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Press triangle for explosive minds


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Ok, so since I started playing this, I have been frustrated with pulling out a flare gun instead of a pistol when i want to do a quick headshot kill to rob a car. Although I have set some fools alight with it like an accidental boss.


Got me thinking, dam wouldn't it be good if you could have the guns you wanted to use ready on the weapon wheel (without pre-placing them everytime).


Well you can! With the weapon wheel up, press triangle and drop that pesky sawn off, for automatic automatic shotgun glory.


This should maybe be in gameplay tips, but I was so hyped when I accidentally discovered this that I feel it deserved it's own place.

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Yeh that is the case, u can just go buy it again - i think. It's not lost forever. But beats scrolling through weapons under pressure.

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Just checked, you have to go buy them again, not the upgrades, but the weapon itself. Cool with me, now I have a weapon wheel with only weapons I want.

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When you drop weapons in free roam, it disseapears, at least for PS3 that is. If you drop it in heist, it'll come back which makes it a good tactic for the prison break heist (officer drops weapon for prisoner). You have to buy the weapon again along with its attachment again after you drop it and lose it for good.

A quadratic function can be written in vertex form:

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The vertex form is helpful because it tells you the location of the vertex (h,k); (x,y)


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Final Conclusion:


If you drop a weapon it stays dropped until you buy it again, period. Cool.


If you run over a weapon in mission, you pick it up and it stays with you if you already bought it. Not Cool. Drop the stupid thing again.


The basic pistol Lamar gives you will always comes back. Coolish.


My pink flare gun is some kind of rebel and will not be permanently dropped. Weird Cool.


If you drop a Minigun for a low level player they will keep it until sumin happens, like a death. But there is a chance, if it was unequipped at the time they died, that they will keep it for a while. Super Noob Cool.


Basically, thats how you get a perfect weapon wheel, nice!

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