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Code Red at LSIA


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Code Red at LSIA.


RSC link http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/76mcXZU9pEWbyerPCSrq1w




  • 20 players maximum
  • 6 players minimum 
  • SMG starting weapon
  • SMG, Assault Rifle & grenade pick-ups
  • All rooftops blocked off
  • Large area with open spaces between the cover

After testing with a small group, the rooftop access has been blocked and the amount of pick-ups were reduced.

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I liked this one a lot, Snacks.  I did see a few instances where people were trying to climb up ladders to the roof (as you mentioned), but it didn't pose much of a threat to the flow of the map.  I'm glad you've blocked them off though--being restricted to primarily a ground battle is definitely more fun and works so much better (in my opinion).


I think the weapons are good--I'm glad that the OP weapons were not used here, but if it were me, I would perhaps just keep it as all assault rifles.  That's strictly a personal preference--I never once used the SMG though as there were plenty of assault rifles available.  The grenades make it quite interesting--I would perhaps place fewer of them, but again, that's just a personal preference as well. :)  I did not notice any issues with spawn points being too far away or too close--they were close enough that you were never far from the action, which made it quite enjoyable.  Some of the props in the middle were a bit dodgy for cover, but those were the natural ones and I should have known better. :P


Nice one, your TDMs never disappoint and I found this very enjoyable and well-made.

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Glad you liked it LN.  


Yeah, I'll take the SMG's out.  There's really no point having them as the starting weapon when there are lots of Assault Rifle pick-ups.

I'd already made some changes to the roof access props, but it seems I'll need to make some more.  We have some very crafty members in the crew who will find a way up even when you think there aren't any.  :D

Of course there's nothing to stop someone taking a plane or helicopter and parachuting down to the roof, but there are no weapons up there, so they hopefully wont last long before they get killed or run out of ammo.  If it becomes a regular problem though, I can always take the plane props out all together.


One of the starting sides already had plenty of in-game props, but the other side was almost completely bare, so I've used up nearly all 100 props so far.

There are a few things I can do to create some extra/better cover here and there, so I'll take a look at it.  

I was going for a combination map where there is enough cover but also some open areas in between.  It felt like that worked well and there wasn't any major spawn killing that I noticed, so I'll make a few more tweaks rather than wholesale changes.  :)


There are only 3 grenade pick-ups at the moment, but I may reduce that to 2.  That'll make more of an incentive to head towards the centre of the map where those covered walkways/breezeways provide some interesting battles.


I'll have a play around with it later today and post any changes.  Thanks for the feedback.  :)

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Did my kamikaze style attack with the plane have any effect? I wasn't credited with any kills but were people hurt or killed by the explosion? If it didn't affect anyone then I can't see any problems having the planes except may be have more! 


The airport trucks were a great addition. They make for really good moveable cover while being fairly tough. Did you add those or do they come with the airport with traffic turned on?

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haha, Squirrel.  Pretty sure I recorded the DM today, so I'll go through the footage to see if you got any kills or not.   :D


There are one or two of those large trucks (I think they're called Ripley) plus a couple of Airport Tugs already on the south side of the terminal, but the rest were added in.

I put them in mainly because I ran out of regular props & needed more cover, but they can also be used as a weapon, especially if your DM objective is to get a kill using a vehicle.  :lol:


Not too concerned if someone wants to kamikaze a plane to get a kill or two (it would reduce their kill count by one anyway) but if too many people use them to access the rooftops, I may take them out altogether.  That would be a pity as they're cool props.


About to go into the creator now, so I'll post any changes that are made. 

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This would be my definition of a run and gun. Enough cover to allow you to strategically move and not be spawn killed with a lot of open are in between. I lot of times I wasn't in range to lock onto people which means you need to free aim, or move closer.

I don't mind the SMGs. I did find myself using it more often then not because I couldn't get to the pickups sometimes. What could add another layer to it is to have SMGs (or MGs) around the outside of the map, where all the spawn points probably are, then put assault rifles in the middle to encourage people to move towards the centre. 2 grenade pickups should work well, but 3 weren't so bad either. If it were me, I wouldn't possibly switch one grenade to an rpg to add more variety. You only get 5 at a time and it's an incentive for people to charge to the middle.

It really depends on how you want it to play out, and either way will work really well.

Awesome job!

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Very nice map, good run and gun and it's not forced in any way, the first that I've played at LSIA.


SMG's, assault rifles and a few grenades worked well because at no point is a respawning player faced with a enemy that has a significantly more powerful weapon... Perfect balance there.


I noticed a lack of centralized spawn points, I assume you did that for a reason, but it means that a player may respawn away from their team (if their team happens to be controlling the very centre of the map). Teams will naturally try to control the centre as the grenades are there.


Good job though, really enjoyed it.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys.  Glad you enjoyed it.  :)

It's a very symmetrical map, so as long as the teams are reasonably balanced, then hopefully the match should be too.


Instead of removing the SMG's altogether, I've kept it as the starting weapon but made all of the outer weapons SMG's too.

The Assault Rifles are now only placed towards the centre of the map.

Decided to keep three grenade pickups, as the map seems large enough to accommodate them, plus the distance between players is often quite large, so they don't seem to be too dominant.


A few more changes have been made to the rooftop access ladders and stairways.  Hopefully they are now all blocked off to players on foot.

Rooftops can of course still be accessed using the planes on the tarmac, but there are no pick-ups on top of the buildings and only two planes to use.  

Hopefully it wont pose too much of an issue if one or two players manage to get up there, but I'll keep an eye on it.  The planes can easily be removed if necessary. 


@ DC.  I'm a bit hesitant to place central spawn points, mainly because I don't really know how spawn points work.  :D

The last thing I want though is for players to re-spawn right in the crossfire, but if you think some central spawn points could work, then I'm more than happy to add a few in. :)  

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