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  1. Here’s Hulk Hogan with a perfect clothesline taking out 2 bad *sses @omarcomin71 @Crawford1872
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  2. There is a little head on it so you can see that my bike is smoking. It was doing that for a while. I had crashed a bunch before this and I think @Skorpionhitting me was the final nail that set me on fire.
    7 points
  3. Just posting some old videos that didn't transfer to the new site. This is a duel I had with @BryannosaurusRex.  He's an evil ranch owner and I'm the young cowboy who has stolen his daughter's heart.  
    6 points
  4. @djw180and I had good battles all race but this moment happened on the way up the mountain. He is in the dark red car and I am in the red car.
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  5. Another looong ego booster of all the times I didn't miss that much just messing around in Plunder.
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  6. Avalanche Deathrun from a few weeks ago. I got incredibly lucky to survive the last few vehicles.
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  7. In this throwback RDR2 clip, I had just bought my Arabian and teamed up with Omar for some adventure but he ran the stop sign and killded my horse. 
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