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    Took my phone with me to the gardens area and snapped a few shots. Me and my vegetables are anxiously waiting for the spring to return (tomorrow). 🌨😬
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    Weekly update. Magenta #1B0011FF Join crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop/
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    Morning all, Mrs Chubb is out of isolation today! This May mean Mr Chubb will start to return too his normal self. πŸ‘
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    Drone view of the Hatch compound. First image is house on right, flower shop on left.
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    And the winning genre for April is... chosen by @omarcomin71. So come nominate your films that deal with revenge, payback, retribution, whatever you want to call it. My pick is Dead Man's Shoes
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    I miiight just make an appearance tonight. Consider me a maybe.
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    It is actually saying just that... to avoid spreading it.
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    Wonderful topic, I love tools and have been a mechanic/technician for 26 years now. I buy tools from various places and manufacturers depending upon their use. I will go the cheap route for home but not so much for professional work because regardless of popular opinion there is BIG difference. Pick up a Sunnex Impact Socket in one hand and a Snap On version in the other and that difference is noticed immediately. There are also a limited number of choices for many of the tools my job requires because not everyone makes stuff for heavy duty vehicles. Here at home I have mostly tool kits from my by Kobalt which is the tool brand sold at Lowe's stores. They also carry the Craftsman brand now that Sears has went away. Speaking of Craftsman, they are now made in China and their quality shows it. I use those tools for jobs around the house and repairs on my cars, lawn tools, etc. Those jobs are low impact and as such cheaper tools are a no brainer πŸ™‚ Work is a different story. I will only use Snap On tools for many things. Impact sockets for example. I also love their ratchets and some other hand tools. I have never used their wrenches though. The old Craftsman ones do just fine. For ratcheting wrenches I use Gearwrench only but it doesn't matter because those wrenches aren't exactly cheap from any manufacturer. Even the ones Harbor Freight carries will set you back over $100 a set. I love Precision Instruments Torque Wrenches. For air tools I'm an IR user for impacts, Snap On for chisels and whatever is cheapest for cut off tools, buffers, etc. Last ones I bought came from Home Depot. They get the job done and are cheap enough that if they break I will just buy another. An answer to the question of how we afford the super expensive tools is simple. Unlike going to Harbor Freight we don't pay the full price at once. Those trucks use interest free credit that is arranged by handshake. You can pay whatever you want per week in most cases. Some prefer a set amount but it isn't usually very much. Still, some refuse to buy anything from them but you don't see that often in shops that pay their techs properly. Took me a long time to get a job in one of those shops. Also in my field the customer prefers to see a a technician that takes pride in his work. One that can finish a job and be happy to say, I DID THAT. So many out there that don't and just rush through everything and have lots of "come backs". When a customer is trusting you to properly perform a critical $10,000 + job on his truck cheap tools just don't cut it πŸ˜‰ I love my job πŸ™‚ Edit: Good call on the Makita tools. They make nice stuff.
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    Got to be honest, did some drift practice before we started racing yesterday. I thought, I was good, but apparently Rockstar was not impressed...
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    I'm torn between looking for a film I haven't seen but might enjoy and one I have and would definitely like to watch again ...... can't resist the latter option. No Country for Old Men
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    Plane Stupid KotH https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/utrqFi6abUOmi5zSjo9UCg King of the Hill similar to my capture Plane Stupid. For this there is one plane to capture, a Mogul fitted with a twin machine gun turret, located on a custom airstrip in the mountains. Hold the Mogul to score points. Everyone starts in a P-45, they should just have machine guns. That is also the respawn vehicle. Two teams, one starts at Sandy Shores airfield the other at Fort Zancudo. A couple of things still need testing properly can you realistically shoot down the Mogul? is the gunner in the Mogul any use? Are the relative speeds of the Mogul and P45 well matched idealy I want the fighter planes to be a bit, but not too much, faster than the Hill plane, so it can be caught but crashing into it is not too easy
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    One of the least useful cars, but one you can really enjoy ❀️. This is the same car with the exact same paint, but in different light (dawn, noon and night).
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    @Lann a moose once bit my sister...
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    I know we have some Cat owners around here and one of the Internet's greatest uses is Cat photos. So let me see them πŸ™‚ Here are mine. Casper (white) and Oreo. Both rescues found during Tropical Storm watches. Oreo is almost 4 years old and was abandoned by her mother in the neighbors yard. She is the typical Cat that doesn't really want anything to do with anyone unless she needs food. Strangely enough though she has been "fixed" but absolutely loves when I rub her belly. Casper showed up out of thin air. One second there was nothing and the next he was outside the door. He is only 6 months old and is growing like crazy. He is more dog than cat. Will follow you around and loves attention, will even shake hands. We found him in Oct so naming him Casper made sense. Casper and Caramel. The daughter named that one and is the reason I don't want her naming animals. I call him Camel because it makes about as much sense πŸ˜‰ He is nearing 6 years old and is here because I didn't want him left at the mother in laws house because there were too many kids chasing him around and tormenting him. He knew to sleep that first night on my pillow so I would bond with him. They love to pretend they all get along.
