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It's 1815, The French are marching up from Quatre Bras, The Prussians have been scattered so it's just you and your fellow Redcoats left in their way.


Can you stop them? Stand by your fellow man and advance slowly in line towards the enemy. Hold your nerve and fire at the right moment.




Rockstar have finally added the Musket to the creator. Can only be used as forced but it's better than nothing. I've updated this job now with Musket as a forced weapon but no pickups in the field.

I've also added some cannon batteries as backdrops for the main fight in the middle. Two teams on the field, Redcoats & Bluecoats may the best team win!


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This was great fun, Squirrel.  Very tense indeed.


It would be cool if the Musket or Marksman Pistol could be used as forced weapons, but as long as each player owns one of them, it's ok.

When we played it last time, you mentioned moving the starting points further back from where they are now.  

That's an excellent idea.  If you haven't moved them yet, I think you should do it.  

It would really give that brothers in arms feeling of marching towards the advancing enemy.

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I definitely think this needs a couple of pickups.  The Marksman only comes with four bullets, so perhaps a couple per side or even a dagger pickup would work well.


I do like using the Marksman Pistol, so I do like the concept.

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Rounds played quickly but since I had never hosted it be fore I set it at best of 2 rounds.

Future hosts can confidently set it at 3 or more rounds and not worry about the whole job taking too long.

It turns into as melee death match after everyone runs out of ammo.

Really cool setting and concept.

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