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    The composer Enio Moriconni had died (aged 91) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-53305397 He was probably most famous for the scores spaghetti westerns. I remember him most for the Untouchables, The Mission and Cinema Parridisso. I can't imagine those films without his amazing scores. They really were as integral to the film as the actors and the plot. Truly one of the all time greats of cinema.
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    Rest in Peace, Legend!
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    The last in our sports class touring car playlist-event is up tonight. End of the alphabet time baby, could be a horror show. Hopefully see you at the usual time, and a reminder you don't NEED to own the cars for the event, we can spawn them in for you 🙂
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    Well, at least I have a ‘real world’ story to repetitively tell people for the next week or so... Gaming stories don’t translate so well to the real world, my ‘Dave went flying off the track and into the sea’ just didn’t go down well in the staff room.
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    Mission Impossible: Fallout I like the franchise, even if I always watch the movie several years after they're released 😄 I kinda got spoiled before hand about Superman Henry Cavill's role in this but I found out that it wasn't that much of a big reveal as it is quickly dealt with (smart). Cruise is a bit over the top as always but it kinda works I guess. It's always entertaining and the plot is good. I'd give it a 7.5/10
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    In case there’s any doubt, this is not a film to watch with the family. Send the kids to bed. Maybe your partners too if they are a bit sensitive, there are scenes of graphic violence and worst of all multiple instances of music by Phil Collins.
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    To celebrate one of our favourite long-standing members getting a new car this week we will be running Colin the Coupe night! All you have to do is turn up in a matte grey, stock Bolokan Prairie to get involved. The car only costs $25,000 and dont forget stock and matte grey! This event is open to all up to 16 players but... Remember the rules, don't be a bell end, behave yourself in free-roam. No shooting, no explosions and no police! As usual we will be running GTA races so buying the car isn't essential, it's just for a bit of fun at the start of the night. Chubb Post Malone to get involved!
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    Damn his music in westerns is always perfect. A real legend of cinema indeed.
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    This week's plans are up... Colin the Coupe! https://www.rockstarsocialclub.net/forums/topic/20716-colin-the-coupe/
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    Another day of actual work today painting an office. Back to foriegners 2moro and the old cash in hand
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    Hello there Mr Bags!
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    morning gents
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    The Color of Pomegranates dir. Sergei Parajanov/1969/1h20m The Color of Pomegranates is an Armenian film from Sergei Parajanov, and is an historical biopic of the 18th century poet Sayat Nova. To call it a biopic is misleading, as this is unlike any film that I have ever seen. Rather than presenting the story of his life in a straight-forward manner like recent film club selection The Hurricane instead it is shown to us through a series of carefully composed and choreographed images inspired by Sayat Nova's poetry. There is minimal dialogue in the film, and what there is is taken from the poetry of Sayat Nova. This is a film full of dense symbolism that I can't even explain as I am ignorant of the subject and Armenian history, but I still appreciated the beauty of the images that flashed across the screen like a montage of historical tableaux. I can't possibly describe the singularly unique look and feel of the film in words, so instead the rest of the review will be some screenshots from the film.
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    A real life pulling a chubb
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    I still plan to rewatch it all over and post thoughts on all the episodes.
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    Exactly. I was expecting a p*ss-take of the competition, but they represented it really authentically.
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    I actually watched this too the other night. Didn’t have much to watch, I’ve already gone through a lot of the content on Netflix due to having a lot of time on my hands so thought I’d stick it on. I went in not expecting much, Ferrell has rarely been funny since anchorman but I was pleasantly surprised by how realistically it captured the Eurovision vibe. It’s bad, it’s cheesy, the songs are creative but terrible and that’s exactly what Eurovision is. It got the mix of comedy and absurdity right. The only really jarring part of the film was the badly mangled Scottish landscaping, a lot of the time you don’t mind a bit of artistic license but when they put castles in the wrong place and actually importing buildings from a different city it does break the immersion. It will be a good party film, get a few friends around for a Eurovision party and it’s an ideal warm up. I loved the Icelandic references especially the rotten shark delicacy. It absolutely nailed the stereotypes as well of all countries. Graham Norton was spot on too although not exactly a challenging role for him to play. My opinion, not as bad as you think it will be and give it a go although I do get to go watch American Psycho so hopefully that will cleanse the catchy music from my brain.