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    Here I watch tv channels from around the globe and share highlights with you all cause quarantine and stuff. Lets check in with the country of Oman...check this guys sword out. Final Fantasy size, and he is sitting down giving an interview:
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    I nominate Leon: The Professional
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    Defiantly not when they drove it out the garage window. Just watched The Gentlemen, love a guy Ritchie film. Though Hugh grant was very good in his part. Always love Colin farell as a cheeky Irish chappie. Still expect Charlie hun am to throw on a cut and get all edgy like jax teller. Very good film 8/10
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    I'm thinking of a new jobs PL tonight, partly because I have one needs a test. There will be some established jobs as well. Europe is on daylight saving time now so for those of you elsewhere in the world this may be at a different time to last week. It's 21:00 UK time. So at time of posting this that is about 9hr 20 mins away.
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    So pretty much nothing to do then?
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    Check check, looking forward to a private full lobby Wreckfest night! Not been on for a while but we also had a nice little bunch some time ago maybe @Squirrel made mention of this, it could be a pretty awesome group all together I think. πŸ₯³
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    But I bet that is what makes the show fascinating, the odd characters. The train-wreck personalities. I dont mind that...just wish people would leave animals alone. Especially the wild exotic ones that serve no purpose except to fill some *sswipes ego. I LOVE cats. Tigers my favorite animal of all time...if i were rich, id sponsor them but never own one. What happens to it if I were to suddenly die? Hopefully, the animal ends up in a sanctuary or worse, neglected in some run down zoo or ridiculous circus. If they really loved the animals they wouldn't have set up the murder of the woman who actually did love them by exposing the dark side of this exotic-animal hobby. Anyways, im getting way off-topic here. So in Iran many have died because someone suggested that a known-poison treats the corona virus. Imagine someone coming up to me saying, hey if you swallow Drano, you wont get corona virus.
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    I’ve just downloaded it
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    Gentlemen, take your fist fight to the TV Shows thread. Although I will side with Omar but only because I'm not okay with animals being bred for profit and let's face it...what else do you do with an adult tiger besides try to exploit the f*cking thing since it already is costing you tons of money in veterinary and feeding costs. I wish we would not glamorize these industries. R.I.P. Carole Baskin.
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    Films that make you cry with happiness.
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    Hey-yo and yup, we moved closer to the future by 1 hour this past weekend.
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    Going of of @Sinister thread https://www.rockstarsocialclub.net/forums/topic/19520-how-much-ya-wrench/, what is your brand of tool you prefer to use? For hand tools like wrenches, sockets, etc.. I have mostly old Craftsman tools, I have been buying some Kobalts lately though. While Snap On, Matco and S&K are great tools they are way out of my price range when the old Craftmans work just fine. For battery/electric tools I use Dewalt or Milwuakee, I prefer the Milwuakees, from the days of being a contractor we used those and Skil brand. Air tools, Ingersol Rand is the way to go, pricey but they last. I got several IR tolls when I was worked for Alamo Group, the IR rep I was able to be the sole dealer for the company hooked me up.
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    Turkmenistan TV was lit people....well if you like national pride parades and expensive looking buildings...
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    Successful creation? Favorite creation Hardest to make creation? Most disliked creation? (post links to them) My most successful by plays is XDBX Speedway with 3.8k plays. And I don't really know why, its fun but it isn't a great race by any means. It was probably one of the early ovals made though. My favorite is Dirty Dock Sucker, I always thought this TDM played out well, it's just fun for me. Hardest to make was XDBX Runabout Decisions, it was tough making this track to resemble the course of the none stunt version and it has all available props. The one I hate the most is Grenadeball HD (no link on purpose), the only reason I don't delete this spawn kill sh*t show is cuz others like it.
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    I would say Makita if we could afford to always buy it. We have a Makita drill and jigsaw and we bought a planer/thicknesser just before christmas but it's small (only widths up to 30cm). I got Jesse a Bosch router because it was half price in amazon Black Friday and our orbital sander is Erbauer because it was the cheapest. Our chisels and saws are Irwin and we have a few kits from Wera that were pricey but worth it. At work we use Makita/Wera and our metal working bench tools and riveter are Clarke. I wouldn't buy Clarke tools myself but I guess they are the cheapest for my boss.
