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Group 4 Race Night



Event details

Monday 13 May I am hosting the Gr.4 FR Race Night. Event times are UTC so 8pm UK time.

Only Gr.4 Front Engine Rear Wheel cars will be allowed on the night as this represents touring cars to me.

The following manufacturers have cars available:

Chevy, Ford, Chrylser, Toyota, Hyundai, Jaguar, Astom Martin, BMW, Mercedes and Lexus.

We will start with a 12 minute qualifying session for grid position on Autopolis.

We will then complete two races at Autopolis. A 12 lap race followed by a 13 lap race in reverse.

Tyres wear x6 Fuel x3 (fuel won't be an issue, lasts 20 laps), shortcut penalties on weak, side contact on, grid start slipstream set to real.

And most importantly involved if you hit someone and they go off track you are obliged to go behind them this includes two wheels on the grass or having a lift off throttle.


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