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Megane Group 4 Night



Event details

Hello all! On April 1st I'll be running a one-off race night with the Renault Megane Group 4, in a TCR-style event.

It'll be lots of short races, reverse grid after Race 1 with the extended Tyre Handicap System:

1st: RH

2nd & 3rd: RM

4th & 5th: RS

6th & below: RSS

All you need to do is buy the Renault Megane Group 4 (the FF one, not the MR Trophy) and put it on RSS for the first race. Setups will be fixed to keep the playing field a bit more even and BoP will be on to fix car settings , with the car being used at 100/100 power/weight (BoP is the same).

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