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    Finally finished the Star Destroyer. It’s hard to show the scale of it but it’s ridiculously huge. Next mission is to reorganise my shelves and put it on display with the rest of my collection.
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    Just alot of fun.
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    Waaaah R* don't release a game every year!!!! I'd rather have one well made game every five years than annual bullsh*t like Ubisoft and EA do with Far Cry/Assassin's Creed/Watchdog/FIFA/Madden etc etc. We're all gonna f*cking buy it anyway.
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    The composer Enio Moriconni had died (aged 91) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-53305397 He was probably most famous for the scores spaghetti westerns. I remember him most for the Untouchables, The Mission and Cinema Parridisso. I can't imagine those films without his amazing scores. They really were as integral to the film as the actors and the plot. Truly one of the all time greats of cinema.
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    In case there’s any doubt, this is not a film to watch with the family. Send the kids to bed. Maybe your partners too if they are a bit sensitive, there are scenes of graphic violence and worst of all multiple instances of music by Phil Collins.
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    And a fine day to get drunk it is Man of Cats... here we stand on the eve of a monumental Catmandoza event, the world holds its breath, groupies are banging on the gates, Dave is being nice to Mulder, DoubleG is coming out to play, Stappo posted a funny pic instead of signing up, Paulie is sh*gging a footballers wife, Trashbags is stocking up on Baileys, Salad is buying a new car, birds are flying south, this is the quiet before the storm! Go fill your belly with ale. Huzzah for the host.... long live @CatManDoza!
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    First things first set your aiming to Free Aim in settings to gain a 19.33% increase in overall RP when killing enemies period. 1st goal is to get a helicopter & hanger. You dont need to buy an Office to register as a CEO, as long as you have $50K in the bank your ok. 🤷‍♂️ R* logic The free roam lobby Attack Buzzard tips. 1st useful the Buzzard that's in your Hanger, when its about to die find the Pegasus contact in your phone & call to request a Buzzard from there, when that one dies use your CEO Buzzard. All while being a CEO so your broke @$$ aint got to pay insurance, use each new Buzzard to RIP the other then call the insurance n pay $0. Wash, rinse & repeat. Buy ammo through the menu options instead of actually going to the gun shop, unless you need armour as well at the gun shop. Weapons Recommendation In your Shopping Cart it's best to put the Special, Carbine, Machine Pistol, SMG & the AP Pistol when you can. Go to the Clothing Store to find a bullet proof helmet to protect youtself from the savages. The mission of choice set to hard will be "RV Nearly There Yet," it requires you owning a Buzzard Attack Helicopter to complete it efficiently, & it dishes out 11k RP. Also stay in mission for 15 min to maximize RP. There is a RV parked infront of the vehicle you're collecting, put a sticky bomb (unlocks at rank 19) on the lower left bumper detonate & drive to the nearby runway & back, all debris will despawn, hop in & drive as straight as possible staying away from main roads driving through Madrazos Ranch, then open the options menu/vehicles/ Buzzard. Go to that location. It's best to go offroad on the left soft sholder of the highway to get to chopper quickly bypassing a concrete barrior & parking in a safe place. Get in the chopper & hover over the stables left of where helicopter spawned n rack up RP kills and complete the mission after 15 minutes. I inserted small zip ties in my cotroller x & left stick to keep my character running in circles to max stamina, with the PS4 button reassignment feature the same can be done for flying. I used a Custom survival match to build stealth by killing Npc with a rifle while in croach mode. Youtube videos for the following list also you are able to do the money challenges on a secondary characters but no bonus cash: 54 Playing Cards each valued at 2000RP 108k RP in total 50 Sigal Jammers each valued 1000RP + $50K. 50k RP in total Treasure Hunt Reward Axe $50K + $250k after rampage Killer spawns 7pm-5am by Sandy Shores Airfield. 100 Action Figure each valued 1000RP + $150K 100k RP in total Navy Revolver Challenge $50K + $250K after 50 NPC headshot kills Maude take them in alive $10K each Daily Objective completion 5000RP $30k 1 Week Objective Completion of all 20000RP $150K 28 days of consistently completing all daily objectives 50K RP $750K (I have heard but never actually accomplished.) Once you level to where players stop kicking & stomping you out of their Heist Finale, understand that a 1st time heist finale player can receive $100K+ for completing each heist finale + the respective payout for each heist varies & there about 9+ of them. Leaching RP. Rewards from Rockstar Social Club by actions in game activities while flying, Deathmatch, race, escaping police, missions, being close to CEO ect.. you will lvl your character like crazy with all these combination of things working simultaneously. I leveled to 96 in 2 weeks few days later to 101. Buying a $1.5 mill penthouse & doing the Diamond Resort Missions will net you $1.1Mill & a free Progen R Armoured if your interested. Can't teach you everything good luck the streets of Los Santos.
