anniversary is not 6 days away, it's 8 days away according to my profile.

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A quadratic function can be written in vertex form:

f(x) = a( x-h )^2 + k          *^2 means squared*

The vertex form is helpful because it tells you the location of the vertex (h,k); (x,y)


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