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    An old video of me getting f*cked by an NPC
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    @omarcomin71 apologised for hitting someone in Wreckfest.  I showed him that's not how you do things in that game.
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    Since we lost the videos from the olds site I thought I would upload some of my favorites.
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    There I was---- being a good racing samaritan, when Hatch asks me if I want some...and I did. 
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    Recently conquered the all of Calradia for the first time. Only been playing this great game for 10 years. So to celebrate this and the fact that we are getting the sequel very soon, I made a little compilation of some of my last bow kills before retiring as King of All the Land.
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    This is one of my most satisfying moments during a round of Rockets vs Insurgent. Love this game! 
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    Old video with some familiar faces.
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    Enjoy Beez in action and then enjoy Benny Hatch in action and yes, he did pull that Sticky out of his....!
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    @Con just had to be where I wanted to be.
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    VR makes me jumpy.
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    Actually managed a decent number of kills to go along with a win in a Battle Royale. I would like to thank skill based matchmaking for making this possible 😂
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