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    We would like to send out a invitation. Each Sunday at 20:00 UTC will determine the RSC Champion for a specific class/tier, we use in game scores. It is obvious just for fun, and you will likely race a different car in each race. Slipstream and catch-up might be used, depending the track and the host's preference. Preparing Each week we will race a specific class + tier. Each week you will pick and bring one of the listed cars. You will bring that specific car to every race. You will be the only one who brings that specific car.* When you sign up (in this thread) you will claim what car you will bring. If you have a car on the list that you expect few other people to have, please bring it! If you can not bring one of the listed ”Custom” cars, you may bring one of the ”Stock” cars (by simply selecting it before the race starts). But this car does also need to be claimed once you sign up. If you join last minute you will be asked to bring one of the custom cars that has not yet been ”taken”, or one of the ”Stock” vehicles not yet taken. *If you have no other option, you may bring a car already brought by someone else. You will prepare and have the car fully customized (all performance and amour upgrade). Except the stock ones obviously. Raceday You will select the same car in every race. But you will only race your car in the first race. At the start of following races we will park the cars to the side (GTA Mode). For the next races you will pick one of the other cars. The driver who finished last in the previous race will start to grab a car and line up at the front of the grid, followed by the one who finished second to last, and so on. So the winner of the previous race will get whatever car is left and start at the end. You may only race the same car once (as long as its possible due to other players picks). Once we all have a car and are parked on the grid we will go on a given time. You may not pass anyone until after the first corner/bottleneck, simply to ease things as we race contact. Do not respawn unless you have no other option in order to keep racing. First Sunday details below. Kindly, @djw180, @The_Lady_A, @omarcomin71, @Crawford1872, @Smurf, @Beez, @TheBoyBry and @Lann
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    Great concept! I've noticed broughy grouping same class cars in tiers, which makes it interesting for racing less used cars. Good job on turning it into a racing event. 👍 Kind of tempting to splurge on a PSN subscription and dust off my GTA character. Unless he's been locked up and all the real estate and cars seized during my absence. He'd deserve it, that's for sure. 😂 How many new cars have been released since I've last played, you reckon? That would be over the last 2 (3?) years. I think🤔
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    Guess I need to grab a car before they're all gone. I think I should still have Sultan, Kuruma, Omnis and Tropos. Feel free to grab 3 of then, just leave me one of the above available. I should know more tomorrow, when I'll sort out my PS plus and be able to check on my character(s). Btw, I might need instructions on how to drive a car in GTA? 😳
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    That’s a pun worthy of Dave, shame on you @Aslad , I expected better.
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    I shall join this event and I will bring my Verlierer Comet Retro along !
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    I wish I could write reviews like you guys. Had a rare occasion of the wife not being here today so after my usual Sunday ebaying and the grand pr*ck I fancies a couple of films. Started with Rush, the story of the niki lauda & James hunt rivalry, very good film. Its almost as if the rivalry was written for a film, one care free playboy not giving a f*ck, and a regimented Austrian, focused and driven to be the best of the best. A solid 8/10 Moved onto hot fuzz with the boy, not as funny as I remember to be honest. Still got the best ever line though. "he's got one thing you haven't got" "a great big bushy beard". Slipped down to 6/10 And just finished with sausage party. Funny AF, Very clever jokes all the way through. For my childish sense of humour 9/10
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    The wheel has spoken for August's film club genre You have until Monday to nominate a film set during the medieval period, as nominated by @Squirrel and @djw180. I'll start by nominating a Japanese medieval film that has been remade several times, Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.
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    The wheel has spoken for this month's medieval film club... There's also going to be a film club extra choice this month. We've not had one since the Ridley Scott double feature, and since this was @Squirrel and @djw180's theme, and they've had an excited little exchange about it in the thread, we'll also be watching David Michôd's The King. This has also been on my watchlist for a while, and it will be an interesting contrast to see the era as depicted in the east and the west.
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    Wreckfest level 100 (max). Also own all cars and unlocked all special mods.
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    Ribeye & ramsteak pair from the grill Yesterdays afternoon snack, mostly homegrown(&preserved), homemade or aquired fron the neighbours: Sorry! 😝 😋😂
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    I'll play ball. Since I actually have a Locust, I'll take that one.
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    I would like to join, my pick will be the Alpha.
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    The King (2019) If it’s a struggle for everyone to watch as it’s too new and only on Netflix I can pick another. I like a lot of medieval stuff so there’s plenty of alternative films I can go for.
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    The name of the rose.
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    excellent news gents, although I'm quite dissapointed I didnt get to use this gif.....
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    Haha that movie could have been OK with any theme well done 😄
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    So if I'm paying £4 a month, that's £1 a week just to be able to post pictures. Here's this weeks £1 picture.
