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My RvI Pain in 2Bros

3 clips.

1st shows me hit @pete_95973into the air and he survives. Watching it back I can see the lag but in the moment I thought Id sent him flying.

2nd just cracks me up everytime. Is exactly how Id react if a 2-3 tonne truck hit me in the back of the head lol.

3rd, well... see my struggle... lol

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1 minute ago, Schumi6581 said:

holy sh*t. That last part is mayhem.... that must have been intense


Yeah, its a good thing you cant hear me in the video. I was sh*tting myself lol

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    • omarcomin71
      omarcomin71 -
    • Skorpion
      Skorpion -
      Cant see that, just get error.
    • omarcomin71
      omarcomin71 -
    • Smurf
      Smurf -
      Love it
    • Smurf
      Smurf -
      Type of cheating is this? come on Pete I expect better from you.
    • Crawford1872
      Crawford1872 -
      Ahhh gotcha mate, tbh we just have too many bald characters in this crew, all look alike! That still was kinda confusing to me and I knew what was going on/it's not even 6am here. So can totally see why that was confusing 😅 @Skorpion
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