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    You know what they say, pets usually look like their owners. I can definitely see the resemblance: 😂
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    19:00 Kids: - we want to build the trampoline to surprise the youngest on his bday tomorrow. 20:00 Lann: -you need help? Kids: -No! 22:00 Lann: -GTA time.. Kids: -we need help! 23:30 Damn trampoline done.
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    good morning gents had a great surprise this morning through the post thx @JuniorChubb ur a legend and @doubleg213 1 happy bunny here
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    Finished up some work with a new path and less lawn to mow. And fired up the grill for the first time this year.
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    Tonights PL will include all the other crews races from the upcoming H2H vs RCRH with some of whatever R* has on double money this week.
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    Well, 3 years of it all sat in the understairs cupboard and me now being on furlough has finally given me plenty of time to give this a go.I spent a while cleaning all the dirt and muck off with a scraper and wire brush. Then used a table saw to cut everything to size and it’s all held together with dowel joints. It’s a good size at 173cm x 73cm and weighs an absolute ton!I’ve got a chunky black wooden base for it to sit on. I've sanded it down to get the remaining dirt and old varnish off to reveal the wood grain. I mainly did it by hand as I didn't want to lose too much character from the surfaces.I've used a bit of linseed oil I had in the garage on a scrap piece and its gone very dark.Would danish oil give the same result or would it be lighter?I'm thinking waxing it would give a lighter finish.It started off as an L shaped floor duct cover.A bit of cleaning.Dowel joints, PVA and some clamping.Assembly and sanding.
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    f*ck right off!!!!
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    Still haven't watched the last film, wife not being at work means I rarely get the tele. But for next month I would like to nominate is sports
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    @CatManDoza so glad you got your lightbox now, cheap as chips too. Don't forget to get into some image editing too. Maybe not for eBay but for BCD vids and thumbnails etc. That little diorama you set up looks sick, I hope you don't mind but I had to do this...
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    Ours are Siberians. Very chill too. Sweetest cats we ever had.
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    Last exam submission is about to go in now. So that's me done with Uni till September 2021. Not so much pleased to have got it in, more just relieved it's over for now.
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    Call of Duty WW2 free on ps plus today, @Trashbags @JuniorChubb @Hurst anyone downloading for a game or 12?
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    Bought a new iPad today. Nothing fancy like a Pro series because the base models do what I need. Previous one served me well for 4+ years but I dropped it last year and broke 1/3 of the screen. It got worse with the next two drops, lol. Bought a good case and screen protector this time. Now I can play Crossy Road without fear of cuts.
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    Trash will just fill it with Bailey’s 😂
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    Following on from an exam which can only be described as brutal that I was working on from 1100 on Thursday till about 0030 on Friday morning and then got back onto again at 0600 till about 0930 on Friday I did pretty much nowt other than some COD (I still hate it), some BF1 (I still love it) for the remainder of Friday and yesterday. I've also been doing some groundwork for some Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2 and Dirt Rally/Dirt Rally 2.0/Dirt liveries on PC. Plus continuing my loft sorting as well which I am doing a bit faster now as I want to start getting some of my old stuff onto ebay and to make sure the stuff I want to keep hold of is sorted out properly. The attached pictures are an old toy 1:12 scale wired remote control car. The eagle eyed amongst you may notice it was made in the GDR, or East Germany as it was more commonly known. It shall be on ebay this evening. Was pretty cool though considering I think it was probably made in the late 70s. Videos aren't mine,.
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    Once you give him a name he's yours for keeps. And have a picture of my dog 'helping' in the garden for the lols
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    hmmm breakfast time
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    @Trashbags we could chop up @CatManDoza’s fingers and put them in a sandwich?
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    Finally Battlefront II is at a price I can justify. Since the microtransaction debacle I’ve said I will never give EA a penny of my cash. Now it’s on PS Plus for June I’ll probably give the single player campaign a go for definite and possibly join some multiplayer if I can handle the game play.
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    @Con digestive biscuits are f*cking delicious! Get some, great for dunking!
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    Needed a new gaming headset and new controller...so I set out to find one in a Walmart or Target store since the GameStop in my area is only open for online order pickups. This is not my photo but this is what every Walmart gaming display looked like: .....not a game or even a Playstation peripheral in sight!!! At Target they had two headsets...one Turtle brand was $179.00 and the other off-brand was $110.00...my budget was $60 (max). Didn't buy these but found them funny... Glad they let me know I will be able to digest these cookies....I bet that "Undigestive" brand isn't doing so well. Then I came across all manner of things wrong with this here: You are asking for children and unsuspecting adults to poison themselves by thinking this is candy and they are way overpriced. lmao....anyways I finally did find these at a Walmart my wife said is usually never busy in a sleepy town I usually never find myself in....so in conclusion: Both cost me $110.00 (take that Target, you price gouging for real)----- I preferred the wire headset cause I use them to watch my movies on my laptop and I dont have to worry about them not being charged cause I gamed the night before, I just plug them b*tches in.
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    Also tried hydro dipping with the kids.....
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    Upgraded my internet from 100/100 to 250/100 for a extra 1$ /month. I imagine my kd will improve accordingly.