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    Weekly update Pale Primrose (credit hex to JR_Death) Here shown on a Stinger. Join the crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop/ (#9C944CFF)
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    Cheers @Eser1985, great night last night! Some really awesome new tracks only shame it did took a bit to get used to 😅 But great job, good fun! 👍 Had to check out our famous new streamer channel today but a live Minecraft session does not tickle my boxes 😅 But very awesome what you are doing mate and I do like the new-ish quite present Trashbags very much! I had some grudge against Twitch for banning the greatest streamer of all streamers but I have no doubt our great Mr. Trashbags is going fill up that hole nicely now 😜😎💪 Tbh I am a dirty lurker but I'll have a look at a subscription and app download 😅
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    @LimeGreenLegend sums up the film perfectly. I certainly can’t tell it any better. I don’t think Bateman exists at all. There’s no clue in either the book or the film other than a line in the opening monologue. Bateman is clearly a representation of corporate consumerism. An example showing that people caring about how they are perceived is far more important than who they actually are as a person. An alternative view is that those who have the power will inevitably get away with even the most heinous of crimes due to their influence. Bateman is an example of everything wrong with American business and the stockbroker culture in that time period. Wolf of Wall Street also covered that same era of excess. The level of detail described in the book is recreated perfectly in the film, from his skincare routines to his taste in music. You feel like you’re back in the 80s. The book takes his fantasies to a darker level, possibly some of the most disturbing collection of words I’ve ever read. Mary Harron managed to take a graphic depiction of violence and excess and turn it into a film that can be viewed by a large audience. Would a male director be able to do the same especially when it comes to recreating the violent scenes against women? I don’t think it would be the same film, it would have ended up being more like a horror and you wouldn’t get the same sense of doubt about the reality of the film. Now I need to go return some videotapes.
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    Precious cargo on board
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    HUVIBE Universal TV Stand Base It swivels, it tilts in 4 directions that also helps to remove sun glare, its height adjustable & Its heavy as hell. The base is actually glass but it looks like metal even up close. It can be converted from a TV Table Stand to a Wall Mounted version if you so desired, its truly versatile though you might need a leveler. All adjustments can be adjusted to a fixed position by tightening via alen wrench, spanner or adjustable wrench. The built quality is superb. I was going to complain about removing 4 screws to do the height adjustment, but when I found the height I wanted I'm not going to be changing it & neither will anybody else. 🤫😜👹
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    Porthcawl beach in South Wales: Not the best weather, although some didn't seem to care. Spent most of the time in the arcades 👍
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    I’m in... I’ll bring the Stirling GT
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    I'm here! This should be fun. Sentinel Classic please @Lann
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    I'm in as aforementioned. I'll bring anything we're missing.
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    Bait dir. Mark Jenkin/2019/1h29m Bait, written and directed by Mark Jenkin, is a drama about the gentrification of a small Cornish fishing village. It stars Edward Rowe as Martin, a fisherman without a boat because it is being used to ferry tourists around the coast by his brother Steven (Giles King). Because of this, Martin is reduced to relying on nets set up on the beach and a single lobster trap for his income, which he is saving up to buy a new boat. He is also constantly butting heads with the Leighs, a rich middle-class family from London who have bought his old family home, along with most of the street, and represent a foreign invader to this land. This is a staggeringly unique feeling film. It was shot on an old hand-cranked camera and you can feel the texture in every shot. Not only are there scratches and imperfections on the film itself, but the gorgeous black and white photography really highlights the textures of the world; thick wooly jumpers, crumbling brickwork and rotting wood pop out of the screen so much you can almost feel them. All of the sound was recorded separately, giving the film a slightly dislocated feel, like the voices aren't quite coming from the characters mouths. The sound design in the film also heightens certain noises; footsteps, breath, the crash of the sea and the cawing of ever-present gulls, immersing you further into this world that feels ancient yet totally up to date. Just like the conflict between the locals and the tourists, there is conflict in the film making too as this is both a neo-realist kitchen sink drama and an experimental almost avant-garde film at the same time. The editing in this film is spectacular, cutting to close ups of clenched fists and dead fish, fridge full of champagne at the Leighs and the pathetic little dented biscuit tin at Martins where he keeps his money. None of this is overbearing though, this is a very quiet and subtle film full of nuance. Even the big dramatic moment near the end of the film is underplayed, making the tragedy feel like a part of Martin's usual existence. The performances are great all round. Although the Leigh family, and the rest of the tourists we see in the film, do feel like caricatures sometimes, this can be forgiven as the film is from Martin's point of view, and as such he would see them like that. Rowe as Martin is brilliant. He really feels like an actual person, like this were a documentary. He is a man who feels like he has nothing left, but is still full of hope and drive and dignity, something that comes up a lot between him and his brother, who he feels has sold out. Overall, I think this is an amazing film with a unique look and feel, a simple but well told story told partly through flashbacks, and a really likeable and sympathetic lead. This was Jenkin's first feature film, winning him a BAFTA for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer, and I can't wait to see what he makes next; he has me hook, line and sinker. 10/10
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    £3.45 for a pint of carling
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    It does as far as I'm concerned. I can't see any reason why not. The setting is knights, swords, castles etc. And if there were ever any truth behind the Arthurian legends then it dates from the early medieval period, ~ 6 th century AD. @Squirrel do we want to define what Medieval means or just leave it to everyone's own intepretation? A cousin of mine who studied Ancient History at university told me the western definition of historical periods are all based on the various forms of the Roman Empire and Medieval is ~5th to ~15th centuries AD. But elsewhere in the world the definition would be different.
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    Cheers Cat! 😅👍 Lols oh yes Trashy that one is hilarious. Timthetatman is also a legend in his own way 😅 Dr. Dis has so many great moments he never disappointed me, such a great entertainer and an insanely good sniper lol
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    Thanks for your reviews guys. I'm gonna stick to the first one and pretend the sequel doesn't exist so I don't watch it.
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    Remake of a previous film. Not the original, the remake so the opposite of Spin lol
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    Remakes of remakes! No, only kidding. No idea what to nominate. I'll probably wait a bit and second one of the existing choices.
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    We approve 👍
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    Original movies from a remake. That is a movie that was later remaked, but we want the original, not the remake.
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    Dark Comedy
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