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LS’s finest neighbourhood

Last saturday at Two Bros we played a King of the hill called LS’s finest neighbourhood. We were 3 teams fighting over 3 bags amongst sundecks and swimmingpools. I recorded it and put this together. If i seem immortal its because the recording ends once i die. 

Featuring: @Beez, @Dead-Demon, @DavidCore89,  @Dodge, @D-Rocks@LimeGreenLegend, @omarcomin71, @pete_95973@PretendWereDead, @Protocawl, @Smurf, and a random in a red mask.


The job: 


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    • Lann
      Lann -
      Narrow Escapes
      Nice flight and fight!
    • poglaus
      poglaus -
      GTA Online - Choked! #11
      I had the giggles from 2:05 to 2:16.
    • JuniorChubb
      JuniorChubb -
      GTA Online - Choked! #11
      Nice vid @Eser1985 got to question your sanity after seeing you in a Raptor again though!
    • Smurf
      Smurf -
      Apex ranked commentary
      comms is everything. I always save a bunch of grenades for the enemy close to the end of the match. A great kill and distraction tactic.
    • The_Lady_A
      The_Lady_A -
      M5 June 22nd
      Glad you got the clip of me leaving the track rather suddenly, it's extra funny as the lamp post was invisible to your view!
    • TheBoyBry
      TheBoyBry -
      M5 June 22nd
      Great vid of a fun night!
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