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Rockstar Editor keeps Crashing


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The rockstar editor constantly crashes for me and I can't access it at all. The screen goes black for a bit, and then the Sony screen comes up with suggested actions and to report the problem.

When it first came out, I managed to get in there on a few occasions. It would crash a few times but then it would work. I have now recorded some online footage (not sure if it makes a difference) and whenever I try to enter it now, it does the same thing and crashes.

I have googled this issue and it seems to be a common problem. Apparently rockstars solution (after making sure they are both up to date) is to either re install the game (mines a disc version) or to delete and re install the ps4 software.

No way am I going to bother backing everything up and then spending probably months (go Aussie Internet) trying to download the software again.

Has anyone else had this issue and do you have any other alternative solutions to resolve this?

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I'd like to help Scotty but I have spent all of 5 minutes with the editor (long enough to know I won't be active of an editor)

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I'd like to help Scotty but I have spent all of 5 minutes with the editor (long enough to know I won't be active of an editor)

Thanks. I was hoping that some one may either have experienced the same problem, or know someone who has, and know a way around it.


I looked into the error code a little more (CE-34878-0). This error occurs when there are corrupt game files which is why they recommend to re install everything.


I reluctantly decided to deleted the game as per their advice (I was worried about losing game data or doing something wrong). I just clicked options on the game and then clicked delete.


I re installed the game. Then needed to download the latest update which was over 7GB and took a decent amount of time. I just left it over night and it was done by the morning.


Luckily all the game save data is still there but unfortunately this hasn't fixed the issue and the game still crashes when accessing the editor.


The next step is to back up all the data onto an external HDD, re install the system software and then re load everything back onto the ps4. I don't know if I will bother with this yet since it is time consuming and there is a possibility of me screwing something up and losing stuff. 


I'm not sure if Rockstar (or sony) will make a patch for this (if they even can), or if the only way for me to use the Editor is to re install the system software.


I may end up submitting a ticket to rockstar and see how that goes, but i have little faith in big companies and it will probably end up exactly the same as this thread. https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/communities/public/questions/205281518-PS4-Rockster-editor-crashes-game- 


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