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    Picked this up earlier in the week. Done only a few hours of solo hot-lapping as I haven't done any serious racing for quite a while. By far the best feeling sim on console, no contest. Missing a few features such as keyboard support, although I'm sure it'll come. Will get into multiplayer in the coming weeks.
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    Icarus (2017) Saw this and was fascinated. Documentary-film by Bryan Fogel, who enlists the help of the top guy at the Russian Anti-doping lab, Grigory Rodchenkov, to help win a cycling race by using PED's. Fogel lands himself in the middle of an established international doping scandal, Rodchenkov becomes a whistle-blower before fearing for his life in Russia and fleeing to the US to be placed in witness protection. I think this doc casts doubts over all elite level sport and shows how easy it can be to bypass the testing agencies. I'm a big boxing fan, the number of fighters getting caught juicing is surprising, it's a regular occurrence lately, more regular than a lot of other sports. I mean, in cycling, a competitor can be on PED's and nobody gets hurt, but in combat sports it's a different story. It's a matter of time before a fighter is seriously hurt only for his opponent to later fail a drugs test. Makes me wonder if all the top guys are on the juice. Rodchenkov says they are at least 🤔
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    only u could do it twice
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    Finally got to continue watching this. Currently in the middle of Episode IX. Learned a ton of stuff I didn't know back when I was just a kid collecting NBA cards. Being around 10 yo in France, I could never watch the games that were in the middle of the night. So I knew nothing about the behind the scenes of it all. I didn't know Pippen was so underpaid. I didn't know Rodman won the championshps twice before joining the Bulls for the 2nd 3-peat. I didn't know MJ's father was murdered and that's why he went to play baseball I didn't know MJ was such a trash talker and a bit of an *sshole to his teammates, although it proved efficient in the end I didn't know about the drama with Horace Grant and the supposed leaks to the media I didn't know Pippen went on a sort of strike and wanted to be traded elsewhere I didn't remember he got back to #23 after using #45 I love the series. It's a lot about MJ though and like in the old days, he kinda steals the spotlight. Phil Jackson is one hell of a coach. MJ is the GOAT of course but Pippen is definitely the best wingman of all times. He is just so loyal to MJ and the team despite his one outburst. There is a big nostalgia effect with this and I enjoy it a lot. Brings back the memories and how much I loved all these NBA stars like Malone, Ewing, MJ, Pippen, Payton, Miller, Shaq, Hardaway, Bogse, Stockton, Rodman... I already know how it ends with the Bulls winning a second three peat but I'm curious to find out more about the how.
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    I done it alone in the morning with cake, then again at lunch in front of an audience with some dodgy wrap thing.
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    I believe that won’t include me, then? 😂
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    I don't like going out out. Love it when the wife goes to Birmingham with her mates, full on me time. Bliss. @Trashbags you like the street don't you? Dropped a cheeky tune yesterday.
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    Evening gents never liked going out dont miss it 1 good think about being injured is i cant gaming is the highlight of my days and made even better with u loser's
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    I think it's just been the social aspect I've missed, having a good old rattle with people on a friday night and a good laugh, but spending 30-40 quid in the process, or I stay at home, watch tv with the wife, PS4 with you losers and spend 5 quid on some cans
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    I’m just here to return the group hug @Trashbags. Also, after reading the latest comments, it’s not very cheery in here is it 😂. Just remember it could be worse. For instance I’ve got @SkyeDave coming to visit for the first time since Christmas. Yay.......😐
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    Afternoon all Welcome @Eser1985 & @Warriors-Ten to the craziness that is the Vans family think it deserves a
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    Afternoon all... Just so everyone is up to date with current events, and to encourage them to pop in and say hello @Eser1985 and @Warriors-Ten are now members of the crew section here on RSCnet. Be nice and make them feel welcome.
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    @Trashbags compiling the school yearbook... raging at teachers who don’t use the templates I provided for content!
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