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One Skill to Rule Them All

Games from div 10 to 6 so not always the best defending. But still a very OP move. Luckily I haven't seen others use it.

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    • Con
      Con -
      It was like witnessing the Hand of God. You blessed sonamab*tch. 😄  
    • DavidCore89
      DavidCore89 -
    • Banketelli
      Banketelli -
    • Lann
      Lann -
      Ahh.. so thats how you do it, nice!
    • omarcomin71
      omarcomin71 -
    • SkyeDave
      SkyeDave -
      If you watch very closely I think you can see my Bucaneer on the left starting this whole chain reaction off.....  Sorry.