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can someone please tell me the best cars in each class?


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I've been coming last in all my races and would like a custom car in each class that I can use

I like to get a good "feel" for the car so I don't like to max out engine and transmission.

But I have no idea which cars are good in each class, that includes the weird cars like SUVs etc

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Hey Rat, I hear ya and I've been there too.

there are some threads about this in the help section. A lot will be personal preference in each class. There are some agreed upon front runners that you will see most of us using in the races.

Everyone will find their own personal best in the end. I'll tell you what I use


Compact - Rhapsody ( many use a panto)

SUV's - Huntley

Van - Gang Burrito

Off -Road - Sanchez

Sedan - Schafter

Coupe - Xion

Muscle - Dominator ( or Blade)

Sports - Race Massacro out and out fastest, Race Jester for curvy tracks

Super - T20, Zenturno

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