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    also had this clip on my ps4 from team racing night, Messers Chubb & Trash being pure filth
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    Karin Sultan Classic Progen PR4 My first PR4 ... they went on Sale so I got a 2nd one... Ocelot R88 My first one... ...and when they went on Sale... Overflod Entity XXR
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    More footwear while waiting for new summer releases.
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    A lot of those costs are down to insurance companies inflating prices. If you can’t pay then you declare bankruptcy. I have very strong opinions about free healthcare. Without the NHS I would be either be in a deep financial mess or possibly not be here at all. I would hate to think what the costs would be for my treatment. Even the cost of the scans I’ve had would vastly exceed my financial means if I was paying for my healthcare as a service when required. I know a portion of my salary goes towards paying for the NHS. I’m happy with that arrangement. Costs of treatments are controlled. For those who can afford a faster treatment we have the option to go private but it’s optional for those who want to pay the extra. I definitely appreciate my countries healthcare system, my medication is free and my travel expenses are also subsidised.
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    With the news that GTA will be ‘enhanced and expanded’ and then released on PS5 I was wondering what people’s thoughts were on this. From a crew and RSCnet perspective I think it’s great news... It will give boost to a game some of us are tiring of and hopefully bring in some new players while we wait for GTA6 (which may not launch with online capabilities). Personally I don’t think it will have impacted GTA6’s timeline either, though I’m sure many will disagree. GTA Online will be a stand alone game available at launch for PS5, free for 3 months. What do people think the price will be after this (maybe free for returning players)? Every PS+ member will get $1 million a month for just signing in. I swear I have read that the game will be free for returning PS4 players when it is released in 2021, but I cannot find the source where I read this, can anyone else confirm if this is true or not? Enhanced and Expanded? Any ideas what this will mean and will it extend to online too? If the game is enhanced and expanded online, will there be cross-platform and cross generation play?
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    I'm perfectly ok with that release timeline. Games are much more complex to make these days and I'm glad they don't release a new one every two years. Every r* release is a masterpiece. Like Con said, there are other studios that make good games so we can wait for the amazing ones we've come to love.
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    This week we’ll be celebrating summer and the Fourth of July. Look for most jobs to fit the theme. No social distancing this week. Break out your beach wear, cuz we’re gonna party.
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    Afternoon all Welcome @Eser1985 & @Warriors-Ten to the craziness that is the Vans family think it deserves a
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    I can host or join if I am home in time tomorrow. I have plans for the morning.
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    I was laughing for the first few seconds watching that then I had a flashback and remembered it was me bloody driving! Pair of b*stards!