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    Makita all the way for me, admittedly I don't have loads, just a combi, a rattler and a multitool, but I just love Makita. Never seen the big deal with milwaukee. Pricey and do the job, but loads of people I know with the have had motor problems
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    When I can draw myself away from my bed and youtube ill be on
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    It feels like spring, now we just need the corona to f off and aim for summer.
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    The Platform (2019) The Awesome: Amazing visual thought provoking narrative. The way the story unfolds would not be as interesting or compelling without that awesome meticulous script. Although the film is in spanish, I can assure you that the subtitles were extremely accurate and I think that is why I liked the script so much, nothing was lost in translation. The characters were great and that is a credit to the actors which do a fantastic job. Goreng (Ivan Massague) does a superb job of taking us on his journey, one which is terrifying, courageous, and dumb since he volunteers to enter the Platform, or Hole. His first cellmate, Trimigasi (Zorion Eguileor) was tremendous as he handles the all important exposition that fills us in on what to expect and he does it so compelling that when he says that sometimes cellmates are changed out, I was upset at the implication that he may just be a minor role. I felt the gore and shock moments were done expertly here. Nothing felt gratuitous and really fit the situations, and some of those situations were disturbing and terrifying but oh soooooo fantastic. The way the story unfolds is just fun. I loved the metaphor of needing people above you to give you a hand to get out of your situation, one which you don't get until the third act of the film and when it comes, even if it was for that brief moment, I was filled with hope. Then I get hit in the face with a turd, well not me, but damn it sure felt like it was me, cause I believed! lmfao. The Good: The production design, editing, and lighting together with the superb directing makes this film visually exciting. The limited setting never gets boring because although every level is identical, who we see in them changes and really added to my curiosity and I could not wait to see what was going to happen next. The editing was also outstanding here as I never got bored of the location or situation, unlike a similar concept film "The Cube", which I did like but I did get bored with the repetitiveness of their clue solving. The Platform has no such clue solving for the characters, it's survival of the fittest or luckiest. The film's concept which although borrows from other films still felt fresh to me and I think that was because of the food platform, I don't remember ever seeing that element used like that before and it was truly mind-boggling good, when it is first introduced it was such an unexpected mind-f*ck and can imagine those with brumotactillophobia running out the room. The violence was brutal and while you expect it, when it happens it's done so well that it stuns you for a second. The acting by the supporting and minor cast all do a great job and should get credit, even those that were just there to get their heads clobbered. Baharat (Emilio Buale Coka) was very believable and I felt for him when he losses his only possession and was the perfect companion to go with Goreng on the final mission. The Bad: The mission to "send the message" was a bit muddled and came across as if it were the first time anyone had thought of the strategy to get to the top. Not a lot about "The Administration" is learned and while it is hinted that the Platform is a social experiment, not much is explained about who runs it and how exactly it works. Towards the end I wanted to know how the platform worked since it seems to levitate like magic. This took me out of the immersion because I was now thinking about the films universe, were we in the future? were they using magnetic propulsion for the platform? did aliens build this thing? is it present time but with some magical platform thing that would not make sense in the real world?....Well, If that was explained early, I sure missed that part. Again, i didn't totally mind not knowing everything at the end but since this doesnt need a sequel, why not cut some of the last mission and give us some more stuff to chew on regarding The Administration. This film is subtitled, so those anti-sub folks will miss out......(cause it's a fun read). The Ugly: While the ending wasn't terrible, I think because we endure so much with Goreng, that it's natural for us to want to experience a different ending, cause we really deserve it, we suffer and experience the dread just like the main character and we all know the what would have been a fully satisfying ending even it had been cliched, so would a different ending have been better? Sure -----but it's only because we are shown an interesting and fascinating development that I wanted to see to fruition. What was going to be the outcome and aftermath of the "message" getting to the very top? That's some compelling stuff. Plus, it also gave me the burning questions of how was survival of the message possible?, why am I seeing this?, and lastly, what the f*ck?. This is the main issue with the ending, the payoff lacks the reward of our own expectation, all while leaving us with questions vastly more interesting than the sacrifice we just witnessed. I thought the only weakness in the story was the time of the decision to go on the mission, I mean, at Level 6????...after he had experienced Level 48 and Level 171....no way that made sense to me. Final Verdict...3/5... I really want to give this a ...4/5...because any film that has a person getting hit in the face with a few turds should get a point for that alone. I really found myself immersed from the start, the way everything is presented was just very entertaining. I found it inventive and dark. Sure somethings didn't make sense like why didn't Imoguiri (Antonia San Juan) kill Goreng or Trimigasi when we see her attack others randomly at times. The end left us with wanting to see more and that is always disappointing because in my opinion, it was probably the most unexpected thing in the film for me. Come on filmmaker, people had to read for 90 minutes and you do them like that? I really enjoyed this and while there is a crap-ton of metaphors, messages, and parallels that apply to our current society, I just focused on the story and to save you reading time, I want to avoid talking about the obvious message contained within the film of how the people at the top with an overabundance, don't think about the people at the bottom and how the people at the bottom p*ss down at the people even lower than them, like the homeless, it isn't just the rich that turn their noses up at the homeless people on the streets. One of the best scenes is when Goreng's new cellmate wants to persuade the men in the level below to just eat a small amount and ration plates for the next level...they dismiss her pleads but then an irritated Goreng takes charge and that exchange ends with him explaining why we cannot persuade people at the top to give a f*ck about others by saying this line...."Because I cannot sh*t upwards"....just wow, screenwriter, just wow! I found this to possess the same messages the 2019 Best Picture, Parasite gets across about established levels of society. Thanks for the suggestion, @JustHatched. This wasn't on my radar at all and now I want to learn more about the film. So thanks.
