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Things do happen.


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This might be even off off-topic.

I spent the day at the beach.

That season is coming up for some of us.

Just want to remind you to look after your loved ones ones as things can go bad fast in water.

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Why do I feel like this has some deeper meaning to it?


- Thanks though Lann :)

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Yeah, we get all the poms who come over and visit bondi beach. After they have stopped complaining that it's not always 30+ and sunny, they go and get themselves virtually second degree burns, because the sun will do that to you, and then go out into the ocean for a swim, ignoring all the safety rules, and end up being pulled out by a rip and need to be rescued.

Most tourists do that though and anyone who hasn't grown up around water also struggles with this. I've grown up around water and the beach so I know enough, but it's still always a shock to see how ignorant people are.

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