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    I dig this one. Thanks Lann! 🙂
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    @Hurst sorry old pal, only saw your message when I went up to bed where my phone was. We were just finishing the last race when you messaged. Got my new £3.50 light box today, make my ebay pics a little better
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    Was playing CODww2....... also I made a friend in GTA:
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    Stand-in Night! playlist confirmed starting of with Dave's Capture job. Warriors will also join us tonight and with the other confirmations it looks like we will have some Nice numbers. Hopefully Chubb will also come along maybe be for a bit and show off his wheels 😂 Looking forward to it catch you all to tonight.
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    Thanks for coming along to Round 04 of our Vapid Cup, we had a great turn out this week. Catch up on the results below... Best Car: R1: Muscle Dominator GTX Alamo Bridges R2: Off-Road Guardian Daisy-lee-Motordrome R3: Muscle Hotknife Starkie's Intermediate R4: Muscle Imperators War Dominion Circuit R5: Off-Road Liberator The Diamond 100 (Point to Point) R6: Vans Minivan Custom AVN Pick-up Stations R7: Muscle Slamvan Martini Co¢k tease R8: Sedans Stanier The Pickle Factory The Races: R1: Muscle Dominator GTX Alamo Bridges R2: Off-Road Guardian Daisy-lee-Motordrome R3: Muscle Hotknife Starkie's Intermediate R4: Muscle Imperators War Dominion Circuit R5: Off-Road Liberator The Diamond 100 (Point to Point) R6: Vans Minivan Custom AVN Pick-up Stations R7: Muscle Slamvan Martini Co¢k tease R8: Sedans Stanier The Pickle Factory Race Results Race Points Round 04 Results Well done to Badingaa for winning Round 4 but @Bkmoto28 is still top of the table for the overall championship.
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    100%agree i should be getting as medicinal soon for my back and leg pain
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    Evening all! 😎 About tonight if there are enough guys that like to attend, I can throw together a 'stand-in' racing playlist that we can run after Dave's special created job. If not no problem at all but I do think I still prefer a less organised crew night than another tv-night with the misses 😅 I'll keep an eye out to see what people like to do but I hope there is some interest and we can have a fun night together, just as a normal wednesday that we are so used to.
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    or get time trial results up so i can add to my shrine lol morning gents hope everyone is well today
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    I got some stats back from my MarioKart job. You need 1,000 players to visit your map to qualify for stats so I wasn’t sure if I’d actually be getting any... I was a little blown away... However I am not sure if this is unique players and it’s a little different from GTA which only tells you how many time the job has been launched. Either way 9,000 in a week and a half is a lot more than I expected. 😊
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    Morning all 👋 @doubleg213 great news, you can now go back to being a moaning w*nker with us instead of on your own.
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    Although, I'm a fool to myself, gotta spend time with the wife now.....
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    Racing with the crew is always fun!  @Schumi6581 and his aggressive overtake attempt was especially entertaining. 🙂 
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    Hello boys, a bit late but well deserved and congrats to you Trashy and awesome from Chubb, I had a great laugh on the somewhat serial killer-ish style writing on that very kind note 😂 So the plans for teardrop thing tomorrow aren't up yet? I'd like to know if we need a certain car or any need to get things ready. Or is all a bit uncertain if it will go through for tomorrow? I can very much relate to what Chubb said, about losing interest a little but for me eventually spending the night together with some great lols is always worth it!
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    New model I think, dropped with formula one tyres if I remember correctly.
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    I might try and join in today.
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    That's a cool concept @Squirrel but it feels like it would seriously diminish ANH, which is a practically perfect film. I actually like R1 more than most other SW films, but I can imagine the cuts between the films being jarring. Let me know how it is when you've watched it. Anytime I think about R1 I just remember this video (you only need to watch the first few minutes) and imagine you and @Fido_le_muet and @JuniorChubb in these guys places 😄 AT-STs! AT-STs! AT-STs! AT-STs!
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    Someone has created 4.5 hour supercut of Rogue One & A New Hope including inserting deleted scenes. I’m currently downloading the 30GB 4k version to check out. If you want to get hold of a copy it’s currently the hottest post in r/prequelmemes on reddit.
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    Disturbia, If you've not seen it the basic plot is teenager Shia Labeouf, still struggling with the recent death of his father, hits a teacher and is sentenced to 3 months house arrest with an ankle tag to make sure he can't leave the house. His mum, Carie-Anne Moss, cancels his online gaming accounts so for entertainment he starts watching his neighbours through binoculars, especially the rather attractive girl just moved in next door and the suspicious weird middle aged man at back of their house. He becomes convinced the latter is a serial killer that has been in the news and eventually he, his best friend and the girl next door start their own surveillance and discover the truth. It's quite good in places and builds tension well at times, such as when we see things on a computer screen that the characters do not see because they are looking in the other direction. But to me it can't seem to decide if it's a teen film or a re-interpretation of of Rear Window. Also I just don't get all the neighbours leaving their curtains open so that people, if they so wish, can look in. The girl next door particularly seems to have a bedroom almost deliberately set up for peeping toms getting a great view. 6/10
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    Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker. I'm so glad I didn't pay to watch this in the cinema. I guess this is a much a review episodes 7,8 & 9 as it is of this specific film. But the main thing I noticed was I couldn't remember all of what had happened in the previous two episodes and didn't really care. It may be visually stunning but the plot is utterly banal. It's starts so badly; why tell us about the mysterious voice Kylo Rens has heard and gone in search rather than actually put that in the film itself? This confirmed my fears about Disney taking over the franchise. Not a patch on any of the originals. 5/10
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    Just ordered new home internet. 1000Mbit/s for 25 Euros a month🤪
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