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Madden 2016


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Wife just picked this up for me today as a thank you for her being home for close to a year now and spending the summer with our daughter. Anyway i always get madden i only played about 2 quarters so far but the graphics and catch scenes are insane. 

Anyone else have the game or plan on getting it let me know we can play some online

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It really is a good game its amazing how every year it gets more and more realistic. The new catch animations make for some great grabs snd good interceptions

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On 01/11/2016 at 10:33 PM, Dodge said:


So my new tablet doesn't like quotes lol. Yes the rams suck lol. I'll be grabbing this soon. Dibs on the Bears lol.




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5 hours ago, Dodge said:

A Connected Franchise Topic will be coming real soon. Stay Tuned...

...Madden 16 XDBX Connected Franchise...

I'm awaiting the Franchise patiently lol. Wife and I discussed it, I will be grabbing it this weekend, or Monday at the latest. 

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