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Bry and Ramm where the last two standing in this Bunker Slasher mode and they run past one another by mere inches. They had no idea how close they were so i wanted to show them. 

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    • Con
      Con -
      It was like witnessing the Hand of God. You blessed sonamab*tch. 😄  
    • DavidCore89
      DavidCore89 -
    • Banketelli
      Banketelli -
    • Lann
      Lann -
      Ahh.. so thats how you do it, nice!
    • omarcomin71
      omarcomin71 -
    • SkyeDave
      SkyeDave -
      If you watch very closely I think you can see my Bucaneer on the left starting this whole chain reaction off.....  Sorry.