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    Quite the inspiring view from my make shift home office. 2. Knutes later and you'd have had the dog having a dump in view too
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    Major update done on this job. Replaced concrete barriers with stunt props. Tire barriers remain but only as a visual, they all have stunt props in front of them. A few sections of track have had stunt track added to level out bumps. Not all bumps removed, just a few. Signs and light poles removed in various places. Secondary checkpoints added from CP 10 to 18, and CP 22. Track raised between CP 12 and 15 to avoid signs and a bump on the bend. Barriers added to driveways and gardens of houses between CP 29 and 42. Props added to help with the downhill turn at CP 46. Made all vehicles in all classes available, not just the 5 (previously) fastest Supers. Overall this has probably been one of the hardest and longest upgrades I've done to any of my tracks. I'm hoping everything works well, but as usual if anything is found that needs some more attention just let me know.
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    So tempted to go with Conan the Barbarian here. But my official entry is: Munich (2005)
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    I put effort in. Only picked up my phone once to pause it to get grapes
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    I second that emotion. Really good film
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    Because april is the month that starts with a big lie, I say a robbery movie, a Big con... πŸ˜‚
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    April Genre Noms (so far) Musicals Jennifer Connolly films Films that make you cry with happiness (feel-good films) Revenge films Robbery/heist/con films
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    March is almost gone and its time to start dreaming of Genres again!!! Wooooooooo!! So start submitting those genres, please!!!
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    Privately, I use Makita. Most of my friends use it so it's easy to borrow something without having to worry about power. At work, we use Hilti for almost everything. It's just on another level. Would love to be able to buy it for private use but couldn't afford it anyway. For cutting and pressing pipes we use Rems.
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    Thank you, the RSC calendar is fine πŸ™‚
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    It’s Saturday and time for another explosive mixed playlist! Something always exciting and unexpected happens, don’t miss out! πŸ˜„
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    Enjoy Beez in action and then enjoy Benny Hatch in action and yes, he did pull that Sticky out of his....!
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    Brawl in Cell Block 99 dir. S. Craig Zahler Brawl in Cell Block 99 is a prison drama film from the same writer/director as Bone Tomohawk, and stars Vince Vaughn, playing against type as a brooding, imposing ex-boxer turned drug runner. Recently fired from his job, and needing money to start a family with his wife Lauren (Jennifer Carpenter), Bradley returns to his former life as a drug runner. After a deal gone wrong he finds himself in prison, and due to certain circumstances, needs to find a way into cell block 99 to kill a prisoner there. With a title and poster like that this film is surprisingly slow paced, but that's a positive for me. Bradley doesn't even get to prison until an hour in, but we spend that time really getting to know his character, making us care about the situation he's in. When he does get to prison we get to see some brutal fights, although they do become a bit over the top and schlocky at times. I've never seen Vince Vaughn like this, but he really pulls it off. When he's not making jokes all the time he can be a really threatening presence, especially with the shaved head. The film has a bleak, washed out palette that matches Bradley's life, with the brightest colour in the film being his bright orange prison uniform. It's also very well directed, with a great use of shadows, and he really likes to hold on a shot for longer than usual to let us feel the weight of the emotions, like the first time Bradley sits down on his prison bed. The supporting cast is solid, but nothing special. Don Johnson does a good job as the black-clad prison warden and Carpenter is sympathetic as Bradley's wife. The main negative for me are the almost comically gory moments, which take away from the seriousness and brutality of the actual fights. This is especially true of the very end of the film, the last shot before the credits seems like a joke, which is a shame because the scene up until that point was excellent, with a fantastic emotional performance from Vaughn. It's like the film wants to be a serious drama and a 70s exploitation film at the same time, which just confuses the tone at points. Still very well made, with a great surprise performance from Vince Vaughn, 7/10
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    Camping squad assemble
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    I found a gif of @Dodge
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