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Best starting vehicle for friend


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Mate's gettin the game on ps3 this thursday and aside from the tips in the sticky for newcomers, I was wondering what you lot's opinions were on the best car you can get from the start.


I'm rubbish with car names because I have never used the hud but I had a 2door sporty thing when I started and it did the job.


I will tell him about the Elegy, and get him loaded up with DLC gear, but, yeh, what is the best random car in LS?

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Do you mean the best car you can store from the streets without buying?


I don't personally drive this car, but many would say the Dominator, which is one of the more competitive muscle cars.  We do a lot of muscle car races and it's definitely one of the fastest depending on both the track and driver.


Although we don't race sedans very often, everyone should get a Schafter, which is the sedan to have for racing.  They can be tricky to find at times, but if it's on Simeon's list, it should be easy.  If not, there's several areas like Rockford Hills where they can be found every now and then.


You can't store most from them from the street, but some of the better motorcycles aren't that expensive to buy.  If I am not mistaken, you can get the Bati for $15K and the Akuma for $9K.  You can steal and store a Sanchez, which I hate because it's also included in the off-road category (which ruins the category entirely), but it is the fastest "off-road" vehicle and it's only $7K, I believe.


If he's looking to race, you may want to consider trading race wins with him so that he can unlock the upgrades.  Without those (which can also be expensive), it will be hard to stay with the pack in races that use custom cars.


If I misunderstood your question entirely, my apologies, but this is where I would start if he's just looking to find cars from the streets without spending a lot of money.


If he needs money, tell him to sell some Ballers, the Felon that Seymor mentioned above, and other cars like the Oracle.


Edit:  I forgot about the Zion or Zion Cabrio.  That is my personal favorite coupe and it's more cost effective to steal it as opposed to buying it.  Plus, they are pretty easy to find.

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When I get online the first thing I do is steal an SUV. It's a quick, easy way to make money. Baller is one of the best  but most will fetch you several thousand dollars. Zions are good as well as some other cars but SUVs are easy to spot and I don't have to think about it much.


The Elegy is free and is a great all-wheel-drive sports car. I think you get it for signing up for Social Club.


As to weapons there are several DLC guns that are unlocked from the beginning such as the Special Carbine which is a great weapon. Have him save up for one of those.

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Felon GT/ocelot f620


Those are for cruising around in freeroam.

For racing, I suggest going for cars at cheap price or available on the streets that's fairly good until you get enough money for the best car in each class

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