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Sunday Evening Endurance Racing

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This event begins 07/11/2021 and repeats every week for 1 occurrence

  Ladies and gentlemen welcome to SEER. 

      Sunday Evening Endurance Racing

  Join us this Sunday 18th July 9pm UK for a night of semi-endurance racing. 

  This week will consist of 3 races each lasting around 20-30 minutes each.

  The classes we will be using this weekend will be Compacts (1st race), Off-roads (2nd race) , and finishing off with Coupes.

  Tier drop.

  Race 1: Everyone will start on tier A.

  Race 2: Top 2 thirds go down one tier.  Bottom third will stay as is. 

  Race 3: Top third will go down one tier. Middle third will stay as is. Bottom third will go up one tier. 

  The following link will take you to Broughy's car tier list.  If you could have a Compact from tier A, an Off-road from tiers A and B, and a Coupe from tiers S, A, B, and C.


  The races will be GTA so, if you don't own a custom car from the desired tier you'll (hopefully) be able to borrow someone's car at the start. 

  Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the class to see the tiers.

  If there is any confusion please leave comment.  Hope to see you there!

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