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1st Apartment + Noob Question


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I know that getting excited about your first apartment is about as noob as you can get, but here we are :)


3 Alta St., Apt. 57


I was watching a "how to spend your 500k stimulus video", and the suggestion to buy this apartment seemed very logical so I went with it.


Now onto the Noob Question:


How do I play with crew members?  Do I have to add everyone on friends list or is there an in-game method?  If it's a friends list thing please feel free to send me a FR so I can start playing with you guys.  I'll be on a lot this weekend in the PST time zone during the day (say noon to 5pm ish).


If you've ever wanted to show a complete novice the ropes of GTA Online, here's your chance :)


Thanks for any help!

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There's quite a few ways to get in on the action.


Website + Calendar


First and foremost is the website, it's our central hub for communication, planning and organizing activities and events. Make sure you have the right timezone in your profile because when viewing the calendar it will automatically convert standardized GMT to when it's gonna go down for you (we enter events in GMT because it's universal and it's a lot easier planning something when using a constant such as that).


See if there's anything going on that day by viewing the calendar along the top navigational bar. Make sure when you're reading an event that you check to see if it's for PS3 or PS4. Also make sure if it's something you want to attend you click RSVP so we can get an as close to accurate as possible reflection of how many people to expect. We understand things happen and come up but if they do, try to remove yourself from the list. Some events are Impromptu meaning there's no real schedule for it and anyone can join at anytime.


Another good method is to use the shout box, see what's going on and see if anyone's about and doing something.


In game


There's a few ways to join folks here. If you enter your Pause menu and scroll over to friends, you can see crew members you've added. A better way is to scroll over to the Online section, go into Crews > My Crews > View Members I think is the general gist of it and you can see who's online (marked as online with a little globe symbol by their name). From there you can click on a name and join/spectate them. From there it's a BIT up in the air and I say that because sometimes people bounce around from job to job, session to session so you may get an error saying they're not available/no longer here.


You're West Coast if I remember so depending on your availability you may find A TON of Euros on during your early to mid afternoon. A lot of them are flocking to the PS4 as of late though but on the NA front there's still quite a few of us on the PS3 (some made the leap early though so I think there's a pretty good chunk of people on our side that are there). I'd have to check but I think there might be something going on tonight on the PS4. 


Of course feel free to ask anything of anyone, we're all here to help and enjoy ourselves.

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: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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G'day Mangfish!  It will help to start recognizing crew members' names too.  You will get invites on your phone to join in on jobs and if they're crew, you know you're going to have a clean job and some fun too.


If I see you online, I'll gladly show you some ways to make easy money legitimately and help you win some races so you can unlock your vehicle upgrades.




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Thanks for the help! I know it can be a bit trying to help a noob so I really appreciate it.

Tried to get online tonight, but as soon as I launched the game it started downloading the day 1 patch again. After redownloading the patch I can no longer connect to online games. I was given the option to change the look of my character as if I had imported from ps3 (which I haven't), but I didn't change anything. Now I'm stuck.

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Ah.  I was sure he had PS3 listed earlier today.  Hence my offer to help.  Sorry Mangfish, I won't be meeting up with you in PS4 land for a while.  LOL




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Mangfish - I just switched over to PS4 and would be happy to show you some things with Missions.  There are others that are far better than me with DM and Racing, so don't count on me to be of much help there quite yet.

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