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    Ultra and I got on red Dead last night. Determined to have a bit of fun, we decided to raise anarchy and get our bounty levels up quite high. So we started killing everything in sight. No one or no thing was safe come our wrath! After a bit of mayhem, we fast travel to Tumbleweed to try to eliminate the city's population. I get on the roof square the tarot card usually appears and Ultra gets on top of the motel building. I hit my bounty level to just over $21 in the game sent bounty hunters! The first set was quite a big wave and I do think they are slightly more accurate than the normal NPCs. It got a little hairy and we both had to take some tonics and eat. After we survive that Bounty wave, we fast travel to a more populated area, Saint Denis. Will then decide to find the train oh, so we head toward the next town west. Along the route, the game sent a another round of bounty hunters. Again it was quite fun and it got hairy at certain moments! We continue on our way trying to find the train and hopefully stumbling upon a player. We finally found the train and board in it. A couple of moments later the game since another round of NPC bounty hunters. In the more open areas it was quite fun and different. Any more isolated in mountainous areas on the railroad, it was fairly boring and uneventful. One positive note by riding on the train. It's really easy to leave the area when we've killed enough bounty hunters. Then the game opened it up to any players that were bounty hunters! Now we were quite excited. But alas, our lack of encountering any other players continued for the remainder of our time playing Red Dead! Maybe it was our player levels that lead other players to refrain from encountering us. I think that a full posse with one or more members having a bounty high enough, would be quite fun! Maybe something can be set up where we can try this out as an event!
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    Well, I had a very interesting night last night. A pretty good-sized storm blew through and knock down part of a huge tree on the state easement at the corner of my property. The limbs, which would make a huge tree itself, fell onto the state highway all the way across the shoulder, adjoining lane and just into the opposing lane. I called 911 and informed dispatch of the situation. She says they already know about it, but gives wrong location. I told her no, it was further down and at a very dangerous location on a curve. She sort of blew that off and I hung up. 10 minutes pass and no one is there. I called 911 again and stress to her that it is a very dangerous location. She says we're on it and then hangs up on me. It's now drizzling rain and I go out to my mailbox on the road. I wait another 10 minutes or more when along comes in 18 wheeler running the speed limit comes up on the incident. He is hard *n the brakes as he is maneuvering through the incident and avoiding four cars on the side of the road in his Lane and then having two drive on the edge of the opposite lane to get by. luckily there were no opposing traffic close enough. Now I'm mad as hell! I call the dispatch again and again she hangs up on me after telling her about the 18-wheeler plowing through. My neighbor and I are now fed up, so he goes get his truck and chainsaw and a chain and we start removing the tree from the roadway. We get a large majority of the tree removed from the roadway when a deputy finally arrives. After he Parks his unit he comes over to me and I begin to inform him of what the dispatch done. He immediately gets defensive and tells me to come down. I tell him that I'm shouting over the chainsaw and I'm calm. He then tries to explain away the delay. I tell him I don't care what you have to say I'm going to tell you what happened. With his surprised look on his face, I begin to tell him what the stupid *ss dispatcher did. As soon as I finish informing him of the situation, I go back to removing the tree. As we are just about finished, a truck from the department of transportation finally arrives on the situation. We all finish up on removing the tree from the roadway. My neighbor and I shake hands and Patted each other on the back for a job well done! The deputy comes over to us, thanks us and apologizes for the dispatcher and his attitude when he first arrived. I go back into the house, take off all the wet clothes and take a shower. I go back to my gaming that I was so rudely interrupted!
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    Afternoon all, the other stranger here 😅 My apologies about the no show and no reaction after that very special summoning 😂 I wish I had seen it sooner because it really cracked me up ☺️🙌 I was pretty busy but I am also still having a pretty hard time getting through these surreal times and to be honest when my thoughts are mostly dark and depressing I prefer to let this platform be for a moment. Looking forward to wednesday again, last week was a true blast and hopefully we'll have such great fun again. But whatever the event in general and overall our wednesdays are always worth it and a very welcome distraction! ☺️🙌
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    Weekly update Mint ice cream Here shown on a Comet Retro Custom applied on (after) aluminum. Join the crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop/ (#6192a300)
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    Anyway luckily for me it’s not about the winning, or finishing 2nd to @Mark Verstappen it’s all about the laughs along the way. And beating @SkyeDave. Obviously.
