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Wealthview GP

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Max. Players: 30
Default Laps: 3
Average Lap Time: 2m:20s
Time of Day: Noon
Weather: Current
Traffic: Off
Published: 15 September 2015
Last Updated: 25 March 2020


Race through the wealthy areas of Los Santos.


A high speed race through some wide roads, and narrow winding roads. There are a few area where braking may cause problems due to high speeds and bumps in the road, but most of the track is quite simple.


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  • Pit lane removed. Barriers remain, but pit lane has been closed off and cleared out.
  • Several props have been slightly adjusted to not be partially floating.
  • 1x checkpoint removed to prevent people from going around it if going wide when exiting the corner. Does not have any other effect.
  • Added some of the newer vehicles, but not all. (Muscle class is not available, so no Slamvan.)

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Posted (edited)

Major update done on this job.

  • Replaced concrete barriers with stunt props. Tire barriers remain but only as a visual, they all have stunt props in front of them.
  • A few sections of track have had stunt track added to level out bumps. Not all bumps removed, just a few.
  • Signs and light poles removed in various places.
  • Secondary checkpoints added from CP 10 to 18, and CP 22.
  • Track raised between CP 12 and 15 to avoid signs and a bump on the bend.
  • Barriers added to driveways and gardens of houses between CP 29 and 42.
  • Props added to help with the downhill turn at CP 46.
  • Made all vehicles in all classes available, not just the 5 (previously) fastest Supers.

Overall this has probably been one of the hardest and longest upgrades I've done to any of my tracks. I'm hoping everything works well, but as usual if anything is found that needs some more attention just let me know.

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