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"What would you say if I told you some fools I knew were running a little racing competition? And as luck would have it, they got this beautiful silver medal with your name on it. "
― Hao




Hao is a Chinese resident of Los Santos, who is involved with races throughout the city. He is familiar with both Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton, and appears to be associated withThe Families.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, Hao makes a brief appearance delivering a vehicle for the player to race against Lamar. He also works as the mechanic for the Los Santos Customs shop near Los Santos International Airport.

In Grand Theft Auto V, Hao challenges Franklin to a street race against him and his friends. Following the race, the player can join four more street races around the city. He also has a brief appearance during the mission Father/Son, when Franklin takesAmanda De Santa's car to Los Santos Customs. Here, Hao fixes Amanda's car.


These are the 5 races that Franklin has to complete for Hao in SP. 


Hao Races - South LS


Hao Races - City Circuit


Hao Races - Airport 


Hao Races - Freeway


Hao Races - Vespucci Canal

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We ran Vespucci Canal during the EU playlist.  It's a nice, quick track suited well for motorbikes, but I'm almost feeling that it should be locked to something stock.

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