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    Ni Hao b*tches #straightouttaTokyo P.S. where do I downvote the Japanese servers?
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    Tying both those things together. Big congrats to Bing for getting some of his content into the new trailer. With all the stuff you've created for GTA V over the years it must be a mixed bag of pride and jealousy for you @JuniorChubb that your own offspring ended up getting one of his user created jobs into to the actual official Playstation/GTA V Trailer. For those of you haven't seen it here it is below. Bings part is about 1.20 A fantastic achievement indeed.
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    Weekly update Mountain Dew Here shown on a Tropos with a dew yellow pearl. Join the crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lanns_paint_shop/ (#39451DAA)
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    I’m glad you all found it so amusing. I shall be making a note of this. b*stards. 😁
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    I wholeheartedly agree with you @CatManDoza
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    I think it was king george VI who said, "f*ck me Squirrel, that's awesome"
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    I'm now the owner of a Coupe! Very rare TSIII edition (only about 200 made) featuring lowered Eibach suspension, Japspeed exhaust system, gunmetal grey wheels, high rise spoiler and a lovely quilted leather interior. Colin the Coupe is now a thing! Cba to upload photos so here's the advert 😂 https://fortsouthwickcars.co.uk/vehicle/name/hyundai-coupe-tsiii/#vehicle-details
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    Afternoon all! Hahaha well it did took all the power and influence that I had but it seemed eventually the real reason was Misses Robben missed me so much since we were teenagers so she decided to come back to the north of Holland and Arjen thought well then I try to play some games again for the club that I started with. Sadly for misses Robben I am no longer living as a single man in the north so to compensatie a bit I will watch the games and I'll try to give misses Robben a great time when we are watching and cheering for her husband who will make us seasonal champion! 😎😂💪💚 Lol lol lol but man seriously I cried of happiness when I heared the news of him coming back. Finally something to be very happy about! And this comeback, with his experience, drive and passion for the game will give the club and the whole city of Groningen and around an amazing boost. And we were in serious need of such a thing, so all hail to the great Arjen Robben. Our savior! 🙌💚
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    i blame 8 beers and an excited badger
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    Excellent news. If we don't get a reveal like this, then you suck.
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    Rest In Peace, Joel Schumacher...it was a pleasure to share your film with my crew.
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    Good Fellas. It was an amazing flick. I have heard so many good things aboit it and I wasn't dissappointed. It was a cool view into a wiseguy who could never be made into a made man and how he got there. The characters were great, the way they depict the mob puts me right in the mood for it, and the music choice was fantastic. 10/10.
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    i join in tonight but be crap driver so no pick me
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    Didn't know what to expect except I heard good things about it. I completely forgot that it was a Clint Eastwood movie when we picked it up on Netflix last night. And I didn't know that this was based on the real life of a real american sniper during the Iraq war. It was a very good film. In the first act, I was kinda afraid that it would turn into a sniper battle like in Stalingrad but thankfully it did not. That would have been lame to focus on a fight like this. I found that it faithfully depicted the horrors of the war, from what I imagine the war to be, having never been in one thankfully. It was pretty violent but that is to be expected in a movie about a sniper. The guy kills people, that's his job. Still, his first kill at the beginning of the film was a bit shocking. I was thinking "he's not gonna do it is he?" And then he does ! Brutal but I'm sure war is. And the Butcher dude is one nasty *sshole. That scene with the kid and his family was disturbing. But again, war isn't pretty. All the scenes when he comes home to his wife are great and show what many veterans must have suffered from : PTSD. You don't understand his reactions. Why is he going back to Irak all the time when he has a wife and 2 beautiful kids at home ? Again, you can't understand what these guys have been through and I find it very well done in the movie. I kinda saw the ending coming. Or at least, I could feel that this wouldn't be a happy ending. Just didn't know how but I had anticipated something like this when he starts helping vets at home. All around, a very good war movie. Was even sadder when I realised that it was a biographical movie. 8.5/10
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    Likewise in Portugal! NHS and Cristiano Ronaldo, of course 😂😂😂
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    If any politician here tries to get rid of the NHS there will be riots in the streets that will make what's happening now look like a f*cking tea party.
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    Look what I just got in the post! It's a Xero Gas liveried Peugeot 205! Now that is a niche personalised gift if ever there was one. Holy sh*t I'm delighted. Thanks so much @CatManDoza
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    Thankfully R* not the only company making games. My guess is we would be on like GTA8 and it probably wouldn’t be making them mega millions or be #1 game May 2020.
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    I have a sizeable quantity of stocks still to be cashed in as well, if it's not been patched I may replenish those as well in anticipation. The worst thing, and Chubb will be with me on this one will be having to play prologue yet again.
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    Bill dir. Richard Bracewell/2015/1h34m Bill is a children's historical comedy from the stars of the fantastic CBBC show Horrible Histories. It tells the story of a young Bill Shakespeare (Matthew Baynton) and his first visit to "That London" to make his fortune as a playwrite after being kicked out of his lute-rock band Mortal Coil, "you'll see, people will still know the name Shakespeare in 20 years time!" Once in London he unwittingly gets caught up in a plot of King Philip II of Spain (Ben Willbond, who also wrote the screenplay with Laurence Rickard) to kill Queen Elizabeth I (Helen McCrory) during the premier of a brand new play. I'm a huge fan of Horrible Histories the television show. It's genuinely one of the funniest, cleverest kid's shows ever made, and I was happy to see them successfully transition their child-friendly gross out and gory humour to the big screen. I'm a 33 year old man and I had a blast watching this. The script is funny from start to end (even the end credits got a laugh out of me) and the direction feels like a step up from their television work. The cast are all brilliant, especially Simon Farnaby as the imbecilic Earl of Croydon (or is it Crawly?) and Baynton as a wide-eyed naive Shakespeare. If you're a fan of slapstick comedy, both verbal and physical, you should check this out. It's like a Monty Python film for the pre-pubescent crowd, but one that people of all ages will enjoy. Just don't mistake it for the more recent Horrible Histories The Movie: Rotten Romans, which is sh*t. None of the cast from the OG Horrible Histories wrote or starred in that. Instead, they made this little talked about gem of a film, which is far more deserving of an Oscar than Shakespeare in Love ever was 8/10 =================================================================== Room 237 dir. Rodney Ascher/2012/1h43m Room 237 is a documentary from Rodney Ascher in which several nobodies espouse ridiculous theories about Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. One of them thinks it's all about the genocide of Native Americans, one thinks it's about the holocaust. Another is sure that the film is Kubrick's confession for faking the moon landings. Some crazy woman thinks that a poster of a man skiing seen in the film looks a little bit like a Minotaur. This is a bad documentary. It's made up nearly entirely of clips from The Shining, and all of the interviews with these loonies are all audio, and badly recorded at that. One guy literally has his kids running around in the background, and they kept that take in! There's also no structure to the film, it jumps between theories at random, and seems to think that it really is uncovering some lost secret about The Shining, when it reality it comes across as the ramblings of obsessed madmen. And that is what this film is really about. Conspiracy theorists. People who obsess over one tiny detail in a film thinking that it holds all of the answers they so desperately search for. None of them actually talk about The Shining as a film, they only pick and choose little pieces to fit their own narrative, at the end going "see, I told you! It's all there." I was really looking forward to this, it has a load of great reviews and The Shining is one of my favourite films. But this is just frustrating. I didn't learn a single thing about the actual film, and why would I? None of these people have ever met Kubrick, they are just obsessive fans who think they're special because they've seen something in the film that no one else ever has. It's actually quite sad. A pointless film, the only merit being the incredible bullsh*t these people come up with is occasionally funny 3/10 =================================================================== À Bout de Souffle (Breathless) dir. Jean-Luc Godard/1960/1h31m Breathless (Literal trans. of original title: Out of Breath) is the debut film from French new wave pioneer Jean-Luc Godard. It stars Jean-Paul Belmondo as Michel, a carefree criminal who, at the start of the film, shoots a policeman. He then heads into the city, hooking up with an old girlfriend, American journalist Patricia (Jean Seberg), hoping to hide out at her apartment while he can scrape up some money to get out of town. That's the basic plot, not that Godard really cares. The plot is secondary here to the feel and the look and the style of the film. French filmmakers of the time worshipped American film noir of the 40s and this is reflected here, especially the downbeat ending. Even the characters are obsessed with old Hollywood, Michel styling himself after Humphrey Bogart, studying a picture of Bogey, trying to replicate his expression. But, unlike old noir films, here he uses almost exclusively handheld cameras and natural lighting, giving it an almost documentary feel. He then subverts the documentary feel by using unconventional film techniques like jump cutting dialogue scenes and having characters speak directly to the audience. This is a cool film. Everything about it bleeds that relaxed, unconcerned attitude that the French, especially back then, seemed to have. If this film were a person, it would be leaning on a wall outside a museum smoking a cigarette and shrugging it's shoulders 9/10 ================================================================ Suspiria dir. Dario Argento/1977/1h35m Suspiria is an Italian horror movie directed by Dario Argento. It is the story of a young American ballet dancer, Suzy (Jessica Harper) who gets a place at the Freiburg Dance Academy in Germany. Soon after she arrives she notices several strange things, and hears stories about former pupils being brutally murdered. This culminates in her coming face to face with an actual witches coven and an ancient evil spirit. I don't know what I was expecting going into this, but I wasn't expecting anything this...tacky? I don't know if that's the right word, but it feels right. This is a straight up b-movie, and it isn't afraid to show it. I do like the lighting design in the film, and the set design is at points brilliant, turning into a surreal nightmare bathed in blood red light. A lot of the time, however, it just looks cheap. The acting isn't great either. Apart from Harper as the lead, most of the cast are pretty bad. They are also mostly dubbed over, you can clearly see that these people aren't speaking English. What makes the movie is the soundtrack, by prog-rock band Goblin. It is creepy and unnerving, and made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck when it kicked in. The main theme, with it's satanic, guttural chanting haunted me for nights afterwards. This is a cheap looking film that gets by on its atmosphere and its music, but I'd only recommend it to serious horror fans 6.5/10 There you go @CatManDoza, only two arty foreign films in this bunch 😄
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    I wish I could say I'd been watching arty, sophisticated foriegn fils like @LimeGreenLegend, but no, I watched a Dutch film last night called New Kids: Turbo @Paulie eithwer told me about it or mentioned it and I finally found a version with English subtitles. It's a glouriously stupid film about 5 Dutch, I suppose we'd call them chavs, who all lose their job at the same time andrefuse to pay for anything again when 'the man' cuts off their unemployment. It's crass, it's stupid, it uses the C word every other sentance but I found myself belly laughing at several points, especially when Rikkert loses his job, even thoguh when looking back, I probably shouldn't of! A solid 6.5/10 on the cat scale, only let down by the storyline being daft AF, but boosted by the slapstick comedy in places.
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    @SkyeDave doesn't need his name clearing, he's a scumbag, an actually real life scumbag, wiping me out like polio. Claiming "he couldn't help it" and "I wasn't touching the floor". Scum bag, utter scummy bag, like a cost cutter bag with mouldy beer in the bottom, proper scummy. Dave, pm me, I need to send you your present.
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    Afternoon Ballbags. Couldn't sleep last night due to tooth ache so watched many videos about taking cool videos on your mobile, so threw this together quickly. Not perfect, but I like it. Went on another walk today, and got loads more video to play with so will have another try.
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    If I'd built that, either the dog or one of my dickhead kids would of broken it within 5 mins. That's why the lego Camper is too shelf of the cabinet with my cars.
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